Patriots have spoken with Browns about sixth pick

Mike Holmgren of the Browns has made it clear he wants to deal.   At least one team is listening.

We don’t know how serious talks between the Patriots and Browns are, but Greg A. Bedard of the Boston Globe reports New England has talked with Cleveland regarding interest in the No. 6 overall pick.   ESPN has also reported that the Patriots want to move.

Bedard figures the Patriots want to move up for UNC pass rusher Robert Quinn, who would convert to outside linebacker in New England. Bedard believes Julio Jones or Patrick Peterson could also be targets.

43 responses to “Patriots have spoken with Browns about sixth pick

  1. Clearly it’s to make a move on Patrick Peterson. Their secondary is atrocious… they need a top flight CB more than anything else.

  2. No biggie. Pat’s haven’t been the draft geniuses most have made them out to be anyway.

  3. I’d be shocked to them them do it. If a run of QB’s comes about early, it’ll push some players NE desires down the board.
    Last time Belichick traded up and used the selection, he gave up a late 2nd, a 3rd and a 5th back in ’06 to move to the top of Round Two and take…..WR Chad Jackson.

  4. Pash Rusher perhaps… My money is on AJ Green or Julio Jones. I got their desired choices in order of Green, Von Miller, Dareus/Fairley, Jones, Peterson, Quinn.

  5. Say want you want about Belichick but the man is a draft day genius. He has picks to use too so this could very easily become a reality.

  6. I hope it’s true!!!!!
    I’d love to see any of those guys in a Patriots un iform…..espescially Quinn….
    I wonder what a savy vet like Holmgren would want as compensation….17 &60…28 &33???

  7. Interesting. This morning Todd McShay said the Pats were in love with Cam Jordan and were looking into trading with Dallas to move up. I have also heard they were talking to Tennesee.

    10 hours to go, lets hope the Pats get an impact player !

    Just don’t waste any picks on QB’s before Round # 5 or 6

  8. The Browns need to acquire as much talent as possible, so trading down and stockpiling more picks is a good idea.

    The Pats only need a few pieces to be in top form again and a top 10 pick is helpful so they can give up some other picks to get that.

    Do it.

  9. i am a little surprised that von miller is not on the radar screen for the pats……
    but if they make that move, i have to believe its either for jones, or dareus or peterson with quinn being the 4th option.

  10. Am I the only who thinks thinks Robert Quinn is nothing special? He racked up sacks against the Dukes of the world one year, then gets suspended and shows up the combine with a diamond cross and runs slower than expected.

  11. If the Browns move down tonight i am going to be VERY VERY Pissed off!.we need a impact player no matter how many players we nee we really need a impact player bottom line!…the last time we traded down a few yrs ago we missed out on alot of impact players…lets not do it again Mike

  12. Quinn? A guy who hasn’t played a down 15 months because he was suspended for an entire year. Doesn’t sound like a guy that fits The Patriot Way.

    If anything they are trying to get a bigtime WR for Brady. He can’t go into next year with two TEs and Welker in the slot being his best targets. They need someone on the outside to stretch the field and replace Moss. Deion Branch is ancient and Brandon Tate never lived up to expectations.

  13. As a Pats fan I hope they pickup a pass rusher. Pressure on the QB last year was non-existent, and too many offensive coaches have figured out Belichick’s schemes now. We can keep winning by tricks alone, and need highly skilled players too.

  14. berniemadoffsides says: Apr 28, 2011 9:54 AM

    Clearly it’s to make a move on Patrick Peterson. Their secondary is atrocious… they need a top flight CB more than anything else.
    not sure what BB did to get your pink panties in a bunch, but this is the second anti-patriots post today that needs to be corrected.
    Leigh Bodden coming back from injury could probably be a number 1 corner on half the teams in the league, ad to that the D-ROY runner-up in McCourty. the issues in the secondary are at FS

  15. Wow! This is shaping up to be an exciting season! As a Browns fan, this is the only thing exciting about the season. Except for the end.

  16. @rc33

    Wasn’t the last time they traded up for Slater? It was later, like the 5th round or something, but I think that was the last trade up.

  17. Don’t listen to them. You’ll get screwed in the end. Move up to 4 and take AJ Green. Colt must have a go to receiver to succeed. More late picks won’t help the Browns enough.

