Temporary stay expected, ESPN retracts report that stay was granted


In the fluid situation that is the NFL labor mess, mistakes are being made — including a big one in the ESPN report that we cited just moments ago.

During the 1 p.m. Eastern SportsCenter, ESPN broke in with an on-screen graphic saying, “BREAKING NEWS: Court grants temporary stay of players’ injunction, reinstates NFL lockout.”

With that graphic on the screen, ESPN’s John Clayton reported that “The doors are going to be closing very, very quickly.”

But during the 2 p.m. SportsCenter, ESPN changed its graphic to, “DEVELOPING STORY: Court expected to decide whether to grant temporary stay of players’ injunction, reinstating NFL lockout.”

Clayton also changed his reporting to say that the decision hadn’t come down yet.

“Well, a stay at least is still being decided by the Eighth Circuit Court,” Clayton said. “A decision, according to sources in the clerk’s office, should come down this afternoon.”

My own guess is that someone in ESPN’s newsroom saw the report from Michael Silver of Yahoo that we referenced in our previous item, and that the report was misunderstood: Silver’s report said that the players expect the owners to get the stay, not that the stay had actually been granted.

So we’ll keep our eyes on the latest developments. And we’ll try not to jump the gun.

58 responses to “Temporary stay expected, ESPN retracts report that stay was granted

  1. oh the news media so quick to get a story again put out the wrong info…glad some of you aren’t sitting next to the nuclear button…

  2. Shocking that ESPN would miss on a breaking story? And the court room drama isn’t even unfolding on the west coast either…but its still happening west of the Mississippi, so I guess ESPN wouldn’t know what’s going on based on geographic location and the fact that none of this is taking place in Boston or NY.

  3. did i say swiss cheese?
    did I say more holes than cheese?
    WHERE ARE ALL THE kook job liberals NOW?

  4. “So we’ll keep our eyes on the latest developments. And we’ll try not to jump the gun.”


  5. what a cluster. if they lock them out again it’s going to be a long time before things get resolved.

  6. Welcome back guys 🙂 !!! NOW GET OUT!! . . . Just kidding! (ESPN says “oops.” Not the first time they have slung spaghetti that didn’t stick. If they are reporting the wrong story, then they are reporting someone else’s story as their own.)

  7. i would like to say i wonder but i know answer…will their be a hundred stories about how the players need to get back to the negotiating table and stop the litigation?????
    but seeing the leanings of pft…….

  8. Just as I had called it, looks like your Contempt of Court Charge and your claim that the Lockout has ended were way off base.

    Welcome to the life in the Court Room Players, you win, you lose. Say Goodbye to Free Agency this year. Keep protecting the game owners against these Greedy players that want to change the game of Football and the NFL as we have all known it.

    Looks like the Lower Court Judge did not write as good of an opinion in those 89 pages as you people were saying she had.

  9. Just In: Several first round draft picks left the draft only to discover that their wallet was missing.

    A review of footage shows that Roger Goodell grabbed the wallets of several players during his ceremonial bear-hug. Details to follow.

  10. I would love to see Goodell locked up for violating the court order.

    What would happen to an average joe if a judge ordered him to jailtime but he decided not to go because he believed he would win an appeal.

    At the very least it would be the greatest mug shot of all time.

  11. yo profootballtalk, I find it rather low that you continually look for other media outlet’s mistakes and then make sure to let people know of their mistakes..especially when it comes to ESPN. I find that to be rather low, wouldn’t you agree?

  12. “My own guess is that someone in ESPN’s newsroom saw the report from Michael Silver of Yahoo that we referenced in our previous item…”

    That can’t be what happened. If the ESPN ticker and Clayton got it from Silver, then they would have credited Yahoo for breaking the story, right?… uh, right?

  13. Please try this on.

    A stay is probably the best thing you can ask for if you are a belly scratching, natty light drinking, farter who yahoo’s pro players union/socialism is good rants for us to read through.

    A stay is the only way the players actually will negoitiate, the only way they come to the table to get a deal done. If you really “just want football” then I can assure you this is your best hope.

    The players, for those who actually think when they read this stuff, appear to be willing to nuke (or at least are posturing that way), the whole game.

    The owners look like they are willing to close down the league for a year to get their “working financial model”.

    A stay forces both of them to cut a deal. If there isn’t one, and the players win…

    think about it

  14. Ive always been republican, but after all the stupid BS they have been pulling in the last four years. They just lost a vote.

    Leave it to a republican Court to overrule something that is the right thing to do. Simply to go against the democrat stance.

  15. ESPN’s “oops” is a symptom of the media-version of the internet community’s “1st” commentors. In a mad rush to be the “1st” tv news entity to give “breaking news”, they got it ALL WRONG. WAITING for CONFIRMATION is always best.

  16. LOL. Someone getting something wrong after listening to Michael Silver????


    The only people who should read Silver are conspiracy theorist and tabloid lovers. Otherwise his articles belong in the trash bin.

  17. unless the courts force action there will be no football for a season. The owners hold all the chips. Unless the players make their own league they must submit to the will of the owners. I don’t think the owners want to rip the players off but they sense something wrong in the “system,” and are trying to deal with it while the players are suing. It’s in the courts hands now much to the owners chagrin.

  18. airraid77 says:
    Apr 29, 2011 2:17 PM
    did i say swiss cheese?
    did I say more holes than cheese?
    WHERE ARE ALL THE kook job liberals NOW

    Tell us again how this is political?

  19. The NFL is continuing its Golden Goose hunt I see.

    If you want to see a normal off season and football, then you don’t want the stay to be granted (not the permanent stay).

