Ravens want fourth-round pick from Bears


Last night, the Ravens’ 10-minute window for making their first-round pick expired, a development reminiscent of the misadventures of the other NFL franchise with purple in its color scheme.  Like the Vikings in 2003, the Ravens were trying to trade their pick.  Specifically, they were trying to trade it to the Bears.

And, like the Vikings in 2003, the Ravens were leapfrogged by at least one team before getting their pick in.

The difference?  This time around, the Ravens had a deal in place to move down.

After round one ended, Bears G.M. Jerry Angelo took the blame for the cluster of fudge that unfolded, even though Chris Berman and company didn’t blast the Ravens nearly as mercilessly as they ripped the Vikings eight years ago.  But the Ravens want more than an apology.

According to Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times, the Ravens are looking for a fourth-round pick from the Bears, which presumably was the agreed-to trade compensation.

Per Jensen, Ravens G.M. Ozzie Newsome said that the trade didn’t happen because the NFL never heard from the Bears, one of the key steps in getting a trade approved.

“Everyone was poised,” Newsome said at a press conference. “I was on the phone with the other team. [A Ravens official] was on the phone with [eventual pick] Jimmy Smith. Once that agreement was made, then they have to call the league. . . .  The other team never got confirmation with the league.”

Since the Bears claim they got the guy the wanted (offensive lineman Gabe Carimi), it makes sense for the Bears to honor the agreement.  If they don’t, the damage within the league to the reputation of Angelo and anyone else involved with the trade on the Bears’ side of things would be far worse than the value of a fourth-round pick.

It would be fitting if, in the end, the guy who failed to make the call was Bears offensive line coach Mike Tice, since he was head coach of the Vikings the last time the clock expired on a team in the first round.

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  1. Tice is also the guy scalping Superbowl tickets, was the Head Coach (using that term loosely) during the Love Boat incident and had a overall losing record with the Vikings despite having a boat load of talent on the team.

    My theory is he lost his job with the Vikings after a hard defeat to the Ravens in his last game as head coach and he was just trying to get some payback. He’s also a morally bankrupt dumbass but then again, he came from the Vikings where that stuff just seems to come naturally.

  2. It would be fitting if, in the end, the guy who failed to make the call was Bears offensive line coach Mike Tice, since he was head coach of the Vikings the last time the clock expired on a team in the first round.

    I’m guessing this thought was the source of a wet dream for a certain self proclaimed “internet hack?”

  3. Lol… A deal isn’t a deal until it’s an ‘official’ deal Baltimore. The Bears will give you Jerry Angelo as a sacrifice.

  4. The scariest 6 words in the NFL – Jerry Angelo is on the Clock….is it replaced by: Jerry Angelo is my trading partner?

  5. They shouldnt get jack s***…i guess they should have followed thru if Newsome is the draft genius everybody claims him to be…hows that egg on your face Ozzie???

  6. I don’t why the Vikings keep getting crap for this. They ended up with an All-Pro (K Williams) and KC ended up with a bust (R Simms). If their card said Simms I’m glad the messed up.

  7. Not buying this. It’s up to the Ravens to have a Plan B in place for when “crunch time” comes and they don’t have the deal done yet.

    Too bad, so sad, fellas.

  8. The Bears may be at fault for the situation but the Ravens are still responsible for their own draft.

  9. If the Bears give in and give up a 4th round pick for nothing, then it almost guarantees that Carimi will hold out for 27th pick money instead of accepting 29th pick money.

  10. Ravens got the guy the would have got with no trade, so NO they do not deserve a 4th rounder and NO teams should not deal with Angelo.

  11. Part of the deal was the Bears’ demand that Flacco do something about his ridiculus unibrow.

    When Flacco refused, the deal fell apart.

  12. Well, the Ravens are NOT going to receive that 4th round pick. So they can rid that preconceived notion from their mind. The important thing is both teams were able to draft the player they coveted. I just wish the Bears would have come clean and said “We heard the Chiefs were not going to draft Carimi, so we decided to pretend we didn’t have the opportunity to call the NFL in time so we didn’t have to give up a 4th round pick”.

