Vikings still looking like the destination for Donovan McNabb


The selection of Christian Ponder in the first round on Thursday was designed to fill the Vikings’ quarterback spot for the long term.

He might not be the short term solution to their needs under center, however. Jason La Canfora of is reporting that the Vikings are still likely to go after Donovan McNabb this offseason. La Canfora spoke with league sources who told him that there’s a “high probability” that McNabb makes his way to Minnesota.

This isn’t particularly surprising news. In fact, it is a good deal less surprising than the selection of Ponder with the 12th overall pick of the first round.

Even Ponder’s biggest supporters concede that it is going to take some time for him to be ready to take over the reins of an NFL team. Bringing in a veteran like McNabb would give the team someone more qualified to start (and, the Vikings hope, win) until he’s ready while also ideally serving as a mentor for Ponder. Joe Webb, the only in-house possibility as a starter, doesn’t really fit the bill on either count.

Leslie Frazier said that Offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave endorsed the idea of bringing in someone with more experience to go with Ponder, Webb and Rhett Bomar.

“I think that balances out a position, not just quarterback, but to have some young, developmental talent and also have some veterans — because players not only learn from coaches, they also learn from their fellow players.”

He didn’t expressly state a preference for a starter or a backup, but adding an option that allows them to bring Ponder along at the right pace seems like the most prudent decision.

35 responses to “Vikings still looking like the destination for Donovan McNabb

  1. Vikings decision makers are a mess.

    They gamblied the future on a washed up money grubber and rolled snake eyes w Favre, and
    now another wasted year with McNabb?

    Donovan had his day…a few years ago. He’s done.

    Enjoy another rebuilding year filled with question marks…

    I know all about them as a Lions fan and your situation feels HAUNTINGLY familiar.

  2. NO NO NO NO NO!!!

    STOP WITH THE MCNABB TALK! The friggin media is trying to shove this story thru and make it a reality. We don’t want him! If Childress were still here, then he’d give up our entire 2012 draft to get him, but I’m hoping Spielmann and Frazier aren’t that dumb.. McNabb is washed up crybaby, although he thinks he’s still an “elite” QB. He’s not going to want to come to a place where he’s just a “mentor” and only a short term starter. He will want to go be “the guy” someplace, not just groom someone to take his job.

  3. The Vikings under new management of owner have made some good draft choices and the shot with Favre gave them a good chance one year and fell apart last year, the previous coach drafted Jackson to be their qb and that did not work out and bringing in Ponder and then get a qb in free agency is the way to go.

  4. If LaCanfora is reporting it, then it will not happen. Everything he says is false.

  5. I’m happy as a Vikings fan. Frazier and Musgrave seem confident in what they want and how to go about it.You know, unlike Chilly. I have no problem with them bringing in McNabb for mentoring. I know the Viking plan is to get Ponder starting as soon as possible when he is ready. They will have no problem telling McNabb it is time to sit down.

  6. Just when you thought the Vikings could get any dumber, this story emerges.

    The Vikings already wasted a third round pick that the Pats used to secure their Qb of the future while the Vikings redefined the term “reach” in grabbing Ponder.

    If the Vikings give up future draft picks to get McNabb, that should trigger an immediate NFL investigation into the mental stability and competency of the entire front office. Look, courts intervene into family affairs and asset protection when the mental capacity of certain individuals can be proven to be insufficient. I can’t think of a better example of being off your rocker than bringing in McNabb as the answer.

    Never the less, I sincerely hope it happens. As if bringing in BrINT Favre didn’t set this franchise back a couple of years, I hope they compound the problem well into the next decade by trading for McNabb.

  7. fargovikesfan…..You do bring up a good point. McNabb may not want to be a mentor for he still wants to be the star he thinks he is. Money as usual will dictate everything though. I personally think McNabb will NOT be a Viking.

  8. Mckinnie is old, Loadholt is bad, Hutchenson is getting older and the Williams wall is all but gone…..yet they get a project QB with their 12th overall pick!?! LOL, Vikings are almost as bad as the Raiders.

  9. If McNabb wants to be “the guy” in Minnesota, all he has to do is win games….enough games to make the Vikings a Superbowl contender. If he can do that then he’ll continue to be the starter. If he can’t, then his stay will be as short as it was in Washington.

