Bengals grab A.J. Green


Despite needing a quarterback — badly — the Cincinnati Bengals opted to address another weakness on their offense with the fourth pick in the draft.

They selected Georgia receiver A.J. Green, the latest can’t-miss player at a position with plenty of guys who indeed miss.

But if Green can become everything that Chad Ochocinco was during his prime and more (and less of a pain in the ass), he’ll make whichever quarterback the Bengals employ look better.

11 responses to “Bengals grab A.J. Green

  1. A.J. You are an awseome receiver. Unfortunately, we will need you to throw the passes to yourself. $20M for four years. By the way we also have lousy offensive line and little defense.

  2. What the ….? Out of everyone still available, the Bengals chose AJ Green? Over Julio Jones? I totally don’t get this pick… Bengals being Bungles, I guess.

  3. I hope he likes playing for a losing team. He just became a non-factor for the forseable future.

  4. D’OH!!

    Stupid, stupid pick. 1. I don’t think you can sway Palmer. 2. There are oh so many more needs the Bungholes have.

    Good luck, Cincy….

  5. he looked totally miserable for someone who was picked 4th in the draft–I think he would have been happy to have gone later to a different team–any different team

  6. AJ is already settling in being a Bengal. He just got arrested leaving Radio City Music Hall.

  7. I guess you consider Calvin Johnson a non-factor as well right thefiesty1? How about Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson? They play for teams that picked in the top 12 of this year draft. I guess all 3 of those guys, all of whom many say are the best 3 WR’s in the game, are complete non-factors. I wonder why you’re not a GM in the NFL?

  8. I like this pick… We are going to pick up a QB in the 2nd round… And if we get that 2nd round QB there will be less pressure on him…

    Good pick

  9. Bengals reject offer from Falcons to trade down. Therefore, the Browns take the Falcons offer and rebuild. Precisely why the Bengals will be OWNED by the Browns the next decade. This team is mis-managed.

  10. With the right quarterback, this is a great pick for the Bengals. Here’s hoping Ryan Mallet or Andy Dalton will be available at #35. On another note, I don’t really see the Bengals getting owned by the Browns for a decade, I mean, I’m just saying…..

  11. @juliusanonymous
    Most people rated AJ Green higher than Jones. Kiper had Green as the highest rated offensive player in the draft. The Falcons were trying to trade up with the Bengals so that they could take Green. You totally don’t get this pick? Try reading just 1 mock draft. Everyone and their mother (except PFT) had the Bengals taking Green.

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