Goodell cancels PFT Live interview

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We’re not shocked but we’re nevertheless disappointed to learn that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell won’t be joining ProFootballTalk Live today, which also happens to be one of the craziest days in league history.

We got the word moment ago from NFL spokesman Greg Aiello, who explained that Goodell’s attention is occupied with the aftermath of Judge Nelson’s rulings lifting the lockout and denying the motion to stay the implementation of the ruling pending appeal.

We’re moving on to Plan B.  And we’re accepting any and all ideas.

Either way, we’ll be talking a lot about the current situation, and Rosenthal will join me in segment three to talk only (or at least mostly) about the draft.

Aiello said the Goodell interview will be rescheduled for next week.

UPDATE:  Aiello most likely will be calling in to the show to announce the league’s plans moving forward.  Either way, the show gets rolling at 12:00 p.m. ET.

61 responses to “Goodell cancels PFT Live interview

  1. CHICKEN!!!!! Bock, bock….bock!!!! Maybe he’ll randomly fine himself for non-compliance with the NFL’s personal conduct policy.

  2. The end of the lockout is good news for teams like the Eagles who – in theory at least – can now trade Kevin Kolb for draft picks in tonight’s draft. Whether they choose to do that- and gain a competitive advantage on the field – remains to be seen.

  3. Either Batterman or Aiello would be a suitable replacement. Heck, get Rich Eisen and ask him how it felt to have Letterman call him a corporate schill.

  4. awww poor Roger, can’t admit defeat. I used to love him as commish but my opinion has totally changed. He’s not doing what’s best for the league, he is doing the bidding of the owners, while lying to fans and trying to project this air of neutrality.

  5. why don’t you give us an updated detailed list of the top 5 free agents (both restricted & unrestricted as well as franchised) at each position out there that are hoping the stay doesn’t get granted & will be free to shop themselves anywhere immediatly upon the potential failed stay…..

  6. Speculate on how there will no longer be a draft, minimum age to enter the NFL, and no limit on roster sizes. This will allow teams to sign players out of high school. And smart teams will become obsessed with player development.

  7. Not to turn PFT Live in SCOTUSBlog or anything, but it would be cool if you guys could use part of the time to touch on:
    – when, roughly, the 8th Circuit might be expected to issue a ruling
    – what the potential consequences are if teams continue to impose a de facto lockout in violation of the Nelson ruling
    – Why there seems to be a gulf between what Boies said about 8th Circuit de novo review (i.e., the players right now are just enjoying a pyrrhic victory) vs. what a lot of others have said about abuse of discretion (i.e., the NFL needs to man up and realize the gig is up)

  8. Get nflpa reps on the show. Ask them straight up how they feel about the possibility of no draft, no competitive balance. It’s not an nfl I want to see. End of story.

  9. I am so tired of this crap..for gods sake sit your rich A$$e$ down in a room and dont come out til its figured out. why is that so hard?

  10. Roger had to run to the grocery store and load up on Prilosec. He’s got the worst case of heartburn-first the judge’s ruling, then he opened the bill from the lawyers.

  11. Why not book some guests who are NOT defying a legally binding ruling from a Federal Judge?

  12. I would think he’s scrambling right now? I mean with all the court rulings, blowing up in the league’s face. Only question is Wild West or 2010 CBA rules.
    Unlikely the Players settle now. If this was a fight they’d stop it! Might want to consider throwing in the towel at this point.

  13. Have you checked the comment section before or after the PFT live articles……….no one listens anyway……….besides you and the band of hacks disguised as journalists………who cares?

  14. Question: If the league is going to operate under last years rules then are the suspensions and/or the parameters for garnering a suspension the same as last year?

    2nd Question: If the league has to operate under a everything’s open no rules, total chaos scenario, can they suspend players for their off field conduct and or failed drug tests etc?

    Are we going to be watching a bunch of guys hopped up on who knows what with no way for the league to regulate it?

