Yes, that’s probably it for Reggie Bush in New Orleans

Reggie Bush thinks he’s done in New Orleans.  It sounds like he’s on the right track.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Bush’s time in New Orleans is expected to come to an end.  Jon Gruden thought  coach Sean Payton would want to pair Bush with Mark Ingram, but it just doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Bush knows he has to take a pay cut from his scheduled $11 million next season, but he may not realize how big a pay cut is coming.   Florio and I talked about the issue on PFT Live’s draft extravaganza Friday, and Florio pointed out the Saints may still be willing to pay Bush more than any other team.

Based on his tweet, Bush’s pride may prevent him from returning to a team where he’s clearly no longer the cool, new running back on the squad.

In the clip below, we talk about Bush, the Mark Ingram trade, and the huge bounty the Falcons gave up for Julio Jones.

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28 responses to “Yes, that’s probably it for Reggie Bush in New Orleans

  1. i remember when everyone was saying that Bush was like Westy but better. Westbrook laughed and said…. ive been doing this for years.

  2. He was never that good anyway. Bust for a 2nd overall pick..And we thought Houston was dumb for passing on him..

  3. I really hope we find a way to keep him around. Come on Reggie, be humble, take a small contract, and go prove you earn bigger money this season.

    I can’t help but feel if we release him it’ll come back to haunt us and we’ll regret it.

  4. good, i hope the saints crumble. lucky bastards with 2 violent d linemen who blatantly attacked farve and took him out of the nfc championship game and no call. of course i hate that and you would too to your qb. and it would still irk you too years later.

  5. Who’s Reggie Bush? Oh yeah, that KR/PR that was dating Kim Kardashian. 11 million this season? Yeah, I don’t think it took drafting Mark Ingram for this to happen.

  6. Sooooo tell me again how the NFL is going to become like the MLB when players don’t even have guaranteed contracts? Just askin

  7. I think Bush still has plenty of value as a return man and Wr. If Hester can convert to a serviceable Wr I see no reason why Bush could not. He is not a even a decent RB, but he is a weapon both on offense and special teams.

    Maybe he can be the vertical/ big play threat the Ravens are looking for. I could see him getting behind coverage easier than breaking tackles sort of like a Desean Jackson of Steve Smith, likely more like a Devin Hester at Wr though.

  8. Bush is not a traditional running back. He’s a home run hitter, not a between the tackles guy like Ingram. If I were the Saints I’d want both guys. Bush is most dangerous returning kicks and catching passes out of the backfield.

    Any team that wants Bush as an every down back is foolish. Heck, Bush would be foolish to want to be an every down back.

  9. Boy i could have lost a lot of money on a bet as to how well he would have done in the NFL. The eagles type offense would be great for him but, at what cost?

  10. I like how you guys post this but completely ignore that Glazer just tweeted this…

    FWIW, Sean Payton says he spoke w Reggie Bush and says, “He’s a dynamic player, a difference-maker for us and definitely in our plans.”

    Ingram and Bush are 2 very different players, it doesn’t make much sense to get rid of Bush just because they added Ingram. They compliment each other very well.

  11. So glad the Texans took Mario Williams over Reggie Bust and Bench Young. I just hope JJ Watt turns out to be better then the guys I though they should have taken over him.

  12. Just goes to show that if you don’t work your tail off in the NFL to stay in peak shape, then there’s always someone younger, just as talented, and hungrier to take your spot.

  13. Arctic Edge:

    1.) Lawrence Phillips
    2.) Ki-Jana Carter

    Also, hasn’t Bush (and, I’m not a fan) won:

    1.) A Super Bowl.
    2.) An All-Pro award.
    3.) A Pro Bowl selection.

  14. Your article doesn’t make a lot of sense. Sean’s runs a back field by committee. He usually has 4 RB on the squad. You can never have enough these days. So Thomas, Bush, Ivory and Ingram are safe. Yes Bush needs to take a pay cut and they all know it but those for will make the roster.

  15. Completely over rated.

    He is about to find out that the rest of the league considers third down, change of pace backs to be little more than cheap, easily replaced luxuries.

    The fact is, not even the Saints themselves would have drafted him that high or given him that much money if they had known the type of back he would turn out to be.

  16. The Texans were wise to pass on him. Mario Williams wasn’t the popular pick, but it sure turned out their way. Last night, the Panthers weren’t quite as wise.

  17. “If Hester can convert to a serviceable Wr I see no reason why Bush could not.”

    Because Bush is only effective catching passes because defenses has no idea what he’s going to be doing on each play. Sometimes he rushes, sometimes he’s just a decoy, sometimes he’s a pass target. Hester was turned into a receiver because they thought he could smoke any defensive back in the NFL. Apples and oranges, Hiltons and Kardashians.

  18. “I think Bush still has plenty of value as a return man and Wr. If Hester can convert to a serviceable Wr I see no reason why Bush could not.”

    Calling Hester a serviceable WR is a bit of a stretch.

  19. Alphaq2,

    Rather than dissect your comment in some long rant, I’ll just keep it simple and say you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

  20. Anybody else notice that two out of the top 3 picks in the 2006 NFL Draft are going to be out of a job in 2011.


    Bush has only won a Super Bowl or should I say was a member of a Super Bowl winning team.

    Drafting Bush and re-signing Pierre Thomas is a big sign Bush is gone. Thomas is the better back. Bush is just a glorified 3rd down back.

  21. ArcticEdge says: Apr 29, 2011 5:16 PM

    biggest bust rb of all time.

    I saw Curtis Ennis play for the Bears…..
    I just tasted a little bit of vomit remembering that.

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