Bengals get their quarterback, Andy Dalton


Everyone expected the Bengals to use their second-round pick on a quarterback, and everyone was right.

TCU quarterback Andy Dalton has gone to the Bengals, 35th overall. Cincinnati has pegged Dalton as its franchise quarterback of the future — and maybe the present, considering that Carson Palmer is insisting he won’t be back in Cincinnati.

After taking wide receiver A.J. Green fourth overall on Monday, the Bengals have a good idea what their passing game will look like for years to come.

Although Dalton has plenty of room to grow as a passer, he was a four-year starter at TCU who led the team to a 42-7 record. The Bengals can only hope he’s that kind of winner at the next level.

19 responses to “Bengals get their quarterback, Andy Dalton

  1. ginger kids!

    Biggest non-surprise of today’s action. Good, drama’s over, time to move on. Carson can go fulfill his dream to be a Real Housewife of Orange County now. 3rd rounder for the Stripes is a mystery though. RB or safety maybe.

  2. Dalton to Green for years to come….Mikeyboy is alot of things ( most of them crappy ) but give him credit he had a plan and stuck to it. He did’nt get sucked in by the gurus and the media to take a QB with 4th overall…and now hes got a franchise QB and reciever. It’ll take a little time, but with the offseason we just endured, things are looking up!
    WHO DEY!!!!

  3. I like the pick… Red heads are pissy mean bastards 🙂 Just what we need…

    And We all know the last #14 was agreat QB 🙂

    Go Bengals

  4. thefiesty1 says: Apr 29, 2011 6:32 PM

    Too bad for Andy. Getting stuck in Cincy. I wouldn’t wish that on my best friend.

    You probably don’t have a best friend.

    Great pick. He might just be the best qb of the draft.

  5. Poor Guy. If the Bengals do not get OLine help, he’ll be pounded into a bloody red spot on the Paul Brown Stadium turf – just like Carson.

    Mike Brown never learns that you do not get the protection for a franchise QB in the 7th round or unrestriced free agent. Look at what Indy has done to protect Manning.

  6. As a TCU season ticket holder, I have no problem with this pick. Dalton isn’t flashy, but he is a winner. I do have a problem w/ being forced to replace an All Pro, Heisman Trophy, #1 QB that is 31 years old because he can’t stand the circus that has become Cincinnati.

  7. He is the best QB in the draft and he should have gone to a better team. Stuck in Mike Browns CIRCUS is a curse.
    With Shipley and now Green, he will do just fine but better somewhere else.

    I don’t have any Cincy fan friends and don’t need any.

  8. Hey bengalsneedagm, correct me if I’m wrong but Palmer decided by his own free will to sign that SECOND contract and take Mike Brown’s money for a SECOND time right.. Oh yeah, he made the DECISION to stay in Cincy, never got stuck there. But, why would I expect a TCU season ticket holder to know a damm thing about football…

  9. . . . and with the twelfth pick in the 2011 draft, the Minnesota Vikings select Andrew D . . . wait, what? Christian P . . . get outta here . . . Really?

    Somebody tell me that there’s a secret deal in place that ships Carson Palmer to Minneapolis for this. Pleeaase?

  10. @giboxer5,

    Mike Browns money, that’s a good one. You probably also think MB’s money built that stadium. The same stadium that would revitalize the riverfront of Cincy. How is that contract turn-out? Don’t get me wrong, I take contracts seriously. As does just about every married dude that walks down the aisle and says “I do”. But, like marriage, sometimes before that contract is fulfilled you have to walk away. Even in football contracts where your “owner” gets all of their money from the Steelers, Cowboys and Packers.

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