NFL general manager guarantees Locker, Dalton go top 20

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Nationally recognized mock drafter Rick Gosselin has Washington quarterback Jake Locker going eighth overall to the Titans, and TCU quarterback Andy Dalton twelfth overall to the Vikings in his final prediction for the 2011 NFL draft.

So, by now, this news probably shouldn’t surprise anyone:

“I guarantee Andy Dalton and Jake Locker will go in the top 20,” one unnamed NFL general manager says in Peter King of’s Draft Primer.

Based on what he’s heard around the league, King predicts four first-round quarterbacks including Cam Newton, Blaine Gabbert, Locker, and Dalton. King expects Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder and Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett to both be gone by pick No. 49 in the second round, where Jacksonville lurks.

The consensus among national pundits and draft analysts is that the 2011 draft will set a record with eight quarterbacks selected in the first three rounds. Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick is expected to be picked “by the end of day two,” according to King.

Iowa quarterback Ricky Stanzi is also expected to be a second-day pick, although King says “some” teams believe they can get Stanzi in the fourth.

22 responses to “NFL general manager guarantees Locker, Dalton go top 20

  1. I really think these guys are tremendously under-rated. I have read a lot about how the talent isn’t there but the need is. I just don’t see it. These guys for the most part have been rather successful in college and have the base tools to start their careers in the NFL.

  2. 8 QBs going in the first three rounds and they’re all terrible! Thank goodness we have Aaron. And, soon we’ll have Mark Ingram. Nobody can stop us. Go Pack Go!

    How many Super Bowls have you won?!!!!

  3. at this point in time, nothing any GM or team exec says, on or off the record, should be believed. it’s not that I disagree with what this unnamed GM is saying, but the whole system is unreliable. An unnamed GM can “guarantee” anything he wants without any fear of backlash, and in the process, he may simply be advancing the agenda of his own team, hoping to influence other teams to jump on QBs so quality players at other positions fall to his team lower in the draft.

    I think every GM is talking out of both corners of his mouth at this point.

  4. Really? I know teams are desperate for QBs, but this in my opinion is one of the worst QB class since Russel and Quinn.
    I’m 100% sure if these guys came out next year, they probably fall to 2nd rounders at best.

    Locker isn’t a proven winner
    Newton had 1 good season
    Gabbert has 2 years of starting experience, with so-so numbers.

    I would take these guys in the 2nd round at best. Dalton is a pretty good QB, and the same can be said about Ponder and Delvin. There are some good late round QBs or expected late round QBs. But the these top 10 guys everyone’s hyping up are just that. Hype.

  5. I don’t see how Locker went from #1 overall last year and now he’s 2nd round talent. He’ll be the best one out of this whole class because he is mobile, he can throw on the run, he can make all the key reads and he genuinely loves the game of football. I don’t think you can say that about Cam Newton. If he gets drafted after the top 20, I consider him the steal of the draft.

  6. As someone who really likes that Locker kid and is rooting for him to be great, I think that THE WORST POSSIBLE THING that could happen to him is being picked in round one unless it’s an Aaron Rodgers thing where he sits for 2-3 years behind a vet QB.

    BB may not be a genius…but one thing he never ever ever does is fall in love with guys and reach at his pick. If a pick comes around and a guy he values at that slot IS NOT THERE…he’s out of the pick and trading down. It drives some of us Pats fans NUTS that he does this (including me…lol)…but reaching for guys is always, always, ALWAYS a bad idea.

  7. Not sure who Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News is, but the Four Letter Network needs to drop Kiper/McShay and hire that dude. Clicking on the link takes you to a very interesting 5 year average. Kiper and McShay are tied and a full 8 points behind Gosselin. They Four Letter Duo were tied for 14th last year. Sounds like they have the wrong “Experts”.

  8. I sure hope the Redskins get one of them qb’s, any one of them not named Cam Newton would be an improvement…Also Carimi or Tyron Smith to boost up that old o-line……HAIL

  9. carlgerbschmidt says:
    Apr 28, 2011 1:50 PM
    8 QBs going in the first three rounds and they’re all terrible! Thank goodness we have Aaron. And, soon we’ll have Mark Ingram. Nobody can stop us. Go Pack Go!

    How many Super Bowls have you won?!!!!

    Over/under on number of beers Carl consumes tonight waiting for the Packers to pick: 27.

  10. carlgerbschmidt says: Apr 28, 2011 1:50 PM

    How many Super Bowls have you won?!!!!


    Just as many as you……. zero.

  11. @ lucky…too bad the DMN has his final mock behind their pay wall now but when they didn’t Gosselin was a MUST READ…he always has the best rate of accurate picks. and there are some seriously off the wall ones sometimes. Funny thing is I read an interview with him the other day where he says he never ever watches film. He simply has so may connections that he knows what teams are really thinking.

  12. carlgerbschmidt….Was a pleasure meeting you at Pet Smart the other day. Question for you. What the hell were all those gerbils for in your cart?

  13. This is the craziest draft year that I can ever remember. A lot of teams will be reaching for their “franchise” qb, and, unfortunately, my favorite team is one of them. When I get right down to analyzing these qb’s, I don’t feel any of them are worth a first round pick, including Newton and Gabbert. The one guy with 1st round talent is Ryan Mallett, but he is such a walking disaster off the field (alledgedly) that he might drop as far as the 3rd round.

    I hope that my team will pull off a trade for Kolb or Orton!

  14. Why would anyone ever tell a reporter like Peter King what they think will happen?

    They do this in the hopes that someone will take a 2nd round QB in the 1st round, and push a prospect they like down to them.

    I hate this pre-draft lie-fest.

  15. This is a dream scenario for all the playoff teams drafting the the 2nd half of the first round. There will be some really good players available late in the 1st round.

  16. That’s a real ballsy “guarantee.” Too bad whoever made it wasn’t man enough to put their name behind it. Kind of defeats the purpose of guaranteeing a statement.

  17. Not that I don’t think the QBs in this draft have talent but based on how this offseason is going it’s too much pressure to make any of them a first round pick. All you are doing is setting them up to fail as they’ll be expected to start as soon as possible when they don’t get the benefit of any training campes or at minimum getting a playbook . Even if that weren’t the case I think there are too many issues to see anyone other than Newton and Gabbert go in the first round as they have the most talent. Any of the others and even those two are going to require some work to be a solid QB.

    Unless it’s an absolute necessity I would say any GM this year should wait on drafting a QB. Second round at minimum.

  18. I just got this info form an Unnamed GM. He guarantees Locker to go #1. He watched the piece ESPN did on him the other day and didnt realize the guy is better than Sam Bradford.

  19. Smoke and mirrors! Locker will go to some idiot team drafting way too early. Dalton will fall to the Colts in Round two.

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