Falcons add another playmaker in Jacquizz Rodgers

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The Falcons wanted to add speed on offense during the draft.  Despite a lack of picks, they have done just that.

After trading up for Julio Jones, Atlanta added Oregon State running back Jacquizz Rodgers on Saturday in the fifth round.  The jitterbug 5’6″ back was one of the most fun and explosive players to watch in college football last year.

Rodgers is a natural replacement for Jerious Norwood as a third-down option in Atlanta.  Jason Snelling is a free agent with an uncertain future as well.

The Falcons needed big play ability.  Even though he’s not an every down player, Rodgers adds more homerun ability to an offense that needs it.

15 responses to “Falcons add another playmaker in Jacquizz Rodgers

  1. I know there are some Falcon fans that may not be too happy about what they gave up to get Jones, but they are making up for it with the rest of the draft. Falcons were already good and they’re getting better.

  2. I was wondering who would pick him up. I think a speedy back like him who could also play in the slot would be a great compliment to a bruising back like Turner.

    I think these guys are just going to try and out score everybody.

  3. I’m not sure i follow their logic. 3 of their 5 statrters on the O-line are FA’s. and their defense got torched in the playoffs. One would think they would at least grab a few guys to help in those areas

  4. I Jacquizzed my pants when they called his name.


    Now if we can find a LT, and a TE we are set on offense for years

  5. Snelling and Norwood are both gone as far as I can tell. Snelling is good but his skill set isn’t different enough from Turners. Only way I see them trying to retain him is if he will work for cheap.

  6. I saw him up close and personal in a high school playoff game and wasn’t all that impressed. He’s just another miniature RB like San Diego has now. Decent player but not great.

  7. TOUCHDOWNRODDYWHITE, If you’re a falcon fan, then you should know that there IS a difference between Turner and Norwood. If I remember correctly, I think Turner had either 0 or 1 catch last season. I remember it was something crazy like that. I didnt realize how one dimensional of a RB Turner was.

  8. So all of a sudden Atlanta’s defense is judged on just one game? They’d beaten Green Bay weeks before the playoff game. Any team that wins thirteen games must have played some defense

  9. I saw him up close and personal in a high school playoff game and wasn’t all that impressed
    High school? You’re kidding…?

  10. Yeah they played some, but not when it mattered most..

    John Abraham had 13 sacks, but as history would show he puts up great numbers one year and struggles the next. Plus the next guy in line Kroy Biermann who had a grand total of 3..Thats a HUGE dropoff.

  11. Kid will be a GREAT third down back, he’s tough as bleep, makes the first guy miss every time, and has excellent hand. I know Oregon State doesn’t get much attention, but this guy can play… trust me, you won’t miss Norwood, not that I have any idea why you would anyway…

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