On second thought, Pats aren’t trading up for Cameron Jordan

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How about this for some Worldwide Leader-on-Worldwide Leader crime?

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported earlier today that the New England Patriots are trying to trade up to No. 9 with the Dallas Cowboys, the Pats targeting Cal defensive end Cameron Jordan.

According to both Michael Smith of ESPN and Adam Schefter of ESPN, the trade isn’t happening.

Smith, appearing on SportsCenter, explained that the Patriots don’t value “five-technique” defensive ends enough in this draft to trade into the top ten. Such a move likely would’ve cost New England a first- and second-round pick.

Schefter’s report/refute of Mort’s report is even stronger:

“Any proposed Cowboys-Patriots trade will not happen,” Schefter just tweeted.

It sounds like the Cowboys “leaked” the rumor to Mortensen, and Mort took the bait.

13 responses to “On second thought, Pats aren’t trading up for Cameron Jordan

  1. Just for once I’d like to see one of these sports-weasels call out one of his ‘sources’ for pimping him a bogus story.

  2. thirty one other teams are TIRED!!!! of hearing about Patriots and what they are gonna do. They are awesome< we get it. Shut up already and the patriots can fade away with thier owner and coach and nobody would miss them.

  3. Things that can NOT be known by mortals:

    1. What Belichick is planning

    Things that CAN be known by mortals:

    1. What Belichick wants you to think he is planning
    2. What other teams are planning
    3. How much value to attribute to anything Mort says. (Hint: its a very ROUND value)

  4. Enough with the stupid rumors, can we have some real reporting please…second thought, to heck with that..lets just have the draft start. We are all ready and raring to go.

  5. “It sounds like the Cowboys “leaked” the rumor to Mortensen, and Mort took the bait.”

    Haha, it’s hilarious to read all these rumors and watching the draftniks get used and abused to teams/ agents. These “experts” are begging teams for any information so the can run back to their blog to post their “scoop”, when truth is often far from reality. They’re like a little schoolgirl who has juicy gossip/rumor about who little Jimmy likes and rushes to tell all her girlfriends.

  6. WFAN’s Mike Francesa has been reporting all day that the NFL is not allowing trades today unless they change their minds by 8pm.

    Trades will start after the first round ends according to them.

  7. I’m a Pats fan an know that Bill would never move up to the top 10. Never has an never will

  8. “madenatewell says: Apr 28, 2011 5:54 PM

    Either way…nobody cares.”

    Anyone who posts these words on a message board is a moron. It mattered enough for you to type the words.

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