Jets draft Mark Sanchez’s boyhood friend

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In the same round that the Jets picked a possible backup for quarterback Mark Sanchez, they also drafted Sanchez’s best friend.

With the 227th pick, the Jets selected Colorado receiver Scotty McKnight.

Sanchez and McKnight were ball boys at Santa Margarita High School when Carson Palmer was the quarterback, and they have been friends since grade school.  Sanchez threw passes to McKnight at his Pro Day workout.

“He’s the best guy who didn’t go to the Combine,” Sanchez told PFT regarding McKnight.  “He didn’t drop a ball [at the Pro Day workout].  He’d be a steal for someone.”

He could end up being a steal for the Jets.

29 responses to “Jets draft Mark Sanchez’s boyhood friend

  1. That’s a great story, and would make a good movie if he caught the game winning touchdown in the Superbowl from Sanchez… an I’m a die hard Eagles fan.. but I love good stories

  2. I thought the headline read:

    “Jets draft Mark Sanchez’s boyfriend”

    That’s awful progressive of you Rex.

  3. Glance at the title of the store real quick and it looks like it says “Jets draft Mark Sanchez’s Boyfriend”

  4. This feels like a good move. Makes Sanchez happy, and gives a guy a shot. He and Sanchez might click on the field through familiarity; if he’s not dynamic enough, maybe the guy is a good special teams player. Late in the draft like that, why not?

  5. Cool! They can relive old memories of cruizin’ junior proms together!

    And they can make new memories of cruizin’ junior proms together too!

  6. henrypuppyhead, you were not the only one…. and I don’t mean it as a disrespect to Sanchez
    somehow the human minds ends up reading things it wants to instead of what is actually written there

  7. After the draft I heard Carson and Scotty were having a sleep over at Marks house, maybe they will all take a shower together in Marks boyhood bathroom.

  8. Lets see. The “Mets” draft Mark Sanchez boyfriend and Sanchez and McKnight were “ball boys” at Santa Margarita High School…..

    If there was mention of a Catholic Priest then I would say something very wrong was going on……

  9. ratbastardshanahandjob – dude has the funniest sports screen name ever… none

  10. And just so everyone knows – I was the first one to give my previous post a thumbs up

  11. Ok now that all the wise cracks have been used… I’m from CO can’t stand CU or the donkeys but McKnight is a damn good receiver!!! Good route runner and great hands. As far as the draft position goes..n by no means am I drawing comparison but does anyone remember how low Rice and Sharpe were drafted? Like I said no comparisons but give the kid a chance he may just turn out to be a good player.

  12. But will he ever be given a real chance to play? White WRs(and white skill players in general except QB & TE) rarely ever get a fair shot the last 20 years.

    It’s pretty sad that Americans are stupid enough to actually believe that black players are “better” than white ones.

    Seems pretty stupid to beat one bigotry issue just to replace it w/another.

    Hint: black guys “look” more athletic b/c blacks have, generally speaking, lower body fat percentages than whites which causes them to *appear* “more muscular”. They aren’t; they’re just leaner, and the dark tone of their skin accentuates the musculature.

    Aside from the fact that black Americans are generally bigger/more muscular as a result of breeding from the days of slavery they are no different, athletically, than whites.

    And no: it isn’t “racist” to state facts(before anybody starts crying).

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