Mike Shanahan: Trading up isn’t likely


There have been a lot of whispers linking the Redskins with a move up from the 10th overall pick in the first round to get themselves a quarterback.

Mike Shanahan addressed those rumors on Wednesday and threw a fair amount of cold water on them. At a pre-draft meeting with reporters, Shanahan indicated that the team’s lack of picks in the third or fourth round would make it very difficult to move up to the second pick. That’s the spot that Jason LaCanfora of NFL.com and others have reported to be the spot the Redskins are targeting so that they can pick Blaine Gabbert.

That lack of draft picks and the myriad needs on the Redskins roster naturally led to questions about the team potentially moving down as a way to secure more players to help the team. Shanahan said that he was open to that possibility.

“We’ve gone through all different scenarios that if we got the right offer could we move back two picks, five picks, 10 picks, depending on what people are willing to give up,” he said. “We go through all those scenarios.”

Now comes the time for the screaming disclaimer that it is quite possible that Shanahan isn’t telling the truth. That caveat must be attached to anything draft related at this point in time, even something that makes as much sense as the Redskins trying to exit the draft with as much talent as possible.

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  1. They don’t have enough draft capital to move up to #2, but they do have enough to move up to #7 and if Patrick Peterson isn’t available then I’m sure the Niners would be more than willing to accommodate them (or so I hope).

  2. Gabbert, Dalton, Ponder, there’s a lot of QB’s that will come out. I doubt Gabbert will still be there at 10, but one of the others, even if you overpay at the 10 pick, is still better than keeping what they got. If they pick a d-lineman, with so many available, I think they’re being stupid, there’s bound to still be good ones at 41. They should get a QB at 10, or Carimi or Smith for the awfully old o-line, and trade up from 41 to get a qb late 1st/early 2nd.

  3. Don’t freaking do it! If possible trade down. If they trade up then I give up on the Shanahans and Bruce Allen.

  4. Now dont all of you Redskins haters feel stupid. If you have watched just 1 draft and the couple of days leading up to draft, YOU CAN NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING ANYONE SAYS!

  5. All that matters is that we draft a player in the first round who will be ready to play right away, we have so many different needs I’ll just take a starter at just about any position.

  6. They can do it:

    with the lock-out lifted, redo Haynesworth’s deal. He’ll be happy about it sending him to a 4-3 defense and out of Shanahan’s guidance. Send him to Denver in lieu of loacking sufficient draft picks. Offer Hanyes with your 1st and offer a 2nd for next season.

    Shanny gets his QB and rids the team of what has been a virus. No doubt that Haynes can dominate in a 4-3 whcih he prefers. Denver now has a Marcell Darius-type to clog the line instead of drafting him at #2 and still have a top 10 this year and a #2 next.

  7. Trade back with new England. NE gets #10 & Washington gets #17 & #60. With # 17 get Jake locker who is a perfect fit in shanny’s offense. #41 get pass rushing linebacker & @ #60 get an offensive lineman. Wow. I should be a GM.

  8. As a Broncos fan take it from me. Don’t believe ANYTHING Shanahan says to the press. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Even his own wife didn’t know he was going to trade up to pick Cutler.

  9. Every GM in the league is well versed in the language of saying a lot without divulging anything. ‘We would like to move up, stay here or move back.” This is the echo coming from every draft room in the NFL.

  10. I’ve sworn off mock drafts for a few years due to stuff like this. We have no idea. When Shanny got Jay Cutler we Broncos fans had little to no idea that was going to happen.

    This guy has certainly had some bad drafts and some good ones later on in his career, but either way he’s not one to tip his hand.

  11. #41 in 2011 and 2012’s 1st rounder could get them back into this year’s 1st round.

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