Jeff Ireland, Brandon Marshall finally get to talk


Even though the league didn’t officially re-open its doors until today, the Dolphins finally have had a chance to speak with their star receiver who, one week ago today, caught something other than a football.

At a press conference following the team’s selection of former Florida center Mike Pouncey, G.M. Jeff Ireland said that he has spoken with Brandon Marshall.

“I did talk to Brandon [Thursday],” Ireland said.  “I just reached out to him because I was able to, and we’re going to probably talk tomorrow a little bit, but right now I know enough to be dangerous I guess you could say.  We’re going to continue to follow that situation, but until I get a chance to really sit down and talk to him face to face I’m not going to jump to any conclusions.”

Though Marshall ultimately was the victim of a serious crime, the person who stabbed him — his wife — claims she was acting in self-defense.  Coupled with Marshall’s claim to police that he fell on a vase, the Dolphins have good reasons to get to the bottom of this one, not only to find out whether Marshall did anything wrong but whether he can be trusted to be straight with the team moving forward.

The stakes are fairly high on this one.  The Dolphins can trade or cut Marshall and avoid at least $12 million and as much as $15 million in guaranteed money over the next two years.