Carroll: Charlie Whitehurst will get a chance to start


Seattle’s quarterback situation could be handled in a dizzying amount of ways.

When you break it down, they figure to do two of the following three things this offseason: Add a draft pick in the first two rounds, re-sign Matt Hasselbeck, or bring in another veteran quarterback.

Considering Charlie Whitehurst’s salary ($4 million) and disappointing 2010 campaign, one scenario would seemingly have Seattle dumping Whitehurst before 2011 even starts.  Pete Carroll indicated Tuesday that Whitehurst will get a fair chance to stick.

“Charlie Whitehurst is going to throw his hat in the ring and try to be the starting quarterback here,” Carroll said via Liz Matthews of

We expect that to take place in training camp, if there is a training camp, when Seattle is installing their new offense.

If Whitehurst’s hat is as off-target as some of his throws in his short career, we suspect he could still wind up not making the final 2011 Seahawks roster.

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  1. He was pretty clutch in that must-win game against the Rams in week 17, which got the Seahawks into the playoffs. So I think he deserves at least a chance to compete for the job based on that.

  2. I mean, what did we all expect? It’s not a bad idea to keep him around as backup, but was anyone yelling “Joe Montana” when we signed him? I watched him live vs. the Rams, and was impressed with his poise and ability to move the ball.

    Seneca Wallace would have thrown a pick into double coverage 3 times during that game (side-armed of course) had this been two years ago.

    He’s good competition, and better than most backups. Definitely not mad at having him on board, and would gladly trade a 3rd again if it meant reliving an NFC West Championship (which led to a Saints stomping).

  3. Oh, and I wouldn’t believe a word of what Carroll is saying either. At this point last year he “loved” Correy Redding and Josh Wilson. Oh, and Deion Branch was his boy too!

  4. The author of this post has once again shown he is ignorant of Seattle football. He just repeats internet speculation without doing any research. Yes, Charlie didn’t get a chance to play much last season, but he was clutch in the Rams NFC Championship game after warming the bench all season. Jeremy Bates ( former OC) didn’t give Charlie much practice time with the first team, and Hasselbeck threw a hissy fit whenever Charlie was in a game. That’s the main reason Hasselbeck won’t be back with Seattle – he isn’t a good mentor to the developing QBs.

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