Bears-Ravens controversy ends with no picks changing hands


The Ravens wanted a fourth-round pick from the Bears for a trade that didn’t happen during the first round of the 2011 draft after the Bears admittedly failed to call the trade in to the league.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Commissioner Roger Goodell would not order the Bears to compensate the Ravens, but he encouraged them to do so.

In response, the Bears essentially encouraged the Ravens to go to hell, surrendering nothing.

The case is now closed.

Still, it could mean that the Ravens and other teams will think twice before doing business with the Bears and G.M. Jerry Angelo in the future.

45 responses to “Bears-Ravens controversy ends with no picks changing hands

  1. I’m a Ravens fan and I don’t think we should have gotten their pick. Fact is that teams won’t be thrilled to deal with Angelo in fear of being screwed. Luckily for the Ravens their plan was to draft Jimmy Smith and the Chiefs didn’t want him.

  2. Why didn’t they just throw them a 5 th rounded just for goodwill. Teams have long memories with these things.

  3. Dick move by the Bears ot not call in the trade.

    That said, I don’t see why the Bears, if given the option, would give up the pick vs. not giving up the pick.

  4. No harm, no foul??

    Still don’t you just wanna punch that smug face in? Unless you’re a Bears fan. Then, don’t you just wanna punch him in the nuts??

  5. this is the same F’ed up team that messed the niners a few years ago by complaining to the league because they claimed that the niners were “talking” to lance briggs, and maybe they were.. but every team was doing the same thing. The niners got hit with a 5th forfeit round pick and having to trade their 4th with the bears. Now the bears pull BS like this and nothing is done about it? this is what i call BS!!!

  6. When Ozzie did it to the Vikings a couple of years ago he said the same thing…. Piss Off, didn’t call the league to complete the “deal”.

  7. i missed that, and this doesn’t really explain what happened for those who missed it… can someone clue me in ?

    they agreed to a trade, bears didnt call it in…. so there never was a trade ?…. the ravens want something why ?

  8. There are different ways to make the Bears pay a price for their poor decision. You don’t get mad..BUT you get even.

    Maybe you sign one of their restricted free agents to offer sheet with a poison pill. You can also pluck a guy off their practice squad that you know they don’t want to lose.

    However, as long as they have Cutler they will suck no matter how many teams they try to screw with their dirty tricks.

  9. Did you people not read the other article related to this subject where Ozzie Newsome pulled the same thing, and basically said, too bad, there was no deal ever made.

    And Karma is Cutler, Karma is Josh McDaniels.

  10. So the trade did not go thru and the Ravens are pissed. Angelo is an idiot and has done dumb things in the past. Maybe the Ravens would of been happier if the trade had gone thru and Smith would of been picked at 28 by someone else instead. Seems the’ve got nothing to whine about.

  11. sknut says: Apr 29, 2011 9:51 PM

    Why didn’t they just throw them a 5 th rounded just for goodwill. Teams have long memories with these things.
    The entire league remembers that the Ravens cry and whine more than any other team.
    Their fans can blame Ozzie Newsome for their own screw up for a change.

    He should have made his pick when the time came.

  12. @frankdatank23,
    The story is that the Bears wanted to jump up to Baltimore’s 26th pick, so they agreed to give them their 4th rounder. The Ravens agreed, and with over 2 minutes left in the draft informed the appropriate league person of the trade. The NFL rules require the Bears to confirm. They didn’t and subsequently said they “forgot”. The Ravens ended up not making a 26th selection because they believed it was the Bears selection to make. KC jumped in and made a pick (fortunately one that neither of these teams even wanted), and the Ravens ended up selecting 27th. It was a huge snafu, and made for lousy delays in broadcasting and lots of confusion for ESPN et al. Now folks can argue that the Ravens should have been ready to jump in and make a selection as the clock wound down to zero, but the problem with that logic is that if they did, the Bears would be screaming about the Ravens reneging on their deal. When someone makes you an offer, and you accept it, and let the league know you have agreed to a deal, then there is a deal in place. That the NFL is basically allowing teams to give each other the shaft by making deals and not honoring them and then saying some lame excuse like “I forgot” is at a minimum embarrassing. If they won’t give the Ravens the pick they bargained for, that’s fine, but something needs to be done to penalize the Bears for this. They should simply forfeit their 4th round pick. Otherwise they, and other teams are going to do this again down the road.

