Jay Glazer says Falcons are serious about trade up

SI.com’s Peter King reported Wednesday that the Atlanta Falcons were contemplating a trade up for one of the draft’s top two wide receivers — A.J. Green of Georgia and Julio Jones from Alabama.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has attempted to downplay the rumor, but FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer is now essentially reporting the same thing as King.

Per Glazer, the chances Atlanta moves up are “very strong, if (the) right playmaker is there” early in the draft.

Falcons G.M. Thomas Dimitroff is “aggressively looking for (a) playmaker,” according to Glazer. Dimitroff has reportedly been in conversations with the Cardinals, Browns, and 49ers.

Glazer calls Cleveland “the most likely spot” for a Falcons trade. Earlier in the day, CBS Sports’ Clark Judge predicted that the No. 6 spot in the draft would be a “hot spot” for activity.

10 responses to “Jay Glazer says Falcons are serious about trade up

  1. Although I hate the idea of what we’d give up moving up to the top 10, getting AJ Green or Patrick Peterson would be unbelievable.

  2. What are they going to package with there #27 pick to move up to #6? Eric Mangini isn’t running the Browns anymore. You can’t just move up 2o spots by throwing in a 4th string qb along with a bunch of 33 year old defensive guys. Holmgren/Heckert are too good for that.

  3. Has Glazer been on sabbatical? Or just chillin in the freezer compartment with the other hardboiled eggs?

  4. The only way the Browns even look at trading out of that spot with the Falcons is for their 11,12 and 13 first round picks.

    The Falcons aren’t going to do that.

    And, if the Browns settle for anything less, they are *#@*+%&!’s.

  5. Holmgren and Shurmur are nuts if they trade out of 6 and don’t get AJ OR Julio for Colt. If they do trade down or go for someone else the Browns will continue to flounder. The Falcons will do fine without trading up, but maybe not a playmaker.

  6. olskool711 says: Apr 28, 2011 5:01 PM

    The only way the Browns even look at trading out of that spot with the Falcons is for their 11,12 and 13 first round picks.

    The ability to think rationally and reasonably is apparently not one of your finest qualities.

  7. Who the hell do the Browns need from Atlanta that they are willing to give up?

    Not only that, but only draft picks can be traded today… no players….

    Makes no damn sense to me.

  8. if they are dead serious about such a trade up they are gonna need a middle round team to help them out in a 3 way they would just be giving up waaaaay too much to even contimplate it otherwise as in literally a full draft of picks….i looked up the value chart when i proposed a way for the steelers to get to peterson for which i was slated on this (probably rightly so 😛 ).

    it would have to be:
    Cleveland gets atlantas 2nd 3rd 4th aswell as new englands 1st (17th overall). Nw England gets atlantas 1st and 2012 1st and atlanta gets the browns 6th overall and thats just to satisfy the value chart never mind holmgren.

    Such a trade is not happening.

  9. So Roddy White isn’t a “playmaker”? Am I missing something here? I think Atlanta should stand pat and grab a decent WR that falls to them and not give up the house

  10. Isn’t Matt Ryan one of the worse QBs in the league in passes over 20 yards? Why would ol’ dink n dunk need a WR like Green or Jones?

    Falcons are grasping here because they know their time at the top of the NFC South is over. Bucs are taking over.

    I hope they do move up and burn a bunch of picks to do it… for a dream and prayer that they land someone like Mike Williams.

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