Kaepernick doesn’t change Jim Harbaugh’s plans for Alex Smith


Colin Kaepernick couldn’t have picked a much better situation to land in as a rookie quarterback than he did in San Francisco.

That doesn’t mean he’s going to be counted on to start early in his rookie year.  That role is still more likely to go to Alex Smith.

“The plan for Alex is unchanged,” coach Jim Harbaugh said Friday night.  “Alex has the ability and the license to be the starting quarterback — same thing I said about Aldon [Smith] yesterday. Same goes for Colin. Guys will run on their own gas.”

Smith was one of roughly 15 players to show up to 49ers headquarters on Friday, according to Matt Maiocco of ComcastCalifornia.com.  He met with Harbaugh.

“It was just good being around Alex again today,” Harbaugh said.

49ers fans probably don’t want to hear it, but the combination of Smith and Kaepernick is more likely than any other quarterback combination this year, especially if the lockout doesn’t end (again) for a while.

The major question is whether Smith will get a better offer elsewhere, but we suspect that won’t happen.

17 responses to “Kaepernick doesn’t change Jim Harbaugh’s plans for Alex Smith

  1. Why in the world do the 49ers refuse to admit the mistake that is Alex Smith? The guy flat out sucks.

  2. I can’t wait to see Jim turn this weak 49ers team into a bunch of “street fighting curb stompers”… something Mike wasn’t able to do.
    Respect is a tremendous motivater.

  3. Should be a competition at the QB position. Plain and simple.

    If CK shows more potential than AS and AS still starts I’m calling shenanigans.

  4. Great opportunity for Kaepernick. Alex Smith was, well, kind of a bust. One good year at Utah doesn’t necessarily make an NFL caliber QB.

  5. “Why in the world do the 49ers refuse to admit the mistake that is Alex Smith? The guy flat out sucks.”

    Throughout his time in San Francisco he has remained a class act. He’s a smart guy, and probably won’t hesitate to pass on his knowledge to Kaepernick. Also, as he showed in his rookie year and in flashes during the past few seasons, he has skills, so under a coach that actually knows what he is doing, (Harbaugh), we may actually see those skills on a week to week basis. Unlike Jamarcus Russell, Smith has never given up even though he has played some terrible games and been booed by the fans, and I believe he deserves one more chance to be the 49ers starter.

  6. Alex Smith has been more of a middle of the pack QB than a bust. If he was a third round pick people would be fairly happy with him. He has mechanics issues that cause him to throw the ball high at times and it affects his accuracy. He comes out of his motion really high at times and throws balls at 45 degree angles. For some reason he and his coaches haven’t been able to correct the mechanics issue. If Harbaugh can, Smith could be real solid, never a star, but definitely good enough to win the NFC West year in and year out.

  7. The bland, self absorbed head coach finally has someone to giggle at his sideline jokes.

  8. Don’t throw him right in the fire… Smith was rushed in and you all know how that turned out.

    This kid has the tools, and finally an actual COACH.

    Quick question – now that the lock out is in effect, did the players who showed up on Friday morning get to keep any playbook materials that they may have received?

  9. I’d really like to see what Smith can do with Harbaugh before I give up hope. His one good year of progress with Norv Turner makes me think someone who knows and appreciates the QB position can get something out of him. He obviously has talent, but the mishandled by Nolan shoulder injury and 2+ years of seeing the position diminished by Singletary haven’t done anything to foster Smith’s growth.

  10. Ok, so first off I have been a 49ers fan all 27 years of my life. And I rooted and talked highly of them even when they went a great 1-15. So I have to say this because I am tired of people trash talking about this subject. Alex smith is NOT the greatest quarterback in the league and we all know that. But what would you have rather had Aaron Rodgers? Let’s think about that now. Rodgers went to the Packers who at the time had an INCREDIBLE quarterback with Brett Favre. So Rodgers was able to sit back and learn for the years he rode the bench behind Favre. Had the two switched roles it could have been the same way for Alex. Rodgers could be in the situation that Smith is in now. Smith never got the opportunity to sit behind atleast a decent quarterback and learn. He was thrown into the dungeon right away. Now I am not a big fan of Smith but he is a decent quarterback with what he has and what he has done. The o-line that we have is not great but he has still been able to pull off a few wins with what the o-line has been able to do. Look at the teams that are winning. They have o-lines that have been there and grew with each other and got better. We now have a coach who is a quarterback guru and knows how to pick his qb’s. If he has faith in Smith then obviously he see’s potential in what he does. Smith is incredible when he runs the offense in a spread which he was used to in college. But its hard to do so when you have a great running back like Frank Gore. Colin is not a great qb but he is a decent qb. And with sitting him now is the best thing they could do because he can sit back and learn from what Harbaugh teaches. One mistake the 49ers made was letting go of Nate Davis. Yes he had a learning disability but he was a talented qb with a great arm. So to all my 49er fans out there. Just chill on degrading Smith and take it for what it is. Had he had a teacher like Joe, Steve or even Jeff things could be different for him. I mean come on we can’t win all the time At least we can say we were the first with 5 superbowl Victories and we are also undefeated when we do go.

  11. i’ve been a outspoken voice against Alex Smith since he got drafted, but lets face it… right now he is our best option, and im sure with harbaugh coaching him he should be able to minimize the mistakes. Alex smith is good and then he makes the big mistake, if harbaugh can help him on that, i think he should be a serviceable QB until coli K is ready in a couple of years.

  12. If anybody thinks that Kaepernick is the 49ers future, they have lost thier mind. He is going to be the next Kevin Kolb if anything. Next year marks the first season behind Harbaugh and who will be coming out in the draft next year? None other then Harbaugh’s boy, Andrew Luck. All Harbaugh needs is one year so that he can get his feet planted and then when it comes time for the draft he is going to let the office know he wants luck because he is the one that created him, then the are going to grant him with the option of working a deal out so that he can be the number one pick.

  13. For those of u that are looking thru beer goggles….CK is just like AS. They both ran alot in college and at times can be accurate. We need someone that can sit back there and pick defenses apart. I would’ve picked up Dalton or Mallet with that 2nd round pick. Not saying that either one of them can carry our football team, but they would do a hell of alot better job than what we have right now…..”Andy Luck in 2012″ is tatooed on Harbaugh’s back! We may end up w/ the 1st pick to get him if Smith is at the helm…

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