  10. At 12 they could have shored up their o line then traded up into late first round for ponder, although they had no 3rd to trade since they traded that for moss who was cut by the coach that got fired…

    This is the gift that just keeps giving

  11. Signing or trading for McNabb is the only thing that would make me less confident in the front office, coaching staff, owners and future of the Minnesota Vikings.

    A miserable Viking fan

  12. More of the same for the Vikings. Seriously, just stick with a young guy and stop bringing in has-beens. The Favre move worked for a year, but McNabb is no Favre.

    And pervy, if you know the Vikings plan, is it true the plan involves sucking again this year? Just curious.

  13. Ok, let me get this straight…

    Newton will start with the Panthers with LESS talent and the LEAST READY of all the QB’s

    but Ponder who is the MOST READY and has Adrian Peterson, Harvin, maybe Rice needs McNabb??


  14. Mcnabb would be in the system he was in in Philly not the Shanahan offense which is completely new offense than his previous years in philly. In that offense your first read was downfield than middle than short. The west coast is short first,middle than deep. he would be a good fit because he knows the offense. The Redskins have no talent other than Cooley in their offense. look at the weapons we have. he cant be judged on last year with a terrible redskin team!

  15. Unless the NFL institute some extreme rule regarding roster size, the Redskins can sit on McNabbs rights until the first game of the regular season. If the Vikings want him, they’ll need to give something up to get him. Not much I grant you, but Mike Shanahan is stubborn sod, he’ll cut off his own nose to spite his face. He’ll have no problem putting Donovan’s out of joint.

    That said, if Washington doesn’t draft a QB, they may be planning on bringing McNabb back for another year. Shanahan will have few qualms strong arming a player. McNabb can feel as disrepected as he likes but if Washington keeps him he will have to work hard, if only to recover some of his lost reputation. If he wants out, Shanahan can make it so that he either has to retire or play well enough to encourage a trade.

    I think Mike Shanahan’s ego is big enough for him to risk a second year trying to make it work with McNabb. Letting one of his first major moves in Washington be failure may be to much to bear for the “Ultimate Leader”.

  16. deconjonesbitchslap says:
    Lions fans are in no position to start criticizing another teams roster moves. Win half your games for more than 3 years in a row, then talk.

    FWIW, the Kittens did finish better than the Queens last season. Welcome to the cellar of the NFC North, Minnesota. The addition of McNabb to your sorry organization will only serve to ensure you stay there.

  17. I think the asking price for McNabb just went up, since the Skins didn’t draft a QB in the first three rounds. I think Donavan is slated to earn $16M this year?

    I don’t think Minny will bite.

  18. i do not want him! he throws dirtballs, skinsdan is right. We can talk about the lions now cause they are relevant unlike my vikes who aren’t anymore. That new, improved lions d line is gonna get us unless we change our o-line around.

  19. I Love all the Ponder is a reach and the vikes should have picked a dl or ol….what the hell good would that have done? They would have still needed a qb if they drafted something else in rd 1….did you happen to notice all the rest of qbs went early in the second before the vikes could pick? Ponder would have been gone by vikes rd2 pick. QB was their biggest, by far, need. And they tried to trade down but couldn’t so stop with the “they could have traded down to get him” crap. The Vikes brass made the best call to get the qb they needed. Was Ponder the 12th best player when they drafted him? No. But it was their biggest need and they filled that need.

  20. Ponder will be the best NFL qb of the bunch. I can’t wait to shove it in the faces of the negative Nancys and”too big a reach” drum beaters.

  21. kennyrogerschicken says:And pervy, if you know the Vikings plan, is it true the plan involves sucking again this year? Just curious.
    Yep, the Packers are World Chumpions. Too bad your fan base acts like anything but. You are classless and not deserving of being fans to a Chumpion. Putting deodorant on dirty armpits never works now does it?

  22. Only problem with this idea is MCNABB is staying in DC…media just can’t admit when they are wrong…Did anybody see the draft??????

    Skins had a QB at pick 10 in front of them ,,EVERYONE was saying it’s a done deal skins will take him…..

    they didn’t they traded the pick…and thus far have drafted no QBs. Mcnabb is the only QB under contract…they just sent 3rd and 4th for mcnabb from this draft last year….Then extended his contract….

    if they were going to move him…they would have before the lockout…they would have recouped some picks for this year.

