Jimmy Clausen among first Panthers back to work as teams race to give out playbooks


Roughly 13 hours after Jimmy Clausen was displaced as Carolina’s “quarterback of the future,” the Notre Dame product showed up to work in Carolina to try to save his starting job.  (Good luck with that.)

Clausen was among roughly 12 Panthers to show up for a voluntary meeting Friday morning in which they were expected to receive their new playbooks from coach Ron Rivera.   The Panthers were joined by players around the league that finally were allowed to start working out at their team facilities, per the NFL’s statement Thursday.

In Jacksonville, Luke McCown expressed no disappointment about the addition of Blaine Gabbert.

“If that’s the move that Jack and Gene and the rest of the staff feels like moves us closer to the Super Bowl you can’t be anything but happy about that,” McCown told Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union.

Teams are beginning to schedule OTAs and minicamps, but they know this time of normalcy could be short lived.  If the NFL is successful in getting a stay of their appeal, the players could be locked out again soon.

That means teams better pass out as many playbooks as possible on Friday.

33 responses to “Jimmy Clausen among first Panthers back to work as teams race to give out playbooks

  1. that’s good clausen gets to work while cam and his family can go on that much needed vacation they were talking about last night…

  2. Just five minutes ago, I was cracking wise about Clausen. I might have to give him a little reprieve here. I would love it if he was the guy, and I’d love it if Newton was the guy. Either one. Or Matt Moore. What happened? I thought he was the guy, and he’s still young enough to be the guy. But hey, as long as it’s somebody and not nobody, I’m happy. Since Collins and Beuerlein, we haven’t had “the guy.”

  3. Jimmy Clausen did not look great last year, but with that offense I’m not sure who would have.

    Jimmy Clausen will have a better NFL career than Cam Newton, whether it is in Carolina or elsewhere (odds seem to point emphatically to “elsewhere” at the moment). Carolina’s pick of Newton is going to be something they regret for a long time.

  4. Get to work Jimmy. Cam “the fraud” Newton will not last long before the team and league realizes he is a bust

  5. LMAO… If he had been the first guy in and last guy out last year they may not have drafted Cam. The fact is he didn’t do anything to show he could be the guy. Not 1 td pass to a wide out, and a David Carr like ability to freak out under even the smallest amount of pressure.

  6. I never in a million years thought Jerry Richardson would bring Cam Newton to the Panthers, and after watching Cam and his dad being interviewed on ESPN last night before he went as No. 1, I was even more sure JR would nix the Newton pick. I mean, Cam’s dad gave me really bad vibes.

    Anyway, I’m happy to hear Clausen is out working and I hope he can develop into the successful NFL quarterback many expected him to be. I also think it’s good Cam will have Jimmy breathing down his neck. At least one of the Panther’s QBs will have good work habits.

    If football is played this year, I’m thinking the Panthers will be lucky to win 3 games.

  7. Lots of luck Jimmy. You’ll soon be some other teams backup QB. The Panthers already gave up on you, just like they will with Cam. They just got the next Jamarcus Russell.

  8. well after watching QB camp id say Clausen has a leg up cause he can most likely call a play that goes behind saying, “36”. Hopefully Cam got a playbook too…he needs to study….HARD>

  9. Clausen may be one of those guys whose career was doomed by where he was drafted.

    Carolina was/is operating on a shoestring budget and Fox was the lamest of lame duck coaches. The GM and new coach have bet the ranch on Newton.

    The best thing for Clausen is a trade out of there.

  10. @kmynatt

    You would freak out and pee your panties if you had to play QB on that pathetic team

  11. All of you idiots “predicting” Cam Newton” will be a bust are actually “hopeful” that he’ll be a bust and it pathetic, however I hope you continue because you are fueling his success!

  12. kmynatt says:
    Apr 29, 2011 11:39 AM
    LMAO… If he had been the first guy in and last guy out last year they may not have drafted Cam. The fact is he didn’t do anything to show he could be the guy. Not 1 td pass to a wide out, and a David Carr like ability to freak out under even the smallest amount of pressure.


    Carolina has WRs?

  13. And the Racist idiots reveals themselves again. It’s all about the best talent being on the field and who beats who out in training camp and which one out works the other. That’s all that’s important… If Jimmy starts of hot that’s great it will give Cam enough time to learn the Pro game but best believe Cam will be taking over at some point if not this season then next. You’re not going to be taken #1 overall for nothing.

  14. I wonder how long do it will be before Blaine sweet talks the coach into starting him over the QB that’s there?

    Aslo, some of you really need to learn to be more original with your Cam Newton comments. You can’t be going around labeling him as stupid and all your doing is simply repeating what is being fed to you. It’s doesn’t add to your intelligence.

  15. Also, why am I not surprised that the sports media would be painting a rivalry between Cam and Jimmy. While have you believe that all is well with the Jaguars.

    One would think that that would be where the competition would be. Especially since the Jaguars reached up for the QB the media was praising as the “best” of the bunch. I’m sure Jimmy wasn’t surprised but the Jaguars getting Blaine I’m sure is.

  16. I don’t get the Cam Newton hate. Give the kid a chance, let him play at least a snap, before you jump all over him.

    At the same time, I think people just tout first overall picks as busts no matter how good they are, just so they won’t feel dumb if they don’t work out.

    Fellas, IT’S OKAY TO BE WRONG!

  17. There was another quarterback, somewhat recently, who had a rough start to his career: Drew Brees. He got benched for an ancient Doug Flutie, at one point, and they drafted his replacement, Rivers.

    (I’ll preface this, by saying, that in no means am I saying Jimmy Clausen is anywhere in the same league as Brees is, currently).

    How did that story turn out? Brees became Drew Brees, as we now know him, and the rest is history. I’m not sure if Newton will hold out like Rivers did, thus making Clausen the de facto starter. But, if Clausen legitmately beats out Newton, that could be the best for both parties and their respective futures. ALso, it’s not like cupboard is full at WR for whomever is taking snaps.

  18. Well, Cam just announced he was going on “much needed vacation” with his momma, so that’s a great indication of what we Panther fans can expect from our No. 1 pick.

    Man, if I’d just been picked No. 1, I’d be standing at Rivera’s door to get my playbook instead of tooling off on a vacation.


  19. Jimmy got energized by the fact that he’s now only the second-most hated person on the Panthers by PFT commenters.

  20. @darrkkomens – “And the Racist idiots reveals themselves again.” WHAT?! Where did that come from? Didn’t see that in the posts. There is nothing racist in calling a guy a bust. A bust is a bust.
    In Cam’s defense, I would say to at least give him the year to see what he can do. It’s all going to come down to work ethic. Is he ready to study hard and hit the film room like Josh Freeman and Peyton Manning or guess his way out of the NFL like Jamarcus Russell? Time will tell.

  21. When your choices are Cam Newton and Jimmy Claussen at starting QB for the next few years, franchise contraction should be offered as a third option.

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