Here’s the latest Patriots-trading-up rumor


The New England Patriots have developed a reputation for trading down and stockpiling future picks.  With only five picks in their pockets for the 2012 draft, the general thinking is that they’ll use one or more of their 2011 selections to get more for next year.

So, naturally, the rumors have been flying that the Patriots are trying to trade up.

Here’s the latest.

If North Carolina linebacker Robert Quinn is on the board when the Redskins are on the clock with the 10th overall pick, look for a possible trade with the Pats.

Moving from No. 10 to No. 17 would potentially allow the Redskins to still get a guy like quarterback Jake Locker.  Assuming Locker is still on the board at No. 17, of course.

16 responses to “Here’s the latest Patriots-trading-up rumor

  1. Ah yes, less than an hour until the draft and the unfounded “The Redskins love Jake Locker” rumor is in full bloom

  2. Everyone keeps saying ‘the Patriots only have 5 picks next year!!!’ It’s their 6th and 7th rounders that they’re missing, why on earth would that cause the Pats to panic?? Another strong draft this year and they’ll be so deep they won’t need those picks anyway. Besides, they’ll probably get a few late round compensatory picks anyway.

  3. Why would the Redskins want a QB?
    Wasn’t it just a year ago that they traded for their McNabb? You know, the guy all the Skins fans came on here to say Shanahan snookered the Eagles. The player that all the fans said would lead them to the Supe Bowl. The best QB in the NFC East?

    If the Skins take a QB in the first, just watch all those pathetic fans come out again and predict a Super Bowl in Lockers first year, or Mallets second season. But I cant blame them really, when you have the leagues stupidest owner, and ZERO chance at a championship, you start to get delerious

  4. Please Mike…
    No more updates or breaking news unless it pertains to a team that pervyharvin gives a “ratt’s ass” about.

    And I think there be three t’s in “ratt’s”, perv.

  5. As a Cowboy fan I would love to see the Redskins draft Jake……….did anyone watch the Nebraska vs Washington game early this year? The guy can’t pass to save his life. McNabb would still be a better fit…..please Washington draft Locker!

  6. Doesnt matter. Whoever they get at 10, will be under the leadership of the Great DeMaurice Smith. * all he does is win*

  7. skoobyfl says: Apr 28, 2011 7:26 PM

    The only person that cares about the Pats is parked in Harfvard yaard.


    Do you even know what a Boston accent is, you retahd?

  8. pervy- You care, thats why you made such a stupid statement. Envy of those who succeed is common among losers.

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