Larry Fitzgerald is happy the Cardinals passed on quarterbacks


Larry Fitzgerald has already lived through one failed top-10 pick at quarterback in Arizona.  He didn’t want to go through it again.

“If you miss at corner, you can plug in someone else and play through it. If you miss at that position [quarterback], it’ll set your franchise back years, man,” Fitzgerald told Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports Thursday.

(Matt Leinart sends his regards.)

Silver spent draft night at Fitzgerald’s house, and it’s clear the Cardinals receiver is a budding draftnik.

“When I was looking at the [possible] picks, I thought Miller, Green and Peterson were the best available players, and the can’t-miss guys,” Fitzgerald said.  “I didn’t see a can’t-miss quarterback. A can’t-miss quarterback is a guy like Andrew Luck, a guy who’s got every single intangible you could ever want . . . like Matt Ryan.

Fitzgerald wasn’t down with the quarterback options available in the top five picks this year, but he knows the Cardinals have to upgrade the  situation this offseason.  If they don’t do it quickly, many believe that Fitzgerald will bolt out of the desert.

“I don’t have any plan of doing that,” Fitzgerald said. “They don’t have to prove anything to me.”

That sounds great, but it’s hard to imagine Fitzgerald remaining in Arizona in 2012 if someone like John Skelton is still atop the team’s quarterback depth chart.

13 responses to “Larry Fitzgerald is happy the Cardinals passed on quarterbacks

  1. Maybe this is a sign of sorts that Fitzgerald is haooy with Skelton. It really can’t hurt to give the guy a chance. I mean, he didn’t totally suck last season, & now he has time to prepare.

  2. At least he understand that running the team is not about keeping Firzgerald happy. It’s about winning games. Which means getting Kolb. Of course if you care about winning games, but not about winning superbowls, you could always grab someone like Bulger or Romo( I know he’s not available, but he’s that kind of QB)…

  3. Hey Larry,

    Andrew Luck is pretty much the identical player that Matt Leinart was a few years back. Same conference, same size, same style, same stats, same situation. Probable #1 overall pick who opted to return for his senior year. Only difference was that Leinart won the Heisman and Luck was runner up.

  4. Actually, there is a huge difference between Leinart and Luck and that is Luck actually wants to be a football player while not caring to maintain his LA socialite status or becoming the next reality star.

  5. Except for his few years with Warner, Fitz hasn’t had a great Qb throwing to him but he’s always been a stud player and produced with no complaints. I’m glad to see he doesn’t suffer from diva syndrome.

  6. I still can’t imagine what Arizona was thinking with their quarterback situation going into 2010.

    That will be a head-scratcher for a long time.

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