  13. To Frankdatank…this whole thing was caused by the Bears calling the Ravens to jump up 3 places ahead of several other teams because they feared they would lose the guy they wanted…Gabe Carini. The Bears agreed to the deal….the Ravens withheld turning their card in for a pick in the allotted time since they had called the League office with the details of the trade and the Bears were required to call the league office also. That’s the way trades are made. However when the Bears got wind that Carini would probably still be there at their original spot they welshed on calling the League office so as to keep the 4th rounder they had agreed to give the Ravens in the deal.
    A highly rotten move to make when the other team takes YOUR call and agrees to your offer so as to let you jump up several spots in the draft.

    ONLY the Bears did something this sleezy. This was deliberate….the Ozzie issue with the Vikings was totally different. The League had a temporary telephone glitch where Ozzie could not get through to the office and kept getting a busy signal. A totally different scenario. The Bears move was intentional..Ozzie’s situation was out of his control.

  14. I sense an NFC North conspiracy. This revenge for Ozzie sticking it to the Vikings a few years ago.

  15. A deal is a deal is a deal. I bet those that feel the Bears shouldn’t have to honor their deal because they aren’t required to do so are the same people that feel stealing is okay as long as you don’t get caught. Remember – you’re only as good as your word. Unfortunately, just like security guards and redlight cameras, the league will have to implement measures to keep people honest.

  16. The most pathetic thing is the fact that the Bears front office wasn’t clued in enough to realize they did not need to trade up and get Carimi. The inability to follow NFL protocol for a trade is laughable, complete ineptness in properly “seeing the chess board” is another and Angelo has again failed on both fronts.

  17. The bigger picture here is Goodell tried to “influence” the Bears and the Bears told him to take a hike.

    Goodell has no authority. He’s nothing more than the owners puppet.

  18. jutts says:
    When Ozzie did it to the Vikings a couple of years ago he said the same thing…. Piss Off, didn’t call the league to complete the “deal”.
    You do realize there was sabotage in the Vikings-Ravens snafu? The Jags deliberately held up the lines so Baltimore could not call in and complete the trade. In that case they were going to draft Leftwich, but Jacksonville moved ahead and took him. It ended up helping the Ravens, though, as they ended up with Suggs.

    I wonder though if there shouldn’t be a better and more efficient system that the NFL should use. With all the technology, why is this kind of thing happening at all?

  19. Bears can go to hell. What kind of jerk to you have to be to pull off a boneheaded move like this?

  20. Well … it’s not a nice thing to say, but Angelo looks like a man in need of a face-slap. And I wouldn’t mind giving it to him for disrespecting Ozzie Newsome. I don’t care if Ozzie does work for the Ravens. A wormy-looking little twerp like that shouldn’t disrespect Ozzie Newsome.

  21. Well … it’s not a nice thing to say, but Angelo looks like a man in need of a face-slap. And I wouldn’t mind giving it to him for disrespecting Ozzie Newsome. I don’t care if Ozzie does work for the Ravens. A smarmy-looking little twerp like that shouldn’t disrespect Ozzie Newsome.

  22. ROFL … my post hung in limbo for a minute and I thought it contained a blocked word. Figured it had to be wormy, so I changed it and tried again. But now both have appeared. You guys really do block some odd words. Someday I wish you’d explain why you have WordPress blocking the full spelling of my state so we can only get through if we type “Fla.” What is subversive about the actual state name?

  23. This has happened to the Ravens before. I believe it had to do with Byron Leftwich being drafted by the Ravens. Regardless, the first two picks by the Ravens look to be good additions to the team.

