Jets take Greg McElroy


The Jets selected an Alabama quarterback Saturday afternoon.   This one will come to town with slightly less fanfare than Joe Namath did 46 years ago.

Gang Green took Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy in the seventh round with the No. 208 pick.

Speaking on PFT Live last week, Jets G.M. Mike Tannenbaum said that he believed in the approach of taking a quarterback every year in the draft.  He proved it on Saturday.

Mark Brunell is expected to play only one more season, and Kellen Clemens could be a free agent depending on the next CBA. McElroy projects as Mark Sanchez’s long-term backup if all goes well.

15 responses to “Jets take Greg McElroy

  1. If all goes well? If all goes well, Carrie Underwood will come through my door in about five minutes and get naked.

  2. Yay … oh dear. 😐

    Well … Big Congrats to Greg!!! Roll Tide!! He’s a good guy, former Rhodes Scholar candidate, was nice to the kids in my family. Hard worker and comes from a pro-style offense.

    Greg, get Joe Willie’s number. The worst trouble you’ll get into there is making embarrassing hits on Suzy Kolber. Stay away from Cromartie … and keep your shoes on around Rex’s wife.

  3. Can we please ditch the “Gang Green” nickname? One of the stupidest in professional sports.

  4. I thought Trey Wingo of Bristol was gonna tear up like a little girl while peeping through the fourth wall at this staged Norman Rockwell scene at the McElroy home. Staged by a father who is…OH YEAH…the lead marketing executive for the DALLAS COWBOYS!!!

    BTW, Where was the camera at Tyrod Taylors home? Why no emotional goings on and entire segment(s) dedicated to that young man and his wait. Oh yeah….His Daddy doesn’t have those connects.

  5. This guy thinks that he’ll be better than Cam Newton when a $50 million QB is sitting in front of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How are you going to trust a guy to take over your team when he looks like NBC Sports’ Jimmy Roberts?????

  6. Did Tyrod Tyler win a national Championship? Oh, so sorry. Nice try though on the race card.

  7. “Did Tyrod Tyler win a national Championship? Oh, so sorry. Nice try though on the race card.”

    Sorry but espnfeedback posted nothing about race nor implied anything about. Get a grip. When the packers drafted Matt Flynn, who won a national championship, there was also no staged, fake scene. Oh yeah, Flynn is white.

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