Draft Day PFT Live, featuring update from NFL

As Florio mentioned earlier, Commissioner Roger Goodell is a little too busy Thursday to join PFT Live.

We still may have a little breaking news from the NFL Thursday on   NFL spokesman Greg Aiello says he will join the show to help explain the league’s position following Judge Susan Nelson’s decision Wednesday night denying the league’s request for a stay of her injunction lifting the lockout.

I will also join Florio in the second segment of the show to preview tonight’s draft.  (Oh yeah, that little thing.)  Mike will also take your calls at 888-237-5269, so call in at 12:20 et.

Watch the show live at noon, as we try to explain where things stand on this crazy day in NFL history.

3 responses to “Draft Day PFT Live, featuring update from NFL

  1. The only thing I care about the league reinstating immediately is the ability to trade players for draft picks. The whole workout and free agent signing stuff can wait a little while longer for all I care.

  2. Maybe a little off the subject, but can anyone tell me what Mel Kiper’s record is on being right in the draft?

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