“Carl the Janitor” was working overtime in Kansas City


Earlier this month, Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli joined PFT Live to explain in further detail the intersection, in his view, between NFL scouting and The Breakfast Club.  Pioli pointed to one of the minor characters in the film — Carl the Janitor — who was in reality the eyes and ears of the institution.

Pioli explained that, when doing his homework on potential draft picks, he searches for the various “Carl the Janitor”-type people with whom the prospect may have had contact, in order to find out information about the real person under the pads.  Pioli also said that, during his time in Cleveland driving prospects to and from the team facility, Pioli was a “Carl the Janitor” himself, soaking up information about players as they let their guard down and behaved more like the real man and less like the spit-and-polished product that sits down with the head coach.

Two of the selections made by the Chiefs during the first two days of the draft likely required extensive effort from “Carl the Janitor.”  In round one, the Chiefs took Pitt receiver Jonathan Baldwin, who cemented his reputation for being a diva after accusing the coaching staff of trying to hurt his draft stock by throwing fewer vertical passes to Baldwin in 2010.  The fact that Pioli didn’t hesitate to take Baldwin with the 26th overall pick necessarily means that Pioli’s army of “Carl the Janitors” provided positive reports about Baldwin.

And then, with the 70th overall pick, the Chiefs selected linebacker Justin Houston, one of the small handful of players who reportedly tested positive for marijuana at the Scouting Combine — a development that translates into either a problem with the substance or a high degree of stupidity, since the players know they’ll be tested.

It remains to be seen how Baldwin and Houston behave and perform, now that they’re at the next level.  But it’s safe to say that the Chiefs didn’t make those picks blindly, and that Pioli and company found out (or at least tried to find out) everything there was to know about both of them, especially in light of the red flags.

Given that Pioli apparently learned this approached from former Browns — and now Patriots — head coach Bill Belichick, it’s likewise safe to assume that “Carl the Janitor” ran his grimy mop over every nook and cranny in Ryan Mallett’s past, too.

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  1. As a fan of the Patriots, I did not like the pick of Mallett but I understand it from a “value” standpoint. I think Kevin Kolb.

    The Pats draft was not sexy but Bill the Janitor watches alot more film than I glean from the internet and games.

  2. I’m a Chiefs fan, but I think Baldwin’s every bit as terrible a pick as I said Larry Johnson was. The talent is there, but the guy is simply a franchise headache.

    My least-favorite Chief since KC drafted LJ.

  3. Carl loves those guys. Whenever they were smoking up behind the schoolyard, they always saved a few hits for him.

  4. Nice, good move on his part. Tell the world how you operate. Part of his thing depended on prospects letting their guard down. While this might be common sense, I bet now the agents are going to be sure that their players are on their toes 24/7 thus reducing the effectiveness of his style. Brilliant….

  5. I don’t like the Justin Houston pick. I know he’s a player whose talent supposedly should have him going higher, but testing positive for any banned substance at the combine is a very bad sign. Everyone knows they’re getting tested when they go to the combine, and most people know how long it takes for marijuana to be cleared from the system. So, either the player feels so compelled to continue using the substance that they can’t even do without temporarily to protect their own career, or they’re just so stupid that they don’t know any better. Either way, it’s a bad sign.

  6. One thing is for certain, Bill Belichick dresses the part. This is SOP for the Pats and was written about in books following the SB wins.

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