Bucs linemen rescues three teens from Gulf of Mexico

During one of the craziest, upside-down days in NFL history, it’s nice to wrap our arms around a story of a good deed performed by one of the league’s players.

Robbyn Mitchell of the St. Petersburg Times reports that Ted Larsen, a draft pick in 2010 of the Pats who was cut and spent the year with the Buccaneers, was fishing with his girlfriend in the Gulf of Mexico when heard the Coast Guard signal that boaters were in distress.  After checking the coordinates, he realized that he was close to the location.

He found near Honeymoon Island an overturned kayak, with two teens clinging to it in the water and one still in the boat.  Larsen pulled them out and then took them in his 24-foot boat back to shore.

“It could have been a big deal. You always read about overturned kayaks,” said Larsen, who started 11 games at guard in 2010.  “It was good to help them.  It just felt it was a good thing to do. . . .  You’ve got be aware of the weather. The ocean can turn on you.”

We now return you to the overturned kayak that is the National Football League.