Sean Payton: Mark Ingram’s arrival doesn’t signal Reggie Bush’s departure


When the Saints drafted a new Heisman Trophy-winning running back in Mark Ingram, the Heisman Trophy-winning running back they drafted five years ago went on Twitter to say his time in New Orleans was done.

But Saints coach Sean Payton says not so fast: He thinks there’s room for Reggie Bush and Ingram (not to mention running backs Pierre Thomas and Chris Ivory) to play in the same offense. And he says he told Bush that on Friday.

“It was similar to the talk I had with Deuce McAllister in 2006 after we drafted Bush. The player just needs to know what vision you have for them,” Payton said. “No. 1, we’ve kind of always separated the skill set of Reggie Bush. There’s so many unique things he does and brings to that position.”

Payton has a point: Although they’re both running backs, Ingram and Bush aren’t particularly similar as players, so it’s not as simple as saying that Ingram would be replacing Bush. There are plenty of ways for a creative offensive mind like Payton’s to make good use of both Bush and Ingram.

But there’s a much more important reason for Bush to be on the way out: Money. Bush is owed $11.8 million this season, and he’s simply not a good enough player to command that kind of salary. Getting rid of Bush will be about the Saints’ payroll, not their depth chart.

14 responses to “Sean Payton: Mark Ingram’s arrival doesn’t signal Reggie Bush’s departure

  1. It does, however, indicate that Sean Payton realizes that Bush isn’t nearly the running back he and so many other hype-consumers thought he was.

  2. Reggie calculated the amount of money it would cost him to roid up to Ingram’s size and decided it wasn’t worth it. Not to mention having to buy a new wardrobe to fit. Especially the hats.

  3. Bush is surely going to be offered a situational type role, at a situation player salary. Meaning a fraction of what he is due under his current contract. I agree that Mark Ingram’s arrival doesn’t signal Reggie Bush’s departure. Bush not playing up to his salary, and the Saints getting good production out of Ivory last year signaled Bush’s departure. The Ingram thing was more or less just icing on the already baked cake.

  4. All the naysayers wishing Bush goodbye, are uneducated Saint fans.. If we can restructure him, Why in the hell would you not want him back.

    I mean come on, the girls he brings to the sidelines alone should be worth a 4 year 20million$ contract..

  5. A little Twitter is a dangerous thing … especially in the hands of an NFL player. Still can’t fathom why Santonio Holmes announced intentions to break the substance abuse policy. And how icky for Ochocinco to call a conversation with Goodell “cool as fudge.” That takes brown-nosing to a bizarre new level.

    If Bush couldn’t welcome Ingram to the team, he should have remained silent. I’d have too much pride to tweet that the new guy is running me out of town. Makes him sound petty and pouty. Their styles aren’t similar, and Payton is one of the league’s most creative coaches. Would be interesting to see what he does with both of them. But Bush isn’t worth $11.8 million–and wouldn’t be even if Ingram weren’t coming to town.

  6. Bush should’ve been a WR from the get go, can’t run between the tackles in the NFL. Just play the slot and do returns, I like his chances against a db instead of an lb

  7. Reggie won’t make another $11.8 million over the remainder of his career, much less in one year.

  8. For $11 million, you need to be a clutch, every-down back. Bush isn’t because he can’t get regular consistent gains up the middle. This is just further proof that the ability to run roughshod over a bunch of cupcake opponents in college is, at best, a marginal indicator of success in the NFL, where star college athletes are no longer the biggest, fastest or toughest men on the field.

    Payton should take that money and develop a multiple-backs running game.

  9. On the plus side, the Saints’ backfield will be feared by many. And that’s fantastic.

    On the minus side, which Saints running back do I choose for my fantasy football team???

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