    Are we going to have 4 teams with 80 players and 6 teams with 36 players? From what I understand, all the rules governing size of the teams and how much they spend were governed by the CBA. What stops an owner from fielding the bare minimum – besides fan outrage. There are a couple owners in this league cheap enough to do that.

  15. The individual teams will never be able to negotiate way from how they are handling the current issues. The NFLPA* has all the proof they need (in the teams own words) that they don’t make decisions on their own. They are all waiting to see what Roger wants them to do. The union* will prevail… and I can’t stand that thought…

  16. i hope the next news about goodell is that he was fired. he is the worse thing that ever happened to this league. the owners need to dump this p.o.s.

  17. Not surprised he had to cancel, it’s one of the few days of the year he has a lot of things to do…..

    …but I’m really curious…. didn’t Judge Nelson’s ruling basically ORDER the NFL to engage in activities that violate the anti-trust laws??

    How do they conduct “business as usual” without violating the law??

    Seems to me, she’s forcing them to engage in illegal activities, and says if they don’t, they will be in contempt….. confusing, to say the least!!

  18. He’s too busy to spend 15 minutes on the phone with you? Uh-huh.

    Once this chaos is settled and the season resumes, we need to have a serious push for Goodell to leave the building … and his little dog (Aiello), too.

  19. Oh yes, and if you talk to anyone from ESPN/NFL Network, could you please tell them NOT to show the drafted players on the phone before Goodell announces the pick? It kinda ruins the whole surprise.

  20. bleedgreen08052 says:
    Apr 28, 2011 10:42 AM

    Did Goodell stop taking pay like he promised?? I would like to know.


    No. The Judge said business as usual. So now he can continue to get overpaid for the terrible direction he’s taking the NFL.

  21. With the contempt shown by the league and its spokespeople toward the judicial system and the players, I do not see how the players will trust and accept the current NFL representatives going forward. People like Goodell, Aiello, and the league’s scheming attorneys have surely left a bitter taste in the mouths of the players and an ever growing number of fans. Can we imagine the outrage against the players if they refused to report to work ( strike) after losing several legal decisions? The hard core support for the owners on sites like this cannot be real football fans who want to see see football restored to active status. What can possibly be their agenda?

  22. He should get someone else to announce pics tonight,..he will be boo`d heavily, 32 times.

  23. People that bash Goodell remind me of myself in the 9th grade. I used to think it was pretty cool to call the vice-principal a “nazi” too.

    Of course I grew up. Can’t say the same for everyone, obviously.

  24. The owners strategyand it was barely strategic in any sense of the word has completely failed. Your move, Mr. Commish.

    The whole idea – nothing but ploy and bravado – that the current deal wasn’t working. Didn’t Pat Bowlen receive kudo after judo for the TV contract he negotiated? And now what it sucks?

    You haveno credibility Roger. Suck on that pal.

  25. @tednancy …

    Calling someone a Nazi is hyperbolic, and yeah, you might say it’s immature. But that doesn’t change the fact that Goodell is an ineffective commissioner. That was the consensus last season before some people began defending him because they support the owners and he’s aligned with their side.

    Goodell is a guy from a corporate/PR background and his poor handling of issues from European/UK expansion to proposals for an 18-game season has alienated fans as well as players. The commissioner has an extremely difficult job, but it’s not all about appeasing business interests at the expense of everyone else. He’s got to be seen as fair to everyone’s interests. He can’t play favorites among the players and just give lip service to fans. He can’t repeatedly announce he’s doing things “for” the fans when polls show fans vehemently oppose his decisions.

    He works for the league, but really represents owners, players, and fans. When large segments of two-thirds of this kingdom don’t trust him, he can’t be an effective leader.

  26. Deb, I think you’re still upset about the Roethlisberger suspension and the helmet-to-helmet scrutiny applied to the play of James Harrison. Fair enough, but let’s try to be broader minded, at least for the sake of discussion.

    The game has grown under Roger, and while he isn’t perfect, he was hired by the owners to advance their interests, and, apparently, they think he’s doing a good job.