  13. I am a Packers fan. Accordingly, I am obliged to hate the Chicago Bears, which I do, with a happy vigor.

    However, these things happen in the draft. They only have 10 minutes, after all. The “great” Ozzie Newsome should be prepared for these things, no?

    Jerry Angelo has apologized for the situation, and that oughta be enough. The Ravens can suck it.

  14. Tice was too busy scalping tickets for the balcony at Radio City to be messing around with trades.

  15. Baltimore, you got the man you wanted and now you will get to pay a little bit less than you would have. You get nothing.

  16. Well, I see where they are coming from & would be upset myself, BUT, as they self admit, Jimmy Smith was their pick, so they didn’t lose anything & Chicago got their man too. It is unfortunate, but it didn’t go through due to the miscommunication. Thus, no compensation should be exchanged. Both GMs calling in the confirmation is part of the process in a trade & it wasn’t done. Therefore, no trade was official & no compensation should be sent out.

  17. Idiots, the deal was done. The bears didn’t finish the process. It’s not like the ravens could know that. They are in an entirely different room under the assumption the bears front office knows what they are doing. Read the full story before attacking the wrong party.

  18. Ravens whining again…shocker…both teams got their player so this should die…but hen again the Ravens are Goodell’s team so they might get the pick

  19. There is no question it was the Bears’ fault. After all their GM admitted that it was. I’m with the Ravens on this one. No bias here; I’m a Bengals fan.

  20. If everyone got what they wanted (Carimi/Smith) then why push the issue with compensation?

    I still think the Bears wanted Jon Baldwin.

    Carimi or Baldwin are both obvious needs but the obvious need for KC was Baldwin which would make the leapfrog trade make sense.

    I can’t be the only one thinking this…

  21. the teams should have made the trade earlier.

    The bears are complete f*ups but that doesn’t mean the Ravens should get anything.They just know now that the bears can’t do anything that requires executive function.

    This will hurt the Bears in the end as no one wants to work with idiots, not next round not next year

  22. It sounds like the whole trading process is a gentleman’s agreement. If both teams are required to call the NFL, and the other teams doesn’t, that’s a punk move.
    I can imagine that the Bears shot themselves in the foot for any future trades of picks on draft day.
    Since Angelo admitted he F’d up, I hope the NFL pulls their 4th round pick. Baltimore must say they wanted the guy that actually went 26th.

  23. If the NFL takes picks for tampering, then they should penalize teams for inept draft management too. Angelo even admitted it. I’m sure Bears fans are hoping this is his last draft at the helm.
    Give ’em the pick.

  24. To everyone saying the Ravens should have had a plan B for if they couldn’t get a deal done, the Ravens did have a deal done, the bears agreed, the Ravens called the NFL to make the trade official, and then the bears have to call and say the trade is official. In this case, da Bears did not.

  25. Wow, the season hasn’t even started yet and the Ratbirds got flagged for “delay of game” already.

    Not a good sign for the upcoming season boys…

  26. @ brownsfn:

    I would be bitter too if I was a fan of the Cleveland Browns.

    Ravens got Their guy and will get a 4th round pick from the Bears as well. Ozzie the legend does it again.

  27. Its the Raven’s responsibility. They owned the pick and it wasn’t a case of the bears never calling, they didn’t call in time which means either Baltimore should have gone ahead with a pick, or they took too long to try to make a deal. If the Bears never made it official, oh well.

  28. People ripping on the Ravens for this are fools. They still got their guy and might even be able to swindle an extra pick from the Bears due to their ineptness. Had the Patriots taken Jimmy Smith prior to the Ravens handing in their pick then I would say your ridiculous comments could be justified.

  29. The Ravens still ended up with one of the two guys that they would have had they had to pick 29. Smith probably would have still been there and if he wasnt Wilkerson was.

    The Bears blew it and I hope the Ravens dont do business with them again.

