Raiders want to get back into the first round


The Oakland Raiders are the only team without a first-round pick in tonight’s NFL draft. They’re hoping to change that today.

Vittorio Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that the Raiders are trying to trade back into the first round today. Raiders owner Al Davis has had a first round pick every year since 1989, and he doesn’t want to be without a first-round pick this year just because he sent the Raiders’ first rounder (17th overall) to the Patriots for Richard Seymour.

The last time the Raiders entered a draft without a first-round pick was in 2005, when they had sent their first-rounder to Minnesota for Randy Moss. That year they ended up trading back into the first round, getting the Seahawks’ 23rd overall pick, and selecting cornerback Fabian Washington.

Oakland’s first pick this year is No. 48, midway through Friday’s second round, and the Raiders probably don’t have enough ammunition to trade into the first half of the first round. But if a player the Raiders love is still available after the first 15 or 20 picks, the Raiders will likely start making calls.

It’s not clear who that player might be, but an interesting question with the Raiders is whether they’re looking to trade up for a quarterback. The Raiders say they’re set at quarterback with Jason Campbell, but Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick keeps getting linked to Oakland. If there’s a run on quarterbacks in the first round, maybe Davis’s team will shock everyone.

It wouldn’t be the first time.

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  1. I’m no Raiders Fan, in fact I have busted RaiDUH’s fans balls on this site for years, but it has become more apparent to me, that you post this picture, which really is demeaning, to encourage unique hits or whatever..Just put the Raiders Logo up…….enough already……..

  2. With the 17th pick the Oakland Raiders select Richard Seymour. I’d say that’s a pretty solid pick for a team who’s had awful luck in the 1st round lately

  3. Knowing Al Davis’ history of way overpaying for what he wants, fans of every team in the bottom half of the first round should be hoping that their team is one who Davis chooses to do a deal with.

  4. They should. The talent in this draft will take a serious drop-off after the first 40 picks or so. The Raiders best chance to find an impact, long-term player in this draft would be to trade back into the first round, or at least into the very early stages of the 2nd round.

  5. Love the picture….

    It looks like Count Dracula trying to cast a spell on someone. “You WILL trade me your first round pick for Michael Huff and any 2 Raiderettes of your choice”

  6. Holy crap!!!! I think every comment about this post is going to be about the Al Davis picture they put up for this story! I have to admit when I first saw this on the IPhone I had to do a double look and I thought he was the Terminator or something!!! Hahhaa!!!

  7. And that Crypt Keeper pic… it’s got to go. I can hardly choke down my coffee with that in front of me. Please… have mercy… put up one of the Raiders cheerleaders.

  8. Well, that Fabian Washington thing didn’t exactly pan out – let’s not repeat history. I seriously doubt that Al is going after a QB given the way his last 1st round QB selection went. BTW the most incredible thing in that pic is the way Al’s fingers curve upwards. Long live Al Davis, Lord of the Darkside!!!

  9. I was unaware there was a 6′ 8″ 300 pound man with a 4.20 40 yard dash available in the 1st round…..

    on a serious note though they arent a draft punchline anymore if they have half the draft they had last year i’d be pretty terrified if i was a KC DEN or SD fan.

  10. Is that Darth Vader without the mask? That is an advertisement for sun screen if ever there was one. And Raiders…you blew your last first round pick, remember? No soup for you.

  11. I’m tired of seeing that picture. There isn’t even shock value anymore. It’s tedious.

    The raiders are so bad at the draft. Who trades away first round picks for players (ESPECIALLy receivers)?? Losers, thats who.

  12. Ill find them a first round pick if they will get Al and face lift.. HOLY mother of god…

    PS who is beating him? Love the band aid look AL

  13. Hey Micheal David Smith! Let’s see a photo of your dad! Bet he’s won’t hold up any better, chump!
    Go Raiders!

  14. If they ever make a live action “Simpsons” movie we know who will be cast as Mr. Burns……

  15. All you PFT dudes are tools, chill out on the embarrassing pictures of Al.

    But I would love to see the Raiders make a move for a quality offensive linemen, or my boy Colin Kapernick. Kids a hard worker with immense talent, and scored a 37? on the wonderlic. Def raw footwork wise but I think he will be a gem in this draft class.

