Andy Dalton could be this year’s surprise top-10 pick


Last year, the Jacksonville Jaguars surprised everyone by taking defensive tackle Tyson Alualu with the 10th pick in the draft.

So who could raise eyebrows this year?

Keep an eye on TCU quarterback Andy Dalton.  Peter King of already has reported that Dalton (and Jake Locker) will be top-2o picks.  For Dalton, the zone to watch begins with pick No. 7 and ends with pick No. 16.

Teams that could take Dalton include the 49ers at No. 7, the Titans at No. 8, the Redskins at No. 10, the Vikings at No. 12, the Dolphins at No. 15, and the Jags at No. 16.

15 responses to “Andy Dalton could be this year’s surprise top-10 pick

  1. Waste of a pick. Being a good dude doesn’t mean that you will be a good NFL QB. Third or fourth round talent at best.

  2. Surprise qb? The teams have had nothing on their plate EXCEPT the draft. You would think that all teams would have done their due diligence and that they are confident of their pick and why they picked him. Well, good teams do it that way.

    You want a surprise? The Pats cut Brady and move up to #1 for Newton. Now, THAT would be a surprise.

  3. No. Tyson Alualu only surprised the lazy mock draft “experts” who copied Mel Kiper’s initial draft analysis and never evaluated the kids on their own. Several team had Alualu 1st round, including the Cowboys (picture evidence of their draft board was posted on PFT) who drafted in the teens.

  4. Gee whizz. I can see 3 qb going in the 1st round not saying they will do anything but this is getting crazy that theres all this talk about qbs going so early. Cam- had 1 good year has character issues.
    Gabbert- really only played 2 years 1 of them good.
    Locker- has no character issues just not accuracy issue.
    Mallett- Is the best qb in the draft but hes a mess off the field.
    Ponder-Never had great # and lost a lot of zip because of his elbow.
    Dalton-Had good # for the most part he was never really under center and out of all the qb lacks the physical tools.
    Kaepernick-Had gody # playing 1 tough game a year and like Dalton never really played under center.
    Theres a lot of knocks on all the QB in this years draft

  5. I don’t think it would be a surprise. There’s a bunch of QB-needy teams, all pick in the top half, and all realize that it’s going to be a mad dash to get one of the guys in the second round. And teams like Jacksonville and Minnesota probably won’t have a chance to get a QB in the second.

    Now, if you said that one of the teams in the Top 10 would draft a short, baby-faced, West Virginian lawyer with a bad haircut, that would be a surprise.

  6. I’d be happy to see the next star QB from TCU go to the Skins like the last one did.

  7. Andy Dalton will not be drafted in the first round. No team is that clueless.

    What team is gonna listen to this guy in the huddle? All this “stop the bullying” stuff going around these days is getting out of hand. Now we have gingers thinking they can be quarterbacks. A good group-beating should knock some sense into him.

  8. Dalton could be terrific for the right team. He fits Shannahan’s style of offense. However, his lack of a true deep arm would hurt him with teams like Oakland. He’s the very definition of a “system fit.” Great kid and a natural leader, though.

  9. Due diligence tells you he goes to the Colts in Round 2. The others will back off when they remember that he only played for lowly TCU. ….and the Colts get a steal to tutor under Manning for a couple of years.

  10. Did anyone watch TCU play ? They run the ball, not because they want to, but because they HAVE to. I watched the Rose Bowl again just to see if I’m missing something and the answer was no. He’s a marginal QB at best who might get lucky for a year or two like Jay Fiedler but winning a Super Bowl, just don’t see it.

  11. Love Dalton as a QB prospect…..kinda funny looking though—looks like a red-headed Klingon.

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