  30. First off – let’s be honest here. The vikes were the joke of the first round taking a guy they could have gotten in the 2nd round.

    Secondly – They both got the players they wanted. Who cares.

  31. Have to assume that the Bears initiated the trade and were accepting of the terms. The Bears screwed-up and didn’t finish – they should be responsible for the terms of that trade and give-up their 4th. Just because both teams got who they wanted doesn’t mean that all should be forgiven. Angelo needs to stand-up and be a man (unlike his QB) ~ accept responsibility for screwing up and finish the terms.

  32. How quickly the haters forget that the Ravens did the exact same thing to the Vikings.

    Eight years ago, the Minnesota Vikings thought they had a draft-day deal with the Baltimore Ravens to move from the No. 7 to the No. 10 overall pick in the draft. They reported the trade to the NFL and assumed the Ravens had done the same.

    Then they watched in horror as their television screens showed their time limit had expired and two teams jumped in front of them. The Ravens later claimed they could not get through to the NFL to report their end of the deal, a failure that embarrassed the Vikings even after they recovered to select defensive tackle Kevin Williams at No. 9 overall.

  33. no

    the vikings same thing in 2002 with bryant mckinnie and the ravens didn’t get compensation when mthe deal blew up.

    The ravens also have stated publicly that they got the player they wanted, the CB from Colorodo. They were not hurt in the process so they don’t deserve compensation.

  34. I like the bears pick in Carimi. I think he is going to be a future pro-bowler, and future hall of famer. I just hope that the bears realize how good this kid is. As both a packer and badger fan, this kid is going to be better than what Houston got at number 11 in J.J Watt. Carimi to me was the best offensive lineman in the draft. I was hoping he wouldv’e fell to the packers at 32. Chicago at least for the first round hit a homerun along with Detroit in the first round from the NFC NORTH!.

  35. Eh, Angelo admitted their mistake and the Bears will compensate the Ravens. Everyone chill.

    They look stupid and will have a tough time making anymore deals during this draft. They are notorious for trading down to get extra picks. There’s their punishment.

  36. mike tice is a world class dumb ass. What a tool. Captain Loveboat, but he would say let boys be boys. Jerk. then followed by “the chiller”. let’s hope frazier has his crap together. Just be a fair, firm, confident coach.

  37. “It was our fault,” Angelo said. “They did everything according to the rules. . . . We had a disconnect. Whatever you hear, Baltimore did everything right.”

    now everyone shut up, its done

  38. I’m not a fan of either team but just citing the fact that both teams got the player they say they wanted is NOT justification for Chicago to not pay up their 4th round pick. Chicago did not know 100% for sure who Kansas City was going to select and they wanted to move ahead of them to be sure it wasn’t who they wanted, presumably Carimi and felt giving up the 4th rounder was worth it to make sure they got their guy. In essense, they were purchasing insurance with their 4th rounder to make sure they got their guy. Turns out they didn’t need it but you can’t expect to get your insurance premiums back just because your house didn’t burn down.

    So since everyone got who they wanted should the fourth rounder get sent to Baltimore? Probably not; though Chicago was trying to get their insurance they never got it and because of the clock they put their trade partner at risk of losing their guy. Unfortunately for Baltimore, they just got screwed by Chicago messing up, and they are not entitled to the benefits of the agreement when it wasn’t properly finalized and they didn’t have to provide the insurance. It really sucks for them but they can’t get something for nothing – They signed the contract but Chicago didn’t, even though Chicago verbally agreed to the deal. It wasn’t finalized and Baltimore got screwed out of a fourth, but they aren’t entitled to the pick.

  39. i like the irony of everyone complaining about Baltimore ‘always’ complaining. I think you guys complain a whole lot more than about the Ravens than the Ravens complain about anything else. i think it’s jealousy, but maybe it’s ignorance.

    Now if you’re a steelers, bengals, or browns fan, first of all i hate you :). but second of all my above statement doesn’t pertain to you. you guys can hate on baltimore all that you want, because i do the same thing to all of your teams. It’s part of the rivalry.