    That said, I believe there is room for discussion about how effective his leadership has been. However, any evaluation must take into account the mess he inherited from Tags. The 2006 CBA was such a shaky deal that both sides agreed to a parachute provision allowing either the union or the owners to back out effective 2010. Roger’s legacy first hinged on whether he is able to maintain the essence of the NFL while sustaining profitability. Now? It will be determined by his ability to defend to NFL against De Smith and Jeff Kessler. That’s just the way it is.

    I am not a doe-eyed fan of his leadership, and I think his legacy may ultimately be tarnished because his naive approach to negotiating with the NFLPA resembles Chamberlain at Munich in 1938.

    I think Roger was absolutely right to seek the TV lockout insurance, which was, in retrospect, a smart risk given the scorched-earth approach the NFLPA is taking.

    But in the end, he trusted De Smith and expected a negotiation of the terms of the 2006 CBA, not a legal assault by the players against the very foundation of the NFL.

    Will Goodell be remembered like Chamberlain? Or will he be remembered like Churchill? We’re about to find out.

  27. tednancy,

    Chamberlain at Munich? Try Michael Spinks at Mike Tysons’ right hand. Shoudn’t have gotten in the ring with no ability to defend himself!

  28. @tednancy …

    Actually, I supported Roethlisberger’s suspension. Although the evidence shows it was a false accusation, he was clearly on a self-destructive path and all efforts to get through to him had failed. I believe the suspension was a wakeup call that may ultimately have saved his life and career, and certainly was the best thing for the team. And I’m grateful to Goodell for agreeing to attorney David Cornwell’s request that he also require Roethlisberger to get an evaluation and counseling. It’s one of the few things Goodell has done right in my eyes.

    My problem is that after rewriting the personal conduct rules to suspend Ben, he didn’t follow through by suspending Vince Young on Brandon Underwood. He’s extremely hypocritical in the way he applies his standards, and I hate that.

    Some of Harrison’s hits deserved to be fined. My problem with him there is that it was all a PR stunt to satisfy Congress that he was addressing head injuries so they needn’t implement Congressional oversight. For three years the league has had ejection rules in place but never applied them. I don’t want players getting fined after the fact. They need to be flagged–and if need be, ejected–during the game when it will make an impact on them and the team. He refuses to address the league’s horrific officiating. Harrison is one side of the issue. Don’t forget that Ben got a broken nose and Heath Miller suffered a severe concussion on plays that weren’t flagged. I want him doing things that are effective and will actually decrease head injuries instead of playing to the cameras.

    The chief source of my anger toward Goodell is his plan for world domination and those bloody UK games. The World League of American Football failed–at tremendous cost. Now he wants to put NFL teams in Europe? So when we play Sunday, Mon., and Thurs. night games here … they’ll kick off at 1 a.m. in London? How’s that going to work? So all the U.S. teams are going to be flying to Europe for regular season games every year? What about the playoffs? There’s no college farm system there to produce players so they’ll have to come from the NCAA, and we can’t produce enough quality QBs to cover 32 teams now. And what if all those American players don’t want to live in Europe? It will not work logistically and most fans say they are violently opposed to it, but he’s hired the former World Cup PR guru to shove it down our throats anyway.

    And on a personal note … as a three-time cancer survivor, I don’t want to see Pepto-Bismol fields in October. The whole pink campaign is controversial within the cancer community. It is possible for the NFL to donate to cancer causes, including breast cancer, without the pink overkill. Goodell does that because he’s trying to attract more women to the game. Meanwhile, the NFL cut funding to paralysis research, which–like brain trauma–directly impacts players. Everything with him is about PR.

  29. @Deb-

    While I may not agree with your ultimate conclusion about Roger, your position is well-reasoned.

    I hope you continue to beat the cancer. It must be a very difficult thing to face. Here’s to your continued good health.

  30. @tednancy …

    Thank you. I’ve been very blessed with that. My odds were not good with my last diagnosis, but I’m still here, and to meet me, you’d never think I’d been sick. I’m especially blessed today. My brother’s family lives in Tuscaloosa and extended family in another town that was devastated, but they all survived those storms.

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