Reggie Bush says, “It’s been fun New Orleans”


With the Saints trading back into round one in order to land 2009 Heisman winner Mark Ingram and Reggie Bush slated to make more than $11 million in base salary next season, Bush possibly sees the handwriting on the wall.

“It’s been fun New Orleans,” Bush said on Twitter.

Of course, there’s a chance Bush was referring to the exit of the NBA’s Hornets from the playoffs.  Or there’s a chance Bush is bidding adieu to the Big Easy.

And here’s where it gets even more interesting.  Both Bush and Ingram are represented by the same agent, Joel Segal.

41 responses to “Reggie Bush says, “It’s been fun New Orleans”

  1. That’s right Bush, so long. You were a total bust from day one. you had one good game in 4 seasons in the NFL, the only thing you did for the Saints was sell jerseys.

    Saints get the award for being smart by replacing Bush with a REAL running back. I hate the Saints, but have to respect this move to make the Saints offense a complete killer.

  2. Think Reggie may be over reacting just a tiny bit….Pierre Thomas and Mark Ingram will be the main backs and Reggie will be what hes been…a match up nightmare….and you can still throw Ivory in the mix…calm down reggie its gonna be ok.

  3. We know how this story ends.

    Patriots obtain Bush and he’s phenomenal. Same ‘ol movie.

  4. your overrated…. diva wannabe…..don’t worry, i’m sure oakland or skins will gladly OVERPAY you…or as the late patrick swayze said in Road House… ‘there’s always clown college”

  5. I’m sure quite a few fans in the gulf coast region are excited to see the Reggie Bush experiment come to an end. The one thing Charlie Casserly did right…

  6. What a baby… good job showing the team that you don’t have what it takes to be with Ingram in a tandem… giving up before the competition even starts…

  7. Thank god…..finally a player that realizes he can be replaced with 4 players with the money he’s getting paid…….

  8. If he does indeed leave he will join up with his former New Orleans team mate and well known friend Jeremy Shockey in Carolina. I’m sure he is rather bitter over this decision New Orleans has made and like Shockey probably wants to make a statement to New Orleans. Why not go play pitch and catch with the 2011 Heisman Trophy winner for the closing of your career? Mark my words.

  9. Yeah $11 million for a gimicky third down back at best not even great top tier RB’s get that much

  10. Whoever gets Bush, which get him for half the season. I like him as a person, but as a NFL running back, not so much. His rookie season was the most productive, and it was all down hill from there.

  11. Bush also added an iPhone emoji (smiley) of a hand doing the “peace” sign at the end of that tweet (can’t see it on a computer). More evidence that he was talking about the Ingram pick.

  12. Hornets game? Come on folks don’t be so naive. And if his tweet was in reference to an NBA game, why the heck wasn’t he watching the friggin draft???!!!! He’s either a selfish brat because the Saints drafted a RB or a selfish brat for watching the NBA instead of watching the Saints use two first round draft picks.

  13. It doesn’t matter if he was talking about the Saints or the Hornetts hes a goner. He won’t be missed at all. Ingram is a flat out stud. Bush was a bust plain and simple. Say what you want Saints fans the guy sucked. Maybe if he was drafted in the 3rd round and not 2nd overall, then he wouldn’t be a total bust. But he was 2nd overall and thus a bust. Going back in time Mario Williams pick that got ripped was the right call. Both Bush and Young were flakes. At least the Saints won a SB and they had a great 1st night of the draft weekend. Ingram should have never fallen that far.

  14. Every team in the league wants a versatile match-up nightmare like Reggie Bush… maybe not for 10 million per year though.

    I still believe he was an essential part of the Saints’ Superbowl run. When he’s healthy, his presence scares defenses and makes life easier for everyone else on that offense.

    I think the Saints want to keep Bush AND Ingram.

  15. hey Reggie maybe you can go crawling back to your ex…. she still gets time on TV-

    The guy is an Athlete no doubt…. Has yet to prove he is a everyday NFL football player.

    If Clifton Smith went to USC and dated a Kim Kardashian. How would he differ from Reggie Bush?

  16. Reggie- Reggie-Reggie – Reggie , I got to hear it next season. You’ll be back in Nola

  17. If he drops his asking price, I’m sure he would be welcomed in Miami to return kicks, run an occasional stretch play and catch some passes out of the backfield

  18. “He was talking about the Hornets game”

    Are you people stone cold retards? No, he clearly was talking about the pick. This no charachter low life scum had to make draft night about him.

    Maybe he should shut his face untill his team decides if they want to dump him or make a “thunder and lightnig”combo.

    But no, why would we expect that from this classless hack who was paid off in college football robbing the USC fans of their national title.

    I am so tired of these selfish me players running their mouth.

  19. 34trap says: Apr 29, 2011 4:16 AM
    I think the Saints want to keep Bush AND Ingram.

    The problem is Bush still wants to be paid like a #2 pick even though he didn’t live up to the expectations that come with it. And NO ain’t gonna pay it.

  20. When he was with Kim Kardashian she was a rare woman who could brag about her two big busts.

  21. In theory he wouldn’t be used any more or less than he has been in recent years. The issue is the base salary. He was going to be cut regardless of who NO drafted. They simply aren’t going to pay him $11mil next year.

    If he’s reasonable and wants to do a deal with them, then there’s a deal there to be made. He adds a lot of value to them because, as an athlete, the defense must always account for where he is. That’s huge. But it’s not $11mil huge.

  22. Hey Reggie say goodbye New Orleans and hello Oakland. Really stupid to draft Ingram when you have Bush, the Saints should go for the best offensive lineman to shore up their blocking. Anyway the Raiders could use a top flight running back though they need a top flight quarterback even more. It would be interesting if the Raiders could land both Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart, that would certainly improve their lagging offense.

  23. Reggie has come to understand that he’s strictly a role-player in the NFL. He has open field talents that scare the heck out of defensive coordinators. He can catch the ball and make people miss, so he’s seriously dangerous when used that way.

    But Reggie cannot ( indeed, will not ) run between the tackles, though Ingram can and will. Also, Reggie is fumble-prone and Ingram is not.

    Reggie is overpaid for what he’s good at. If he will agree to a deferment of some of that cash, Peyton can use him and Ingram to win Bush another Super Bowl ring.

  24. My Panthers are trying to get rid of their RBs, so they might bring in Bush to go with Newton. Two high-profile bribe-sucking busts on one team. It’ll be a beautiful thing. BAM!

  25. halo81 says: Apr 29, 2011 3:57 AM

    Actually Reggie, it really hasn’t been fun, that’s the problem

    I don’t know… winning the Super Bowl was pretty fun…

  26. Well Bush cleverly got just what he wanted. He put out that tweet and let the rest of th emedia do its susal song and dance. Meanwhile, nobody really knows whether we was referring to Ingram or if he was tweeting about the Hornets, and who cares? He doesn’t because he knew the controversy would bring attention to him. I wonder how many hits his Twitter page got last nightr as a result. People who are jumping up and down about this are mornons. In the words of Bill Parcells, “You’ve been sucked.”

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