Packers end round one with offensive line help

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When we were spotting team needs earlier in the month, it was easy to spot the primary area on which the Packers needed to focus — the offensive line.

And they addressed it with their first opportunity in the draft, which also happened to be the last pick of round one.

Derek Sherrod, a former Mississippi State Bulldog, was a two-time All-SEC tackle, and he gives the Packers much-needed youth.  Which should help keep Aaron Rodgers from aging prematurely.

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  1. Damn…..

    I like this pick. Sherrod is one of the more low-risk picks in this draft. And he can probably play either side, too, letting the Packers decide what is best for Bulaga. Good pick.

  2. Good solid pick for the packers, but they couldv’e used Bowers more with Jenkins leaving.Overall not a bad selection, by Ted Thompson. Now they can turn to getting a defensive player in round 2.

  3. DaQuan Bowers is not even close to resembling a 34 DE, he would be completely out matched taking on constant doubles in an odd front. The last thing GB needs is a 21 year old pass-rusher playing out of position with a potentially dead knee.

    Come on folks, get past the ‘big names’ and use common sense…

  4. He has a good frame, but putting up less then 25 reps @ bench press is a concern. Hopefully he can become stronger. and Bulaga and Sherrod can anchor the line for the next handful of years.

  5. Sherrod is an excellent pick. Very similar to Clifton…a finesse guy…not overly strong yet, yet that can be gained in the weightroom…yet what he has is great intelligence and recognition, along with some amazing feet in his kick and slide–something you either have or you don’t. He is obviously not a mauling run blocker, but there is not an OL in this draft who is better at pass protect than he is. I see his skillset much more suited to LT than RT. I like him better than Bulaga for future LT as Clifton’s eventual replacement. Keep Bulaga at RT or LG. Great pick!

  6. Strange first round.

    Pack got lucky and landed IMO the best all around blocker in the draft. He has no glaring weaknesses and all the tools to play LT in this league.

    Another year where a quality OT just falls into the Packers lap. Good stuff.

  7. I said it before. It may not be sexy but Packer fans should hope for OL/OL in the first two rounds. Starks looks like he might be OK, if not you get a three year in a row 1200 yrd rusher back. You are getting one of the top receiving TE in the legue back. 16 players coming off of IR. You do not need many other positions. Didn’t their 2nd or 3rd round DE miss most of the year? Get your line set and pick up a return man and you are doing well. I mean who wants to take on Suh and Fairley, Peppers, Alan and the Williams wall without an OL?

  8. The only player I would have liked more was Gabe Carimi… but I guess the Bears got smart and stole one of “our” boys.

  9. Had to hurt when the Saints snatched Ingram. Great move by the saints but sold pick for the Pack too

  10. With Buluga proving he can play at this level, adding another young guy to the OL is a nice move. Lets face it-it’s ALL about protecting the franchise QB.

    I would like to see the Pack pick up a wideout next. Torrey Smith would look good in a Packer uniform….

  11. Not mad at this pick at all. Not “sexy,” but smart given who was available. The few guys that I wanted that I thought could realistically fall to the Pack were Cameron Heyward, Ingram, Baldwin, and Carimi — once those guys were off the board I was pretty happy with the Sherrod pick.

    I didn’t really feel like they needed a RB, I think Grant/Starks will be a good duo — I think they almost had to pick ingram at 32 just because of the talent, so it’s probably best he didn’t fall to them.

    Still a handful of WR’s available — Cobb, Torrey Smith — I could even see the Pack taking Titus Young in the 2nd, who can return kicks as well.

    Was very relieved they didn’t take Bowers. he could be a stud, but that could’ve been a nightmare for TT if he turned out like Harrell.

  12. This was a good pick. I’m glad they passed on Bowers. Risking 1st round money on a guy with a degenerative knee condition wouldn’t be very smart, and is the reason he fell out of the first round…

  13. I’m a Bears fan, and I was hoping Sherrod would “fall” to the Bears. I love who we got, but I have to begrudgingly admit that this is a great pick by the Packers. Solid player, and by initial accounts, a good citizen too.

    Through clenched teeth & begrudging respect I say again, “Nice pick, Pack.”

  14. Great value pick by TT!

    Not only someone you can plug in for the next decade or so but is said to be a great person as well. Intelligent, hard worker and pretty talented.

    This weather worn Viking fan wished they had traded back several times, accumulated extra picks and ended up with Sherrod for that wet paperbag we call an O-Line. Good thing Ponder is mobile – he’ll need to be!

  15. After doing some research on Sherrod, I am very excited to see him don green and gold. He is a very intelligent player and is a great fit for the Packers.

    I think Bulaga and Sherrod will make an excellent combination as the Packers’ starting tackles in the very near future.

  16. and I blame myself for not doing the research on Da’Quan Bowers. I had no idea he had injury problems in the past. With that said, it was probably a good idea to pass on him. The Packers don’t need another injury prone player on their team.

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