  16. The DEA should put out a before/after poster with Charlie Sheen on the left and that picture of Al on the right. That’ll csare some kids straight!

  17. Mark my words…..Al Davis is getting antsy….this means he will overpay and some team will fleece him AGAIN, hopefully it’s the Eagles…..what’s up with that picture????… that is scary

  18. C’mon, man!! Coach Al gets dissed enough without your help… I agree with one of the other posters… use a pic of the Raiderettes (Football’s Fabulous Females)… cant go wrong!!

  19. Good Lord MDS!!! Why do you insist on showing that file photo? I knew Al Davis looked like the cryptkeeper, but I didn’t know he had cataracts and skin cancer…

    /technicolor yawn

  20. jennstergersburnedretinas says: Apr 28, 2011 10:33 AM

    I can’t tell… is Al actually doing the “shocker”?


    I think he’s doing his impression of Emperor Palpatine getting ready to whip up some ‘force lightning’. At least Palpatine had the good taste to put a cloak over his nasty noggin.

  21. If he does, it’ll cost him the same thing Denver paid last year, a 2, 3, and 4.

    Hope the Ravens get that for the second straight year.

    Hope they end up with Marvin Austin. Cody clogs the middle, Nagta and Austin on the ends. Thats a 3-4 D-line with size and speed.

  22. When is the CDC going to quarantine Al Davis. It’s obvious that he’s a zombie. Just look at him. He’s got all the characteristics of the undead.

  23. Unless we can lock Al out of the draft room, I hope we don’t get a first round pick. Last year we hit with McClain. Before that we (finally) hit after (3 years delayed) with McFadden. But c’mon-DHB, Fabian Washington, Derick Gibson, Gallery, Todd Marijuanavich. etc. and last and always last Fat Russell.

    I’m just glad we have Seymour instead of the usual “mystery pick” we end up with.

    And, yes Al is old and ugly. So are your parents. Grow up.

  24. So he can waste money for a FAST guy that can’t play. Or go get another Jamarcus Russell. Davis needs to leave and enjoy what little life he has left out of football.

  25. Enough of the Al Davis pics! It’s past disgusting. I threw up in my mouth little . Whyy can’t you put a pic of a player or coach like you do for any other team. Im gonna start sending you pics of my hairy junk pretty soon here.

  26. snowpea84 says:
    The raiders are so bad at the draft. Who trades away first round picks for players (ESPECIALLy receivers)?? Losers, thats who.


    Dont know much about football and LAST year’s draft do you?? Next time educate yourself before you post uneducated posts!! BTW, nice screenname… who’s the loser here, really?

  27. All of you who make fun of the recent Al Davis photos are in trouble. Once Al is gone, he is going to haunt you. Every day for the rest of your life, you will hear The Autumn Wind and Raiders theme music play softly as you attempt to fall asleep.

  28. Under a normal year, this could possibly be the case. But due to the unrest with the labor situation, they can’t trade current players.. or future draft picks…. so essentially they only have the draft picks in this years draft to consider trading to move up… and the Raiders are short on draft picks this year anyway… so as much as everyone wants to believe they’ll be moving up, I just don’t see it happening…. Not to mention, I personally don’t see anybody on the board that is a “can’t miss” that is worth moving up to get….

  29. out of all the pictures, you specifcally continue to use these, which just confirms what everybody already knows.

  30. Michael David Smith, my mom has always taught me to NOT poke fun of people for disabilities, size, age, race, sex, or sexual preference and to always respect your elders. Michael David Smith, I hope that you live a long and healthy life. I hope that you or you family never go through any conditions that may cause skin & eye problems. My suggestion would be that both you and your PFT colleagues stop and take a step back to reflect on your actions and motives in your daily reporting/bashing on Al Davis. Carma is a Real Thing.

  31. Disappointed that this picture was used. Yes, Davis is old and stuff but I’m sure there are better pictures that can be used out there.

  32. That picture should be on the Raiders helmets. I hope someone reads this cause my comment was funny as hell… get it? Hell… lol… ya’ll don’t get it huh? It’s all good.

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