Boxing suspension for Tom Zbikowski rescinded

Tom Zbikowski is back in the good graces of boxing.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the Chickasaw Nation Boxing Commission has rescinded the 45-day suspension of Zbikowski, the Ravens safety who tested positive for marijuana after his fight Saturday night. The Commission has accepted a second negative test submitted by Zbikowski at an independent lab in Chicago.

We’re grateful the Chickasaw Nation acted in such a expeditious manner,” said Mike Joyce, Zbikowski’s manager. “We knew Tommy has never used any illegal or banned substances.”

Zbikowski is now free to attempt to improve his boxing record to 5-0 as soon as he wants.

20 responses to “Boxing suspension for Tom Zbikowski rescinded

  1. Awesome. We’re all rooting for him… since there’s nothing else to root for right now.

  2. I would hope all the tools in the previous story that commented how guilty he was will now apologize here

  3. Something funny happened with the tests because all the fighters failed. Never seen that before. Testing for most these fights is totally random but its a bit weird when all the fighters failed. Not like they sit back in the locker room toking up before entering the ring.

    All the fighters where clean following the 2nd test so apparently there was some mix up.

    Keep on learning Tommy. He is still a long ways away from being a prize fighter but could make it one day. Mike Lee also from Notre Dame is better.

  4. I think Boxing needs him more than he needs Boxing. I’ve read more articles about him and boxing in the past few months than I have of the entire sport since I was using Prodigy/AOL. And I don’t really care about his story that much either.

  5. “Zbikowski is now free to attempt to improve his boxing record to 5-0 as soon as he wants.”

    If he is not locked out I don’t think so

  6. Why would they care about marijuana coming up positive? It doesn’t offer any competitive advantage.

  7. Good for Zibby. I have always thought that he was a stand up guy and was very surprised that he tested positive. He denied it and strongly from the beginning and was vindicated.

    It’s nice to see that at least some of our professional players are not the garbage that the people who jump to conclusions try to make them out to be.

  8. If every sample for every fighter registered dirty, maybe the lab management at the Chikasaw Nation were hitting the peace pipe and tainted them?

  9. Wow, the Chickasaw Nation Boxing Commission has some great testing protocols. Test positive, and come back later (after you’ve cleaned your system) and *surprise*; you’re clean, it is all good. I doubt they Olympics will be calling them anytime soon for advice on catching dopers and drug users lol.

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