Cowboys take a tackle


The Dallas Cowboys have beefed up their offensive line.

Tyron Smith, an offensive tackle from USC, is the Cowboys’ first-round draft choice, going off the board ninth overall.

The Cowboys waited until the last second to turn in their card, and they appeared to be working for a trade. But eventually they decided to go with Smith, who has great feet and should be ready to start as a rookie.

Smith was a right tackle, not a left tackle, at USC, and it’s not clear which side he’ll play on in Dallas.

It’s the first time the Cowboys have chosen an offensive lineman in the first round of the draft in the 22 years Jerry Jones has owned the team.

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  1. Haha. Does it really matter which side they use him on at this point? They should have picked a DB, or DL though. Just my own personal.

  2. Great pick Jerry. Kudos for not going for the flashy skill position and filling a huge hole in the trenches.

  3. I really like this pick. I could see them taking Prince, but this is a bigger need for them. Plus, if Jerry Jones is smart, they can target Nnamdi to fix the need at DB. Shout out to 36th infantry division, looking good on tv, even at 4:00am. Thanks for serving!

  4. Bigdbaby says:
    What good tackles are available?? This provides a “Larry Allen” type cornerstone to the offensive line. Guys like that rarely come around in FA. Nnamdi is going to be a free agent, and its possible JJ goes after him. Thatd fix two needs, with one draft pick.

  5. great pick, jerry can go for Nnamdi in FA or can go for the cheaper Michael Huff, who is from Texas and has said he would like to play for the Cowboys

  6. Solid pick. First OL drafted by the Cowboys in the first round in 30 years (OT Howard Richards 26th overall in 1981).

  7. That pick shows that Jason Garrett is in charge in Dallas. The only pro day Garrett went to was Smith’s. I think he wanted him from the start.

    Great pick, now T Romo may not be dodging bodies from the right side right after the snap.

    Going to be fun watching the Air Coryell offense that Garrett runs.

    896 F Flat Bang 8 to Dez Bryant

  8. @husker0004

    Surely you’re not talking about the same Eric Hagg who barely broke 4.7 in the 40 are you? He might be solid technique wise, but 4.7 CB’s will get you killed in the NFL.

  9. I am absolutely talking about Eric Hagg. If every player was based off of their combine performance we’d have a lot of busts turn into stude from the past. Like I said, good tackeler, smart player, always around the ball…….good mid round pick and let him compete at safety.

  10. Shocked! He’s not from Podunk U. Go CowBabies.


    Don’t try to diss Podunk U. Larry Allen went to Podunk U. So did Bob Lilly, Rayfield Wright, Darrell Green, John Randle, Gene Upshaw and a crapload of other future and current HoF’ers went to Podunk U.

  11. “melonnhead says:Apr 28, 2011 11:50 PM

    Shocked! He’s not from Podunk U. Go CowBabies.


    Don’t try to diss Podunk U. Larry Allen went to Podunk U. So did Bob Lilly, Rayfield Wright, Darrell Green, John Randle, Gene Upshaw and a crapload of other future and current HoF’ers went to Podunk U.”

    Props to you melonhead. I actually attended the same Podunk U as John Randle, Darrell Green, and Gene Upshaw. OFFICIALLY known as Texas A&M – Kingsville. Great little Podunk.

  12. Sooooooooooo, boysroll comments on the Redskins pick, but does not comment on the team he likes. Hmmmmm.

    Did you see how dissapointed Jerrah was when he had to take the player they needed the most. Just goes to show you he is like a spoiled brat, just didnt get his way now he is gonna pout in the corner. Now that I think about it I guess you cant tell if he was happy or sad with that friggin stretched out face.


  13. Props to you melonhead. I actually attended the same Podunk U as John Randle, Darrell Green, and Gene Upshaw. OFFICIALLY known as Texas A&M – Kingsville. Great little Podunk.


    They’re gonna change it back to Texas A&I though! Biggest little football factory in Texas! It should be mentioned that the Hogs have three former players in the Hall of Fame and many so-called “big schools” (including Texas A&M and Boston College) don’t! Go Javelinas!

  14. “Although the folks at TCU in Ft. Worth might take exception to being called Podunk.”


    I get what you’re saying, but if your mascot is a “horned frog” then you should get at least honorary status as a Podunk U. Incidentally… TCU is another school with more HoFers than Texas A&M!

  15. @karlpilkington

    You claim that Jerry is a “spoiled brat” and yet that garden gnome that masquerades as an owner in Washington ( who has NEVER resembled a spoiled brat) sues some give away weekly becauses he got his panties in a wad. Come on Karl, ever hear that old saw about glass houses?

  16. @husker0004

    Sorry dude, but I don’t think that Hagg is worth a mid-round pick. Will probably have a chance to make a club as a special teamer, but doesn’t have the coverage skills for an every down player. Looks like a SS candidate only. Wouldn’t want him at FS or CB. Might sneak into the late rounds. Most likely a UDFA. Way too much Adam Archuleta/ OU Roy Williams in his game for me.

