Ayers, Cobb, Moore, Williams, Herzlich still in NFL draft green room


Most years, all of the players invited to Radio City Music Hall for the NFL draft are selected in the first round. But this year, after the NFL decided to bring a record 25 players to New York City, five players remain undrafted and just hoping to hear their names called today.

Four of the players, UCLA linebacker Akeem Ayers, Kentucky receiver Randall Cobb, UCLA safety Rahim Moore and Virginia Tech RB Ryan Williams, are likely to go in the second round and will surely be off the board before the end of tonight’s third round.

The fifth, Boston College linebacker Mark Herzlich, may not be selected tonight. But Herzlich was invited to the draft more because of his inspiring personal story as a cancer survivor than because he was projected as a high pick. The NFL scheduled Herzlich’s draft experience with the expectation that he wouldn’t go in the first round.

With 25 players at the draft, it was a given that a few would still be there at the end of the first day. The best thing about the NFL’s decision to invite so many players to the draft may be that it gets rid of the awkwardness associated with being the last player taken.

7 responses to “Ayers, Cobb, Moore, Williams, Herzlich still in NFL draft green room

  1. I don’t think any of those guys had the expectation of going in the first round. Might as well get a free trip to NYC and the star treatment I suppose

  2. Too many players invited and it has to be a horrible experience to still be left after everyone around you is gone. You’ve been wined and dine, custom made suit, whole family there and then your named isnt called. WoW.

  3. @ernestbynershands says:
    Apr 29, 2011 8:34 AM
    Is Brady Quinn still waiting in the green room?
    Good post and yes he is serving the drinks.

  4. I would roll the dice if Herzlich was available in the 3rd or definately 4th round. James Harrison wasn’t even drafted, and he’s a beast with Steel town. Herzlich has the same intensity.

  5. It would be really funny if they were actually still in the green room.

    Like there is a little known rule that once they enter the room they can’t leave until they are drafted.

    Since the lockout has been lifted, the league would be allowed to bring them sandwiches and stuff, and maybe cots.

    The green room workout equipment, however, is still off limits.

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