Bills ride or die with Ryan Fitzpatrick

The Bills say they believe Ryan Fitzpatrick is a quality starting quarterback.  They’ve showed it during the NFL Draft.

Given a chance to take a quarterback at No. 3 overall, they passed overall for Marcell Dareus.  (Wise move.)   Given their choice of second round options at quarterback  (Ryan Mallett, Andy Dalton, and Colin Kaepernick), they passed once again.

Time will tell if the Bills’ faith in Fitzgerald and their distaste for this quarterback class was misplaced or not.   Barring a big free agent move or trade, which is very unlikely, the 2011 Bills will live or die with Ryan Fitzpatrick.

29 responses to “Bills ride or die with Ryan Fitzpatrick

  1. this was not a bad move. clearly, the bills didn’t believe any of the remaing quarterbacks were face of the franchise material, and picking one simply out of need would have been a mistake. fitzpatrick is a reliable placeholder while the bills fill other needs and get themselves back into contention.

  2. With the first pick in the 2012 NFL Draft the Buffalo Bills select Andrew Luck QB Stanford.

  3. This merely shows the Bills have a long-term plan. And by long-term I mean 12 month plan.

    I’ll give you a hint, it rhymes with Mandrew Pluck.

  4. Welcome to Buffalo Marcell Dareus!!!!!!!!!! I already have visions of Tom Brady not picking our defense apart!!!! wtg buffalo:-)……..very nicely said robbie774…when you have the 32nd worst rushing defense and you switched to a 3/4 defense but played with 4/3 players…you dont go for the sexy build the lines….go bills in 2011:-)

  5. Wise moves. Even Manning, Brees and Brady aren’t any good on the sidelines, where ANY Buffalo quarterback would have spent 40+ minutes a game while last season’s run defense couldn’t get off the field.

  6. Ryan Mallet will be there in the 3rd, just not sure if the Bills like him…maybe…id be happy with that, but otherwise, they will probably grab a mcelroy in the 6th or something.

  7. Fitzpatrick deserves another year to prove himself. They lost last year because of defense, he kept them in some games they had no business being in..

  8. I’m good with having the number 1 pick next year to get A. Luck
    We will be the team to be in 3-4 years. Go buffalo

  9. stevo8drum says: Apr 29, 2011 7:08 PM

    enter kolb. Please…


    Kolb over Fitzpatrick? Are you kidding me? Fitzpatrick is smart, a good leader, and is proven as a quality starter.

    Kolb . . . who knows?

    Fitzpatrick is the man in Buffalo. Good news for Bills fans. Great drafting so far.

  10. Ride or die with Fitzpatrick. I like that! Good work although the whole fitzgerald thing is ridiculous. Really?! I just custom made myself a Fitz jersey! Lets go Bills in 2011!

  11. They could get Mallett in the 3rd and he could end up better than any of the other qbs taken ahead of him.

  12. If they can manage to build a good team around him and not give up on him, I think he could do well. He’s shown flashes of being a great player. Even his rookie year in St. Louis he showed a lot of potential.

  13. Fitzpatrick has a lot of Tom Brady characterisitics. Not quite the same level of raw talent but he will get better for a few years before he gets worse.

  14. Well i vowed to buy a jersey tshirt of the QB the Bills drafted in the 1st or 2nd round this year…

    Thought it would be Gabbert, Newton, Ponder, Locker, Dalton…

    But no…im stuck getting a fitzpatrick shirt…

    i hope its on sale.

  15. Fitzpatrick is a better option than what was here for QB’s in this draft. We need to get back to the early 90’s type “D” in order to get back to the SB. Without a stout Defense we will never make it through the play-offs, or even to them at that.

    Go Bills!!!!!

  16. Hey EJ – you are smart enough to know that the Bills made it to the Super Bowls thanks to a high-powered offense, not defense, right?

    Remember the KGun? Remember the no huddle?

    Just because the Bills had Bruce Smith, Cornelius Bennett, and others, the fact is they made 4 super bowls in a row thanks to the offense.

    But thanks for playing the “What does another stupid fan who knows nothing have to say?” game.

    My last gripe – I cant stand these people who constantly support every pick. It’s absurd. Don’t give me the “Well, I guess the guys in that room knew more than we did out here” excuse.

    The Bills front office has done NOTHING in over a decade to warrant any sort of confidence in their ability to pick a player. Hell, even last year they ended up with a bust.

    When the Bills draft like the Pats or Steelers or Packers, give me the “guess they knew more” reasoning…but until then – shut up and stop being a homer.

  17. @HobartBaker

    How the hell does Fitzpatrick have Tom Brady qualities?

    At 24 years old, Brady completed 63% of his passes for 2800 yards, 18 tds and 12 ints as a first year starter…

    Brady also led his team to a SUPER BOWL TITLE.

    In Fitzpatrick’s first year as a starter, at 28, he completed 58% of his passes for 3,000 yards with 23 tds and 15 ints…

    Fitz also led his team to the THIRD PICK IN THE DRAFT.

    Brady had an 86.5 rating. Fitz had a 81.3%

    SO essentially, you’re saying a guy who is 4 years older than Brady was in his first year,a guy closer to 30 than 20, is going to improve and get better and exhibit Tom Brady-esque abilities…

    You’re a reject if you actually believe that.

    DO you live in California? Or Canada? How did you get that weed you’re smoking? It must be glorious.

  18. helinhater, I have been a Bills Fan since I was a little kid, a long, long time. I have to disagree with you saying that the Offense is what got us to the Bowls. As a matter of fact, the comeback game, our D is what gave Frank Reich the shot to do what he did in that game. I believe that Buffalo had the Ultimate Offense(top 5) and one of the Best Defense’s(top 5) throughout our Superbowl run. One couldn’t do it without the other.

  19. I feel Fitzpatrick is worth AT LEAST another year. I was skeptical at first (after all, who goes to Harvard for their FOOTBALL program?), but he turned out well last year, taking some of the NFL’s best to OT. Imagine if the crappy D were able to give him more time on the field. They could possibly have been a seed 6 team…

    Maybe that’s a reach, but I’m just saying

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