  24. ahhhh…poor Ozzie Newsome ..What did he say 8 years ago to the Viks??? and what do you mean, teams won’t deal with Bears now???? Really??? You guys are very intelligent fans. They had 10 minutes to do all the stuff that was supposed to be done…It is the NFL’s faultfor decreasing time to 10 Minutes..+ they got Jimmy Smith..the guy they really wanted..the Bears got their man…. Sorry Ravens……

  25. Typical “classy” Bears move…screw-over another team, admit it, and then tell them to piss-off. Karma’s a biotch-don’t wish ill-will to Carimi, but could there be a season-ending injury in TC?

  26. frankdatank,
    The Ravens had their Smith pick all written out on their card waiting for the Bears to take care of their side of reporting the trade and the Chiefs jumped in front of them because the Bears pissed around. Had the Chiefs taken Smith, the Ravens would have lost the guy they wanted.

  27. I like what one Chicago reporter asked Angelo – “Is your word your bond?” Angelo’s response was he wasn’t going to get involved in “judging souls”. Come on…. our kids should learn that our word & integrity means more & you have consequences for mistakes.. Angelo’s word??? Bears’ word???
    Means nothing.

  28. Ozzie can complain all he wants, but why didn’t he have someone standing by ready to turn in their card? 30 seconds left, and the Commish hasn’t announced the trade, turn the card in.

  29. @BuffuloHogan
    I think PFT needs a new poll…

    Which GM is more hated Jerry Angelo or AJ Smith?

    Thumbs up for Angelo…
    Thumbs down for Smith…


    I would take both of them over Al Davis or Jerry Jones

    And yes …both are GM’s

  30. Heres an idea.

    How about having the team that is trading their pick also submit a player they want to draft if the trade is not consumated in time.

    Seems like an easy way to stop this from happening again.

  31. @deitrich43,
    If Ozzie jumped in and turned in a card with even 1 second on the board, don’t you think the Bears would be screaming about the Ravens making a deal but reneging? It wasn’t the Ravens pick to make once they agreed to the Bears terms. You can’t say I agree to the terms, and still put in a pick, because who is to say the Bears aren’t going to show up with a fraction of a second on the clock and confirm the deal.

    If you look at Kevin Byrne’s (Ravens public relations) blog, he has a nice minute by minute narrative of how the deal went down. The big issue is that the Newsome reportedly turned down another team’s offer, in favor of the Bears, and up to the last minute had Bears personnel on the phone who apparently outright lied to Newsome about confirming with the league. So the Bears making an agreement and then not following through did cost the Ravens something. They could have had Smith and whatever the other team the Bears outbid were offering.

    There’s really no getting around it, the Bears GM showed his true colors. The people of Chicago should run him out of town because they deserve better than this.

  32. Everyone forgets that it was Ozzie and the Ravens that screwed Minnesota and Tice a few years ago when they missed their pick. Now Tice is with Da Bears and he gives it back to the Ravens.


  33. So, basically the Bears had buyers remorse. Something should be done. If you no longer want to make the trade or are having doubts about it atleast let the other team know the deal is off. Dont just sit there and watch the selection they think they traded to you go by with out doing something.

    It was a slimy low down tactic and I hope it bites the Bears in the ass.

  34. it is HILARIOUS how the ravens fans and packers fans are all saying “bears are a-holes” “their team is garbage”…. i can see why packers fans say it but didn’t the ravens lose in the playoffs this past year to the steelers b/c their defense SUCKED BIG BALLS? oh and please don’t forget when the ravins SCREWED THE VIKINGS a few years ago… but that was ok b/c it was not happening to them but them doing it to someone else… what did they give up for that one? oh yeah NOTHING! just because your defense is getting old and ray lewis is showing his age and you guys can’t compete with the steelers doesn’t mean you have to get your panties in a bunch about something that doesn’t even compare to what ya’ll did to the vikings… as i see it, you got your guy and we got ours… we said sorry and in the words of Ozzie… “it isn’t a trade unless both teams submit their trade to the league” so SUCK IT! GO BEARS

  35. zappa69 says: Apr 30, 2011 6:22 AM

    Everyone forgets that it was Ozzie and the Ravens that screwed Minnesota and Tice a few years ago when they missed their pick. Now Tice is with Da Bears and he gives it back to the Ravens.

    You’re an idiot.. they are way different things… The ravens actually tried to call in the trade, the bear botched it! see the difference?

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