Mike Martz gets another quarterback to play with


We told you three weeks ago that Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz was beating the bushes looking for potential backup quarterbacks, including a trip to Moscow Idaho to visit with Nathan Enderle.

The trip was a productive one.  Martz convinced the Bears to take Enderle on Saturday with the No. 160 overall pick.

It was Chicago’s only fourth pick of the draft, so it’s not one to take lightly.  The Bears want long-term options to develop behind Jay Cutler other than Caleb Hanie.

Martz has only one year left on his contract.  He is going to have a lot of leverage because the team is putting a lot of resources into finding guys that fit his system.

12 responses to “Mike Martz gets another quarterback to play with

  1. Your right about leverage as he just turned down a 1 year extension, seems to know what he’s doing, or the fact he could be going somewhere else, although I find it hard to believe he’ll ever be a head coach again.

  2. yeah makes perfect sense,the backup you refused to play until you had no choice proved he can play in this league so instead of getting another lineman who could help the team now,you choose a qb who will take years to develop. why is angelo allowed to make picks for this or any other franchise?

  3. What? You guys are talking about a draft pick on draft day? Are you sure you don’t want to report on the Modell family’s reaction to the no-trade event from Thursday?

  4. Wasted pick.

    He is slow, throws a wobbly ball, put up so-so numbers against so-so competition and is not as half as good as the Bears current back up QB.
    He looks like a statue and if a mobile QB like Cutler has to run for his life then what is this guy going to do?

    I really like the Bears first two picks but the rest of the draft was a waste to me.
    Only one O Lineman, no WRs or CBs drafted….
    Typical Jerry Angelo.

  5. Bears management is the gang that can’t shoot straight. They got their QB KILLED last year and they draft ONE O-lineman? Where’s Jim Finks when you need ’em?

  6. What a waste this pick is, what a joke the Bears draft is.

    In the short term this guy is no better than caleb Hanie at back up and like or hate Cutler we all know we need him to be competitive. In the longterm, the Bears will probably cut in a few years maybe he’ll take off for another team in the league, as we double down on Cutler or another “marquee” QB.

    Gotta say, Carmimi and Paea will be great additions that cna help their rookie years. But like usual the Bears only make a couple good picks. I will say, I’m still ecstatic about Corey Wooten from last year and I hope our D line steps up big time… they have high potential and now some youth, so with Marinelli there I’m williing to bet they surprise some people. Gotta lock Anthony Adams up if free agency ever starts.

    should’be went fishing for more defensive backs, there was some good speedy talent left. No shut down corners, but the Bears could use someone who can at least run with fleetfooted receivers. My guess is with the Pack’s pack of receivers and Megatron in MoTown(Detroit is for real) they just count on a nickel package slowing them down. Hope I’m wrong.

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