  18. Agree on the overhype on Quinn. I watch the ACC very closely. A couple quick facts about his sack totals.
    The came against these teams…
    The Citadel (1)
    East Carolina (2)
    Virginia (3)
    Georgia Southern (1)
    Duke (3)
    Boston College (1)
    All but one sack was at home.
    You are talking about the year they had all their defensive studs on the field. This is all he could muster?
    Physically gifted no doubt about it.
    Top 10 NFL pick…I just dont see it.
    Wish him luck and hope I’m wrong…the facts have my skeptical though.

  19. I am sure Holmgren will move that # 6 pick if the Hoodie offers him enough Crab Puffs and plenty of Samuel Adams to wash it down with. They don’t have to trade up to #6 to get Robert Quinn. I agree the likely target would be Petersen or Green. I don’t think they will trade all the way up for Jones.
    If i am the Browns and I can walk away with Cam Heyward and Johnathan Baldwin plus another player with in the second around, I would pull the trigger. Unless Mike Holmgren has a Blaine Gabbert fetish lol

  20. No biggie. Pat’s haven’t been the draft geniuses most have made them out to be anyway.
    Thank you!! Overrated to the nth degree. I have never seen somebody squander so many picks and be called a draft day genius. The only pick that makes that team good he had nothing to do with!

  21. I’m sure the Patriots are already offering players for the pick even tho they are not allowed to…. filthy cheaters

  22. If Peterson is not available, Trade down and get the 17th pick and a 2nd rounder. Holmgren knows what he is doing. Why waste a high pick on someone if you are not to high on them. I like the thinking.

    Patrick Peterson or trade!

    Go Browns

  23. The Browns have a lot of needs, but one of those needs is getting a stud playmaker — and that is why they should not trade down.

  24. I don’t care what Bill does – trade up , down, or sideways – but if he’s as savvy as everyone says, I expect him to pick up at least 3 playmakers – preferably all on defense – with the nbr of high picks he has this year. Anything less is a failure.
    Time’s running out on the Brady era .

  25. This is just the Pats trying to bait the Jets into a trade-up they can’t afford. Belichik definitely has the Jet’s brass hypnotized at this point. It’s not as bad as the Mangini years but it’s still there.

  26. No biggie. Pat’s haven’t been the draft geniuses most have made them out to be anyway.

    Let’s not let your hatred of the Patriots blind from the facts….

    While not perfect (who can claim to be?) the Patriots under Belichick have done very well in the draft.

    Take last year with McCourty (trade back), Gronk (trade up), Spikes, Hernandez, Cunningham, and a number of other rookie contributors.

    The 2009 draft class with Chung and Vollmer starting this season, with a number of others contributing. The jury is still out on Butler, however if he lives up to his potential he could still be a major contributor the secondary.

  27. I agree with some who say Belichick is NOT a draft day genius. However, he’s a genius in terms of moving around the draft board and acquiring picks for future drafts in order to be able to restock the team. In terms of drafting, what he does is makes sure he hits on his 1st round picks. Seymour, Warren, Wilfork, Mankins, Meriweather, Mayo, McCourty. His biggest bust was Maroney, of course, and even he showed flashes. Graham and Watson were serviceable, but not busts. However, his track record with 2nd-7th round picks is no better or worse than anyone else.

  28. No biggie. Pat’s haven’t been the draft geniuses most have made them out to be anyway.


    Absolutely true!! Last years picks turned out good, especially the tight ends, but pretty much everyone thrives in that system of theirs (prime example – Deion Branch). Belichump’s “draft day genius” tag is ridiculous

  29. Why so much talk about a QB – Hoyer is a solid backup who has proven he can step in. Unless Hoodie knows that when the labor situation is resolved he can trade Hoyer for a boatload of players taking a QB high makes no sense.

  30. The target is A.J. Green.
    Pats didn’t pay Brady a zillion Bunchens to throw airballs to Brandon Tate, duh.

  31. Of course they want some guy out of nowhere like Quinn who I don’t think fits …I want them to draft Jordan. 😀

  32. i see no reason why the pats wouldn’t do this considering the number of picks they have been compiling the last couple years. at some point it behooves them to swap them for a blue chipper and this is as good a time as any. i was originally thinking they might trade up with the vikes at #12 thinking julio jones would still be around, but it seems like he will be gone by then. pats picking up green or quinn is going to instantly give them a serious edge they did not enjoy last year.

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