  17. BigTex
    You Dallas fans sure do pay alot of attention on what is going on here in DC. Obviously you do not know what you are talking about. He did not sue them because he got his panties in a wad, that would be ridiculous.

  18. @karlpilkington or is it “Hot Karl”

    Then why, pray tell, did he sue them? Read the article and then tell me what’s in error? Looked like an accurate and extensive litany of Snyder’s shortcomings (no pun intended) as an owner. Did Daniel Snyder personally slam a bunch of long distance customers? Probably not. Did he create an atomosphere where his employees slammed a bunch of long distance customers and he knew about it? Almost certainly. The article wouldn’t even be an issue but for the fact that Snyder made an issue out of it.

    Was the Archuleta signing stupid? How about Randle El? How about Lloyd? How about Haynesworth? How about McNabb? What happened to the great RB trio the Skins were going to field last year of Portis, LJ, and Fast Willie? How many coaches has Danny been through now?

    You might want to hold off on criticism of Jerry Jones until Little Danny does something, anything in the NFL besides screw up his team and screw over his fanbase. I’m sure you’ll contact everyone once he accomplishes something of worth. I won’t be holding my breath.

  19. Haha, good call melonhead. I had no idea they were changing it back to Texas A&I. Still have my Javelinas ID badge. A few other notables:

    Although I despise the Eagles, their DC Juan Castillo is a Hogs Alumni.

    Al Harris

    Jermane Mayberry

    Heath Sherman

    Roberto Garza

    That school produces a good amount of great players considering its small size.

  20. Watching Jerry draft this weekend solidifies another losing season in dallass. I am so glad that the 20 years + Jerrah has owned this team he has produced only one hall of famer out of the draft. It proves how incapable jerrah is to run a franchise and that he only does well in the draft when someone else is running his board. The cowboys will suck for years to come and this is very pleasing to me.

  21. @blowhardskinsfan21

    Uh dude, Aikman and Emmitt are both in the Hall and both Jerry Jones draft choices. Larry Allen is also a Jerry Jones draft choice and is as close to cinch first ballot selection as any OL prospect who ever played. You got to like Ware’s chances for the Hall should he remain healthy.

    Now if you would care to discuss all the Hall of Famers that Big Dan Snyder has drafted, I’m ready. Take your time. No hurry. Let me know when you find one.

  22. @blowshardskinsfan21

    Well you’ve had several hours now to locate all those HOFers that Washington has drafted under Snyder’s ownership. Have you found any yet? I guess you’re still looking. Someone with your vast football knowledge will surely find one. Keep in touch.

  23. Loser org. joke and choke at QB. defense sucks and they draft a tackle. LMAO you losers.

    I dont see girlsroll on here commenting. He spends all his library internet time commenting on the Redskins he cant even follow his own team.


    Anyone with common sense wouldnt argue about Snyder and what a horrible owner he is but for you to heap the praise on Jones like he’s the greatest is insane. He fired one of the best coaches in the history of the game. Then gets rid of JJ when they are on top. Parcels comes in to fix the mess and he gets rid of him too.

  24. @smellmyface

    When have I proclaimed Jerry Jones to be the greatest? I do have respect for his passion for the Cowboys. Certainly, everything he has tried hasn’t worked. When a Redskins fan claimed that only 1 HOF player had been drafted on Jerry’s watch I corrected him and (rightfully) asked him to identify all the HOF players drafted by the Redskins on Snyder’s watch.

    Regarding the firing of Tom Landry; yes, it should have been handled better, but it was time for Tom to go. It was a downhill slide that I don’t believe Tom was going to turn around. Clearly, Jimmy Johnson wasn’t coming here unless Landry was gone.

    Regarding Jimmy Johnson and his “firing”; do me a favor and go take a look at Jimmy’s coaching career. What does it look like? It’s a bunch of 4 to 5 year stops. That’s his pattern. He goes somewhere for 4 or 5 years, gets bored, and then moves on. How long was he in Dallas? 5 years. Where did he really want to live? Where does he live now? Miami. Johnson saw that Don Shula was on the backside of his career. He wanted to position himself as Shula’s successor. The guy with the psychology degree manipulated the whole thing. The fact that he was able to get out of town with a check in his pocket was icing on the cake.

    Regarding the Tuna; why did Parcells get back into coaching? One reason and one reason only, MONEY. Parcells had just gone through a divorce which cost him about a pickup truck full of money. When Jones showed up with a dump truck full of money, Big Bill took the job. Yes, the Cowboys needed Parcells. Campo was a bad hire as head coach. Check Parcells record. He’s quit jobs more than once. What makes you think that Parcells didn’t quit the Cowboys too? He said he quit. He had finished building his retirement home in Saratoga. He never went back to coaching. And he has since quit his last job as well. He wants to hang out at the track with his buddies. He’s hanging out with alot of Jerry’s money in his pockets.

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