  40. I posted this before, but apparently it was too controversial. In 2003, the Vikings had a deal in place with the Ravens. The Vikings called the trade in and the Ravens didn’t. It’s exactly the same situation as last night. The only difference is that the Vikings didn’t whine about it like the Ravens are.

  41. I am a HUGE Ravens fan…but c’mon, why would we be entitled to anything? Bears calling the league is an essential step to complete the trade. It didn’t happen, so there was no trade. Aneglo has to live with the ramifications of what he did, but so be it…we’re not entitled to squat. Meanwhile, we got a great player!!!

    Second, Ozzie is very good at what he does, but he’s not the draft G-d that everyone tries to make him out to be. There have been total drafts he has tanked, not to mention bad picks. As good as he is in the 1st round is as bad as he has been in the 2nd. I’m happy to have him, because he is very good…but he’s hardly the be all & end all of the draft. Now had he got Jimmy Smith & the Bears 4th rounder – that woulda been a coup!

    Lastly, Browns fans saying anything is beyond hilarious. Not only is your franchise a dump, but you continue to place your hopes on another essentially useless QB, and you continue to trade down to get more picks while failing to secure any elite playmakers for your team. That’s just not the way to get it done. You need playmakers in this league. Your only hope is to put your whole 2012 draft into getting Andrew Luck & building from there. Otherwise, you will continue to occupy the basement…or wallow in mediocrity at best…for the next 10 years. As another poster commented…too bad, so sad…

  42. @mswravens

    SHHHHH!! we could get an extra pick out of this. just go with it lol.

    and the Browns comment, priceless.

  43. Hard to believe in the age of technology this is how the NFL operates. There should be a conference call between the two teams with the NFL paper pusher.

    Once the Bears didn’t phone into the conference call with a minute left, the Ravens should have picked their guy.

    The system is flawed, and should be improved.

  44. “The difference? This time around, the Ravens had a deal in place to move down.”

    There’s NO difference between the two instances. In fact, they are EXACTLY the same, right down to the agreed upon compensation to make the deal.

    The Vikings agreed to take a 4th round pick from Baltimore to move down in the 2003 draft. The Vikings watched the time go off the clock as they thought the pick was now in the hands of the Ravens and the trade just hadn’t been announced yet. The Ravens claimed they couldn’t get thru to the league, a tidbit they didn’t even bother to notify the Vikings of. Both teams in that situation also ended up with the players they initially intended to draft. Funny, I don’t remember Ozzie offering to pay up back then.

    So if the Ravens should be so fortunate to receive the 4th round compensation (which I highly doubt) they can just pass it along to the Vikings, since if they feel the Bears are obligated then so too should they be.

  45. conradcountry says:
    How quickly the haters forget that the Ravens did the exact same thing to the Vikings.
    truthserum4u says:
    So if the Ravens should be so fortunate to receive the 4th round compensation (which I highly doubt) they can just pass it along to the Vikings, since if they feel the Bears are obligated then so too should they be.
    The only difference was that the Jaguars intentionally tied up the lines to prevent the Ravens from trading with Minnesota. The Jags wanted Leftwich for themselves.

    “When the time ran out on the Vikings, the Jaguars ran up to pick Leftwich. The Ravens eventually won out on the deal because it wound up with Terrell Suggs with the 10th pick.”

  46. Hate that I am saying this, but I’m really proud of Angelo here. Not to get all preachy, but it’s rare in this day and age when someone in upper management is willing to take the blame for a mistake. He could have easily kept his mouth shut and let the ravens fans throw their own management under the bus. Instead, he manned up! Good job, Jerry!

    However, as a Bears FAN-I say offer a 7th round pick and tell them, “take it or leave it.”

  47. The thing is that the Raven ultimately did the same to the Vikings. Not only that but Ozzie said afterwards that “there is no trade until I talk to Bussert”. Now they want compensation from the Bears when they never even accepted any of the blame last time? Remember Ozzie that the Bears never talked to Bussert so they never had a trade, so when time runs out you go make your pick.

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