Dolphins will use Mike Pouncey as a center


It has been a long time since an interior lineman went as high as Mike Pouncey did when the Dolphins took him with the 15th overall pick, but he’s still being thought of as the safest pick the team could have made.

They were in a position to roll the dice on a quarterback or grab Mark Ingram, but went with a player that general manager Jeff Ireland said he felt the most comfortable with at that point in the draft.

“I think it’s a good, safe pick,” Ireland said. “I think I know exactly what I’m getting with Pouncey, and that makes me feel pretty good that we’ve solidified an offensive line here.”

Ireland’s view goes right along with what everyone was saying about Pouncey in the months leading up to the draft. About the only question anyone had about Pouncey was whether he would be playing guard or center at the professional level. Ireland cleared that up late on Thursday by saying that he’s being viewed as a center.

Pouncey had a rough debut at the position in Florida’s first game of the 2010 season when he screwed up 13 snaps. He showed improvement, however, and the Dolphins clearly believe he will continue to do so as he steps up to the NFL.

16 responses to “Dolphins will use Mike Pouncey as a center

  1. lets hope he continues to improve. we had ingram available and passed up on him. im pretty disappointed with this and the conservative stuff has got to end. take a chance and grow a set Miami!

  2. A lot of things I read last night from Dolphins are that they aren’t stoked about this pick and “it’s too conservative”…. guess we’ll see.

  3. But, he’s a twin and his brother is a great player so he has to be good!

    Worked for Horace and Harvey Grant, right?

  4. Fins fans are saying, woulda, coulda, shoulda… and may be saying that about one of the QBs or RBs they coulda had

    But what they got was a versatile sure fire quality starter (or as close to it as you can get in the draft)

    They can fill other needs in free agency (if and when it happens) – but when you have a chance to fill a starting spot cheaply for 4 years, you do it.

    I expect if the Fins hadn’t grabbed Pouncey the Patriots would have.

  5. Second center to be drafted top 15 in 30 years of NFL DRAFTING…1993 WAS THE LAST TIME

  6. If he is playing center then will Incognito play guard??? He was awful at guard last year but showed promise at center. And one of Pouncey’s strengths is being able to pull.

    I don’t get it. I’m really starting to dred this pick. Especially without a trade-down.

  7. Seriously? Whoa. 😕

    Well … the one person in all this who got exactly what he wanted was Mike Pouncey. He went ahead of where is more talented brother was picked and he’s going to play center.

    Hope this works for the Fins. Think Mike is a good lineman and would be a tremendous asset as guard. But he showed at UF he’s no Maurkice at the center position. Just think they paid too much at #15. Good for us, though, because if he’d gone closer to our pick, we’d be wondering if we should have traded up to get him. This way we can feel good about it because we’d never have traded that high.

  8. Seriously, isnt Miami in Florida? Don’t they know he was useless at UF as a center??

  9. Ireland will go down in Dolphin history as 2nd biggest clown behind Cam Cameron.

    Guess Matt Ryan wouldn’t have looked good in a Miami uniform…After all, they had John Beck @ that time…the savior.

  10. i was really hoping that he fins would trade down and get an extra pick or 2 but they opted to go after pouncy, it does fill a need. now if he can just play like his brother does this would be a very strong o-line

  11. Just love how Mike Pouncey’s career obituary is already being written. Let him play a few years for the Dolphins and we’ll see.

  12. I believe we got a “Solid” pick.. Not Happy, but at the same time, we don’t have to worry about this position.. We had to address it at some point, and not by patching various people in/out.. I hope he’s as good as we’re hoping.. Then next year’s number one better bloW me away.. Let’s get on with it, and get some football going. Mon Night Opener against Pat’s 09/12/11 ??? I don’t care if you hated the draft- Who can not be excited about that?? Go Fins’ !

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