Jerry Angelo takes blame for Ravens’ snafu


Like the Vikings in 2003, the Ravens allowed the clock to expire on their allotted time for making a first-round draft pick.  Like the Vikings in 2003, the Ravens were trying to trade the pick when they ran out of time.

This time around, however, the team that saw the seconds tick away won’t have to carry around the embarrassment.  Per Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times, Bears G.M. Jerry Angelo has accepted the blame for the situation.

It was our fault,” Angelo said.  “They did everything according to the rules. . . .  We had a disconnect. Whatever you hear, Baltimore did everything right.”

Angelo claimed that the Bears were trying to trade up in order to get the guy that they drafted with the 29th selection, Wisconsin tackle Gabe Carimi.  Apparently, the Bears feared that the Chiefs would take Carimi with the 27th pick.  The Chiefs instead took receiver Jonathan Baldwin.

Then again, it’s possible that the Bears were actually targeting Baldwin.

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  1. What embarrassment? The Vikings got screwed by the Ravens in 2003, but they still got Kevin Williams and they were able to pay him less by getting him with the 9th pick instead of the 7th pick.

  2. I hope it never comes out that the Bears were actually targeting Baldwin, as it would undoubtedly assure that Baldwin will be a bona fide star.

  3. Oh Jerry Angelo, consistently running the Bears into the ground and making a mockery of a proud franchise and fan base…but with a smile like that at least you know he’s enjoying himself in the process…

  4. The Bears got what they needed. Carimi was a steal for them at 29. Before the draft, most thought the best case scenario was that Sherrod would fall to them but Carimi was arguably the best ol prospect in the draft, in my opinion.

  5. Leave it to Jerry to screw something up. I’m surprised that no one is ticked off and making the Bears give up picks or be fined. Good going Jerry. Duh.

  6. As a Bears fan since ’77 I find this highly disturbing. It’s not Angelo’s first blunder either. The D’wayne Bates unchecked box blunder several years ago was inexcusable too. I never liked Angelo but these gaffes prove he’s clueless and incompetent… not to mention his many early round busts. I think he’s safe with Carimi… but even a blind squirrel will find a nut now and then. Go Bears! Screw you Jerry!

  7. I feel like both the Ravens and Bears ended up with good players that can help them.

    Jimmy Smith will have good mentors on Baltimore’s defense to keep him in line.

    And Gabe Carimi is simply a beast. The Bears really need help on O-line. I’m surprised Carimi slid this low.

  8. My review of the draft so far:

    1. Shocked beyond belief that both Cameron Jordan (!) and Mark Ingram (!) fell as far as they did and that they both ended up on the same team. Crazy.
    2. Not shocked that the Vikings took Ponder. Ponder is a decent choice.
    3. Stunned that Muhammad Wilkerson, Cam Heyward, and Akeem Ayers are still available.
    4. The Falcons are absolutely beyond insane to put all their eggs in the basket of one receiver. INSANE.
    5. Very pleased that Cam Newton went number one overall. The anti-Cam Newton hatred became incredibly obnoxious here.
    6. The Titans’ decision to take Jake Locker is pure genius. He’s probably the best quarterback in the draft.
    7. As I said yesterday, sometimes an apparent smoke screen is not a smoke screen. The Broncos said they loved Von Miller. And they chose him.

  9. Another Bears management snafu. Should we be surprised??? This is how they perform.

  10. “Then again, it’s possible that the Bears were actually targeting Baldwin.”

    This sounds more believable than Angelo’s story. If it all worked out and everyone got the player they wanted, then why was the old guy at the front of the draft room clearly yelling at somebody (presumably Angelo) over the phone? NFL Network had the camera focused right on him.

    If the guy Chicago wanted to trade up for was in no danger of being taken, then why would there be any anger or hostility?

  11. @normswifevera,
    Two reasons.

    1. Because the deal was also supposed to include a transfer of the Bears 4th round pick to the Ravens.

    2. Because it gummed up the works of what the league likes to keep a well-oiled machine. Instead of an orderly succession of draft picks, there was nationally televised confusion over the order in which three picks needed to be processed.

  12. It is still the Raven’s fault for letting time expire…even if it is due to the incompetence of another team. I mean, get real. How hard is it to have a pick ready if the deal falls through. Absolutely ridiculous. If you are working on a deal and the cuttoff for getting it done is say, 20 seconds before the time ends, make that the cutoff. This isn’t rocket science folks.

    I don’t think in the long run, it really means that much but it is a perception thing.

  13. I think it is great the Bears had to take someone from Wisconsin to get better.

    If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

    Go Pack! Repeat!

  14. I approve of the Bears choosing Carimi, that should put to rest Bear fans’ desperate belief that, if given good protection, Cutler won’t suck. Once Cutler sucks WITH good protection the debate can finally be put to rest… 🙂

  15. Not to beat a dead horse, but it should be pointed out the Vikings whiffed two years in a row, failing to get their first round pick in on time.

  16. Wow, the season hasn’t even started yet and the Ratbirds got flagged for “delay of game” already.

    Not a good sign for the upcoming season boys…

  17. Pack Attack ::: ha ha ha aha. You and the Lions! hahahaha. I don’t even know you and just by reading that I can tell you are getter dumber.

  18. @golonger says:

    Apr 29, 2011 7:33 AM
    It is still the Raven’s fault for letting time expire…even if it is due to the incompetence of another team. I mean, get real.

    The Ravens did call it in on time; however, it was called in as a trade and being such, both teams involved have to confirm it. The Ravens GM had two phones to his ears, one with the Bears saying they did confirm it; the other with the official saying they didn’t. The Ravens had a feeling KC wasn’t interested in their guy, so they didn’t panic. I bet you a donut the league makes a change to the system as a result.

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