    The players will eventually crack under a lockout, but my money says they go longer than people think and that puts this season in jeopardy.

    This is all business and not political. The NFL actually wants the players to be a Union. They don’t want free market principals in their business. This is not the same as the Teachers Union or the Sheetrock Layers Union. Stop confusing them and go back to trolling the Fox forums for liberal posters.

  20. airraid, you’re still an idiot.

    if anyone’s reading closely (which airraid most certainly is not, probably because he’s illiterate), the stay we’re talking about is a TEMPORARY one meant to last until Monday when the players present their arguments. It’s not a judgment on the arguments being presented, but rather a response to the owners’ claims that they are being irreparably harmed by the injunction, until such time as the Eighth Circuit decides to actually make a ruling on the NFL’s appeal of Judge Nelson’s decision.

    And while I’m sure airraid’s legal acumen is incredible (which is pretty amazing since he can’t read), if he had bothered reading the players’ and owners’ legal (not political) arguments, he’d realize what a horse’s ass he is. The NFL has no leg to stand on here. Their claims are twofold: 1) that the federal court has no jurisdiction, which is close to nonsensical; and 2) that the players’ arguments as to irreparable harm are wrong. On 2), I think there’s a pretty compelling case that players not getting paid under existing contracts and losing a year of a very short career is irreparable.

    The Eighth Circuit, while very conservative, is not substantially more conservative than the Supreme Court, which ruled against the NFL 9-0 in American Needle. The NFL has overreached and they’re going to lose another case next week. If they were smart, they’d spend the weekend trying to reach a deal with the players while they still have some leverage. But I suspect that won’t happen, because the NFL is dominated by people like airraid, who are idiots.

    I’ll revise my earlier prediction that Goodell will be gone by this time next year: Goodell will be gone by the time the regular season starts.

  21. By the way, I am not a liberal, I just can’t stand blowhards from both sides, but these days the most annoying idiots come from the rightwing talk radio world.

    How about you come up with a original thought, try that…

  22. Yippee!! The owners have the players by the throat now. Isn’t it great!! The wealthiest league in the world with the world’s wealthiest (white) sports owners are likely to become even more more wealthy!! I can sleep so much easier now. Wow, I was really worried that these (mostly black) players were going to ruin everything by fighting for a deal that was already in place. And offering to give back 10% really was a slap in the owners face after all. The nerve of these uppiddy players for asking the owners to back up their claims; well, they should be taken out in the back and horse-whipped. I’m sure they don’t have the mental acumen to understand all those numbers anyway.

  23. It warms my heart to see so much anti-ESPN sentiment, but then I remember how many spineless lemmings returned to the NFL last night to watch that boring Draft event as if nothing ever happened. The NFL is laughing at each and every one of you right now as the ratings roll in.

  24. Some of you have no knowledge of NFL history. The NFL has played for many seasons with no CBA, as recently as the early 90’s. They do not need a CBA to operate the league.

    The recent ruling by Judge Nelson and win by the players – who are clearly on the right side of the law, regardless of whether a temporary, administrative stay is granted – was going to give us the beginning of the league year, free agency, OTA’s and everything you could have wanted, starting Monday!! Instead, we will be back to courtrooms, opinions, and posturing, all of which is meaningless because we know who is going to win in the end.

    It is amazing that some people are still too dopey to research and understand the issues. This is not political! This is not republican vs. democrat. This is amount money. The owners wanted a lot more of it, opted out of the perfectly good agreement they had, and they went for it all. It failed, or at least, it is sure to fail, as it has EVERY time they have tried this before.

    We were this close to moving on with the season under 201o rules and having a CBA become a non-factor as it was negotiated in the background. Now it is front and center again. Yet, some people can be happy about that? Wow.

  25. pmars64 says: Apr 29, 2011 3:04 PM
    “The wealthiest league in the world with the world’s wealthiest (white) sports owners are likely to become even more more wealthy!! I can sleep so much easier now. Wow, I was really worried that these (mostly black) players were going to ruin everything by fighting…. I’m sure they don’t have the mental acumen to understand all those numbers anyway.”


    No. Pretty sure you don’t have the mental acumen to realize that race has nothing to do with this.

  26. teddy(Sexy)rexy,
    They already will have overruled nelson on the lockout stay…..which wasnt suppose to happen.
    The decision wont come until june 16 if that…..

    The courts HAVE NO RIGHT to force a buisness to stay open.
    FEDERAL meaning they have every jurisdiction.
    and their is a substantially larger majority in the 8th circuit than in the supreme court.

  27. This isn’t anything we don’t already know…So whats the news? We already know that, that’s why they are in court today…Deciding if the lockout is a “go”. Why in the hell is ESPN reporting “breaking news” then?

    “Temporary stay”, is just that…”Temporary”..If its granted its just giving more time to drag some feet, but then it depends on the time frame of “temporary”. I still think its unlikely to overturn a ruling.

  28. Didn’t you guys already “jump the gun” by copying and pasting ESPN’s story before you had confirmed it through your own sources?

  29. Can’t one of you writers just say that this ruling temporarily stays Judge Nelson until the 8th circuit rules on the actual stay motion on Monday?

    You have to remember that you are not writing for the sharpest tools in the shed here.

  30. I love how the Fox News blowhards have been brainwashed into believing that Corporate values are the same as their values. The GOP has really done a number on you guys. Used to be that conservative values were in line with the blue collar working man, but now you’ve been trained to believe your values are more in line with Goldman Sachs, Haliburton, or in this case……..greedy billionaire NFL owners who care nothing for you or your family.

  31. John Clayton screwing up on a story, I’m shocked!!!

    This moron hasn’t been credible since 1973!!!!


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