Cheta Ozougwu is your “Mr. Irrelevant”

Every year at the draft, representatives pass out promotional materials for “Mr. Irrelevant Week” in Newport Beach.  We’re always happy to see them for one reason:

It’s time to go home.

The Houston Texans selected Rice linebacker Cheta Ozougwu with the 254th pick of the draft, making him “Mr Irrelevant” for the rest of his life.   Or at least until next year at this time.

That ends our time here at Radio City Music Hall for 2011.   Florio, whose son took over the PFT Twitter page for a while Saturday, is heading off to dinner his family.

I’m going to jump in a cab and take the ten minute ride home.   And then probably start posting again.

Thanks for reading; it’s been fun.  Now back to life in a lockout.   (Sigh.)

UPDATE: Just to clarify for worried Texans fans, that’s not Ozougwu in the picture.  That man is Paul Salata, who started “Mr. Irrelevant Week” in Newport Beach, CA 35 years ago and reads off the final pick of every draft.   He repeatedly called Ozougwu “Cheddar.”

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  1. THANKS PFT! You kept me sane and informed during this draft. having a resource and an outlet like this makes watching the coverage a bit easier…

  2. I’m still hopeful that cooler heads will prevail and the players and league can come to an agreement that will be fair to the players, owners and (most importantly) the fans that will safeguard the long term stability and competitveness of NFL football.

  3. I hope it all comes crumbling down, especially on the owners. No one held a gun to their heads when the Ok’d the 2006 CBA. As has been reported, the NFL flourished under this agreement until the crash of 2007 hit the world. Even with reduced profits, teams were still making money, players were getting paid record salaries and the game was fun to watch. All that was needed was a rookie salary schedule to make sure that veterans got the money they deserved and that rookies not make all that money before playing a down. Now the owners have taken a historic symbol and game of American life away from millions of fans all because they had “reduced” profits in a time when the average Joe was struggling to pay his bills. We know the players will win the antitrust law suit because of the American Needle ruling (see earlier PFT news if you dont know about this case) and that this will come down to the court deciding what the next CBA will be just like it happened 21 years ago. All this court crap just goes to show that the NFL and its players have learned nothing in the past 21 years or from the strikes of 1982 and 1987. Its a game, nothing more, leave it be and let us enjoy it.

  4. Is that Cheta’s photo? Bless his heart … looks like he’s been waiting a long time to hear his name called.

  5. Last year’s “Mr. Irrelevant” was WR Tim Toone, taken by the Lions. Toone might actually make the Lions’ roster again this year, after being placed on IR last season after a fairly good training camp showing, and subsequent injury.

    Toone is fast, appears able to create separation, and might be useful in the return game, as well, proving that being the last step before free agent is less of a burden than a you’d think.

    Good luck to this year’s nominee, who has the double burden of not only being “Mr Irrelevant”, but also very much in the running for “Mr. Unpronounceable”.

  6. @montymontana15 …

    Accurate and beautifully worded. Something snapped for me when the lockout was reinstated, and for the first time in memory I didn’t tune in the draft’s Saturday airing. Watching these fools play chicken is wearing thin.

    Under the old CBA, the NFL is one of the few businesses that continued to profit wildly despite the recession. Rather than continuing to appeal until reaching the inevitable negative outcome, the owners could have stopped this insanity, reinstated last year’s rules, and resumed the season. Then both parties could have negotiated a fair CBA. Instead they’re raging like Melville’s Captain Ahab at Moby Dick: “To the last, I will grapple with thee …” In the end, they won’t just lose the extra billion they were demanding but their antitrust exemptions as well. What a stupid price to pay for unchecked greed.

  7. If he doesn’t already have the nickname “Cheddar” he does now. Thanks to Salata. I be he would be upset if someone called him Salad.

  8. As always, thank you to for an enjoyable experience. The insight and humor throughout is appreciated. Let’s hope there is a lot of news for you to cover even with the draft over now…like an agreement between the NFL and the players right around the corner. The draft was a nice distraction, but the thought of no NFL football in the fall is starting to set in as a realisitic fear. May God help us all.

  9. Don’t know why he is Mr. Irrelevant. At least he was drafted! Lots of undrafted players are going to be starting on teams this season. He should be proud that he was drafted. I certainly would be regardless of how many pundits called me Mr. Irrelevant. Now it’s up to him to make something of the opportunity. I hope he does.

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