Cardinals, Dolphins turn players away, too

Though the NFL has yet to announce whether the doors will be opened or closed while the 8th Circuit considers the league’s motion to stay the order lifting the lockout pending appeal, at least three teams have turned players away.

MDS pointed out that the Redskins would not allow Lorenzo Alexander and Casey Rabach into the building.  A source with knowledge of the situation tells us that the Cardinals and the Dolphins have done the same.

Per the source, tackle Levi Brown was advised in Arizona the the league is waiting for the 8th Circuit’s decision.  In Miami, Dolphins  linebacker Channing Crowder was met with a letter posted on the door explaining the league’s decision to wait it out.

We continue to believe that the league is taking a huge risk.  Judge Nelson has spoken, and the league continues to ignore her words.

26 responses to “Cardinals, Dolphins turn players away, too

  1. Is there any word from teams that don’t suck? So far you’ve listed the Cards, Dolphins, and Skins…

  2. Judge Nelson…a woman in a robe….belongs at home cooking instead of screwing up a mans game…I’d ignore her too….

  3. airraid77 says:Apr 28, 2011 10:37 AM

    it must piss off the full blown cook left that the other side can also blow off a court order.


    Is this English?

  4. So then how can the league punish players but owners can ignore a court order. Maybe those with suspended license should go driving. If u get pulled over, tell him u are ignoring the law while appealing.

  5. arrest steven ross please. as a dolphins fan i would rather have him in jail on the day of the draft then have the potential to over step his bounds again. he has already shown he is a fan and not an owner. he causes problems almost since day one. who goes behind their coaches back to try and hire someone else while you have a guy in that position. be a man ross.

  6. So, not only are the owners blatantly defying a federal court order, but they’re openly admitting that they’re all colluding to do so? Wow, that’s really smart. Is the league office determined to find a way to get Judge Nelson to involve the RICO statute in this affair?

  7. It is becoming apparent that the NFL is telling teams to continue to not allow player’s access to facilities and the NFL is willfully not going about “business as usual”. Given the Minnesota court ruling of last evening, how is this not contempt of court?

  8. The league must be pretty confident that the 8th will weigh in their favor. I happen to think they will as well considering the judges were appointed by republican presidents. Judge Nelson is a liberal judge which is why that court has always favored the players.

  9. Word came today that Rex got so hungry he actually ate Senior Weiner (dirty sanchez) and therefore the stinkin Jets will have to draft yet another inept QB.

  10. If I was Judge Nelson I would have Roger Goodell in front of me Monday morning. I would ask him if (as a lawyer himself) if he understood the concept of contempt of court. I would then ask him if he planned on continuing to defy a legally binding court order.

    If he said yes I would then order him to the nearest jail cell until he got the message that the NFL is not above the law that all of the rest of us must follow.

  11. @jennstergersburnedretinas

    Yea your mom got turned down by all 32 NFL teams, oh wait you said for someone that doesn’t suck….my bad.

  12. I hope Judge Nelson sends authoriteis to the draft tonight to handcuff Goodell and walk him off stage on live television for contempt. Now that would draw the ratings! Get em Nelly!

  13. I’m not an expert or anything but I’m pretty sure if a ruling from a federal judge isn’t followed, it usually involves U.S Marshals or some type of federal authority coming in.

  14. I wonder if all these people who are in favor of the judges ruling realize that by doing so they are also anti-rookie salary cap and possibly anti-draft.

    Fortunately, the Owners will win in appeal, no matter what the pro player PFT site tries to tell you.

  15. I hope the owners enjoy paying settlement $ to the players as they get hammered AGAIN in the courts….DIng, Ding, Ding idiots….are you awake yet?

  16. Those teams really need to work out. NOT! Hang in there owners, fight it to the end. Eventually, they’ll get a conservative Republican judge and show Judge Nelson what an idiot those liberals are.

  17. mvp43 says: Apr 28, 2011 10:55 AM

    The league must be pretty confident that the 8th will weigh in their favor. I happen to think they will as well considering the judges were appointed by republican presidents. Judge Nelson is a liberal judge which is why that court has always favored the players.
    Please do some research before making posts like this. Doty, who the owners were desperate to get away from, was nominated by Reagan. The conservative leaning Supreme Court unanimously rules against the NFL. It’s not just “liberal judges” that are ruling against the NFL. Pretty much every judge has ruled against them when it comes to anti-trust lawsuits. In most of the other cases, the judges never ruled at all because the NFL settled out of court.

  18. Sounds about right for the Dolphins organization, posting a letter instead of facing the players with a team official explaining the situation. They seem to really care about their players with whom they will be working with very soon.

    Sell the team back to Wayne. Ross must go before him and his hager on’s ruin Miami football totally. Can’t wait for the Jersey Shore fist pump halftime battle, they think will bring in fans. No idea how to run a team in the NFL.

  19. Whats so funny about this? Well, for one thing you people in the cheap seats really believe we live in a free country. The Feds under Obama look more to me like “jack booted nazis”. I wonder if “Nelly” knows its the NFL, National Football League, not Naional Foot Long Hotdogs?

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