Jaguars get their franchise quarterback, move up for Gabbert

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Jaguars fans finally have some true competition for David Garrard, just like they wanted.

Jacksonville traded up six spots from 16 to 10 with Washington, giving the Redskins a second round pick for the right to move up and draft Missouri’s Blaine Gabbert.

“I had no preconceived notions about where I would get drafted,” Gabbert told NFL Network’s Deion Sanders.

It’s pretty remarkable that quarterback-hungry teams like Buffalo, Arizona, San Francisco, Tennessee, and Washington all decided to pass on Gabbert.  It lends credence to the notion that Gabbert was a bit of a draftnik creation, a guy who “looked” like a top-five pick but didn’t quite excite teams enough.

He’ll excite the Jaguars fanbase plenty.  Mobile with a strong arm, Gabbert will have a steep learning curve in the NFL coming from a spread offense.  That won’t make Garrard’s leash any longer as the Jaguars starter.

Gabbert is a two game losing streak away from being the most popular man in town.

15 responses to “Jaguars get their franchise quarterback, move up for Gabbert

  1. Gabbert big smile result of agent telling him, “Don’t worry, you’ll be out of that dump and in LA in 3 yrs!”.

  2. This may not be a very good situation for Gabbert. Eventually, Jack Del Rio is finally going to get fired, likely after this coming season if they don’t make the playoffs. Recent QB draft picks whose initial coaches were fired after their first year have not fared well at all: Matt Leinart, Brady Quinn, Jimmy Clausen

  3. Gene Smith must have absolutely loved Gabbert to be willing to move up and get him. With the amount of talent in this draft, for Gene Smith to be willing to give up a 2nd rounder to move up 6 picks to get a player who won’t be an immediate contributor is pretty telling. Either he’s crazy like a fox or completely incapable of evaluating QBs. Thankfully Gabbert won’t be rushed into a starting role and cane learn.

    Also, I think this trade signals that the Jags will be aggressive in FA again once it begins and will seek address the secondary and/or pass rush issues with a FA signing to two given that they won’t be picking again until the 3rd.

  4. In Gene we Trust

    The pick seems like the Monroe pick in ’09 when he seemed like a top 5 and fell to us as he was the at the top of Gene’s board. Again a guy falls to Gene.

    The big worry is JDR gets fired and its two schemes in two years, but at the least the next guy will run the show for at least three years if not four.

    DG is our last Coughlin pick and one who should have started since 2004 after Brunell. Had he a line he could have been one of the best.

    One thing for sure, Gabbert is not Leftwich

  5. Any truth to the rumor Jimmy Smith and Keenan McCardell are both coming back, and Reggie Williams suddenly realized how to catch?

  6. The Jaguars must have been the only team
    Tom Condon was able to get to take Blaine so he won’t be sitting all night.

    By the looks of things, teams who were at the topof the board already knew who they wanted. For Jake to leap over Blaine said a lot. No one called the Janquars for Blaine. I think this was a quick pay off..LOL

  7. Great pick for the Jags… finally got their franchise QB. In Gene we trust.

    Kellenmclain: kill yourself. LA is a polluted, crime-ridden cesspool… with the worst traffic in America besides Boston.

  8. Garrard tweets that he loves it in Jax and plans on being here for a long time or until he’s told to leave.

    Yeah, I doubt either side would really ask him to stick around and be a back up again. A plus for Garrard though, the real estate market isn’t totally rock bottom any more.

  9. Garrard will likely keep his job for this season, and depending on his cap figure could stick around as a backup. He’s no spring chicken and by the time Blaine is entrenching himself as the starter, Garrard’s physical tools and resistance to injury might be wearing down, making him a solid backup with plenty of starter experience but not a reliable starter (think Kerry Collins).

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