Bills make Marcell Dareus the No. 3 overall pick


For much of the pre-draft process, the Bills were believed to be hoping for Texas A&M outside linebacker Von Miller to “fall” to them at No. 3. Instead, Buffalo settled for Alabama defensive lineman Marcell Dareus to key their 3-4 defense.

Dareus is a ready-made 3-4 defensive end after playing the position under Nick Saban for the Crimson Tide. In his career, Dareus racked up 20 tackles for loss and 11 sacks, playing outside in early downs and kicking to “three technique” tackle in nickel sets.

The Bills’ starting defensive line in 2011 will likely consist of some combination of Dareus, nose tackle Kyle Williams, and ends Dwan Edwards and Alex Carrington.

Buffalo annually struggles against the run. It is in that department that Dareus should make his biggest immediate impact.

The Bills may now target a quarterback at the beginning of round two.

There are also rumors that they could trade back into the end of round one for Florida State signal caller Christian Ponder.

11 responses to “Bills make Marcell Dareus the No. 3 overall pick

  1. Marcell, you’re a really nice player. You didn’t sue the league like that ingrate Von Miller. How about five years $2 million guaranteed for each year plus production bonus?

  2. #3 overall!!! Have a lot of respect for Chan Gailey. The Bills were better than their record last year, and Dareus can only make them better. Good luck Marcell!!!! ROLL TIDE!!!!

  3. Im glad the Bills did well with this pick. Dareus and Williams will be a beastly combination on the DL. Run stoppage and a little bit of pass rush will automatically improve our pass defense as well, im excited…LETS GO BUFFALOO!

  4. JUST got a chance to check the pics and I am ECSTATIC that Cam Newton isn’t with the Bills. I would have been fine with Von Miller, but Dareus is fine too.

    THANK YOU CAROLINA for taking Cam Newton. See YOU at #3 next year.

  5. yeah keepitsimplestupid: im happy the most racist city in the NFL didnt draft cam either.hey?you still love POZ? still got your POZ jersey on? You still happy bflo. ran pat williams,antoine winfield,nate clements,london fletcher and ted washington out of town? great city dude! hope they take andy dalton next round so I can laugh at u 4 the next 5 years

  6. Frick…as a Pats fan I hate this. We finally get Schobel the Pats killer out of there and they get this beast!

  7. Yes, thank you Carolina!! I was pushing for Miller, I also think half of Buffalo was too but, Dareus is a great pick too! Safe bet with skills already set to play day one.

    Look for Buffalo to score a double with Ayers coming with Buffalo’s next pick in the second round.

    Go Bills!!!!!!

  8. @ henryjones20

    Buffalo is the most racist city? It served as a key checkpoint for the underground railroad, it has a black mayor and even the suburbs are fully integrated.

    And yes, most Buffalo fans still like POZ (when he’s healthy)…yes, I still wear my POZ jersey……and you’re absolutely the dumbest person I’ve ever exchanged words with if you think that because 5 black guys leaving a professional football team over the course of 10 years makes the team/city racist. Why didn’t you list Drew Bledsoe? He had another good year in him after he left…..oh I know why….because you’re a moron.

    In response to the article…..HELL YEAH, I wanted Dareus from the get-go…..I thought the broncos would pick either Dareus or Miller, so I wasn’t surprised there…..but I was certain that Carolina would pass on Newton because the city was really bummed when they learned that Andrew Luck wouldn’t be coming out for the draft this year.

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