Newsome’s past words could undermine effort to squeeze Bears


The only real controversy that has emerged during the 2011 draft relates to the trade that wasn’t between the Ravens and the Bears.

To summarize, the Ravens thought they had a deal to slide down three spots, allowing the Bears to come up and grab tackle Gabe Carimi, before the Chiefs had a crack at him.  But the Bears failed to advise the league office of the trade, which meant that the trade didn’t happen.

Which meant that time ran out on the Ravens, opening the door for the Chiefs to make their pick.

Fortunately for the Bears, the Chiefs didn’t take Carimi.  He fell to the Bears at 29.

Now, the Ravens want the fourth-round pick that the Bears had agreed to ship to Baltimore.  And though the Bears have accepted the blame for the snafu, Chicago has not yet offered to cough up the pick.

When the time comes to make their case to the league, the Bears should consider something Ravens G.M. Ozzie Newsome said eight years ago, after a non-trade between Baltimore and the Vikings caused Minnesota to pass their pick.

“The deal was not consummated,” Newsome said at the time.  “A deal is not a deal until I talk to [league executive] Joel Bussert, and I never talked to Joel Bussert.”  (Thanks to the reader who forwarded the link.)

In this case, the Bears never talked to the league.  So the deal wasn’t a deal.  So the Bears don’t owe the Ravens a fourth-round pick.

18 responses to “Newsome’s past words could undermine effort to squeeze Bears

  1. Amen! …and I hope we’re not pressing this case. This is becoming embarassing. Memo to the Ravens Front Office: Just move on already…

  2. Very different circumstances, and yes I am bias. In 2003, the Vikings cost themselves because they were trying to play the Jaguars and Ravens against each other. The Ravens were really interested in moving up, the Jaguars were just hoping to occupy the Vikings in hopes that time ran out. Once the deal between the Ravens was done both teams tried to call it in but the leagues line was busy, wonder who did that.

    This year that wasnt the case. The Ravens and Bears had the deal done, the Ravens called it in and the Bears just didnt. Newsome was on the phone with the league and the Bears and the league told them that the Bears had not called and was not calling. The Bears didnt even try to get the trade in. Whether they negotiated in bad faith or not is to be determined.

  3. 4 minutes isn’t enough time. This falls on the Ravens, kudos to Angelo for manning up, but Ozzie should have been more prepared for this being a possibility.

  4. Curse of Art Modell. Get used to it, Baltimore.

    Your tears taste so very sweet…

  5. Totally agree with that – the deal cannot be finalized until the league blesses it, which it never did.

    I don’t blame Ozzie for trying, but it should be a loser argument.

    Whether this causes Joe Flacco to throw a tantrum we don’t yet know. Let’s hope reason prevails here, people.

  6. Ah, look…. The rat fans have stopped running their mouth trying to cheat a pick outta someone.. Looks like your GM is just as much of a screwup & @$$ as you think Angelo is.
    Get off your high horses & get your pretty little purple silky thongs out of your @$$ cracks….. Tranny’s!

  7. Mattyc, go back to humping your uncle you Internet tough guy. I can smell the stench of Pittsburgh on you from here. And speaking of whining, Jesus Modells’s pimp. Get over it. Your crap city didn’t want to help the doo doo Browns get a new stadium so after many warnings, he went somewhere that would. We don’t still whine about the Colts and they were stolen by a drunk. And you got a team back in a couple years. What tastes delicious is that the Ravens won a superbowl 4 years after coming here and the Browns have never won one. Awesome. But at least you still have Lebron, oh wait……….

  8. That’s total BS. The deal was agreed upon by the Bears and the only reason it didn’t go through is because of the Bears incompetence. The deal was agreed upon….a deal is a deal. If the Bears Jerry Angello has and integrity whatsoever, he’ll agree to give the agreed upon compensation to the Ravens. Otherwise, it can only be concluded that the man has no integrity and is not a trustworthy partner in any business transactions in the future and the entire league should take note. If you lose your integrity in business, eventually you will reap what you sow. Angello needs to do what he agreed to do.

  9. @ravensfanincali:
    “We don’t still whine about the Colts and they were stolen by a drunk.”

    There is no bigger city of whiners than Baltimore – which STILL has fans whining about the Colts. As much as they bitch about the Colts showing no class for leaving town right before they were siezed by the Governor, Baltimore went out and lured the Browns from Cleveland – with a new stadium that they wouldn’t offer the Colts. Baltimore is the hypocricy capital of the NFL.

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