    Sorry but media keeps beating this story into the ground where NOBody from all parties involved has said ANYTHING bout Mcnabb leaving. only place I’ve heard this…is sports writers in the media.

    i think the glaring sign was the Skins did not draft a QB thus far…passed on many QBs so MEDIA YOUR WRONG….JUST ADMIT IT ALREADY!

    Shanny smopked screened that they would draft a QB to try and trade down for more picks and it worked!

  23. The ability to understand protections & make reads.

    Playing quarterback in the NFL is about reading defenses, not turning the ball over, being aware of the third and fourth option, and studying the playbook. It’s about having total control of an offense that only comes with the freakish understanding of the playbook and the concepts.

    This is Ponder. The other Qb’s didn’t have it. Ponder was a great pick at 12!

  24. First off polegojim Since 1997 (14 seasons) yourLions have had 9 picks in the top 10, five of them in the top 5 and four of them in the top 3. In that same stretch since 97 the Lions are an impressive 70-156 and have not had a winning season or even .500 since 2001 your mighty Lions are 39-123 with all of those picks. Also in that span your Lions have had a whole 2 playoff games. And what must hurt the most is in the last 50 games your record against the Vikings is 14-36 and 3-20 since 2000. So anthing you say is irrelevant so go away.
    As for the Ponder pick I was shocked as well and pissed, until I heard what the supposed experts say about him. Accurate, very smart, had best pro day of all the QB’s in the draft, and most NFL ready of all QB’s in the draft. 12 was somewhat of a reach but if they wouldnt have taken him at 12 they would not have got a QB in this draft at all. Even if they would have traded down to 17 after Washington and taken him there, what is the difference between 12 and 17 is 17 not a reach but 12 is ??
    I really think they wanted Locker, but I don’t think the top 4 QB’s graded out much different from wach other.
    Finally for all the internet draft experts out there, I heard a good one today. All of you go look in the mirror and ask the person in the mirror how may paychecks you have recieved in your life for your NFL scout work you do for an NFL team. Even the supposed experts don’t really have a clue. I saw mocks with Gabbert going #1, Mallet going 12,15,30,25, Locker going 25th, Bowers going in the first round in 7 mocks, Fairley going 2nd in a couple. So even the supposed experts can take that look in the mirror as well.

  25. PFT is a weird site. I clicked on the Rumor Mill to read this article ( which was on the front page list of posts), and it isn’t/wasn’t there. I had to go to the search and search for it. Even though it was posted today it isn’t anywhere in the chronological list.

  26. @ decon & demo – and you can quote me:

    yada yada yada yada yada yada yada

    Fans like you crack me up–deflect and argue the NON-point of my post. Weak weak weak.

    Lions fans (and me very specifically) don’t need your trivial reminders about how horrible Detroit has been, nor what a travesty the Millen era was. We regret it, we lived it, it’s been a 20 year embarrassment. Thanks for pouring salt in my open wounds… ouch… NOT!

    Here’s some lemon for yours: That doesn’t change the fact of my post. The Vikings are still a mess and it’s sad.

    The Minnesota identity is LOST and now they’re searching to borrow others with has-been QBs and make shift line-ups. Peterson is the only consistent thing Minnesota has going.

    That’s a fact.

  27. I love the Christian Ponder pick.

    I admit I wanted Locker, and wouldn’t have minded if Gabbert fell to us but I think the Vikes HAD TO draft a QB with that pick and I have a gut feeling that Ponder is going to develop into a very good QB. He was a reach but it was ballsy pick by Frazier and Spiellman that HAD TO be made.

    With that being said I still like the idea of bringing in Mcnabb to groom Ponder, and Joe Webb, for a season or two. Playing behind a vet for a while worked out very well for Eli Manning, Aaron Rodgers, and Philip Rivers and I see no reason why it wouldn’t work in Minnesota.

  28. The one problem with DC is they haven’t had an O/L in years. McNabb, Brady, Manning (either) would have success behind that O/L. McNabb also had the least amount of weapons in his career in washington as well as “the bosses son” messing with his mechanics like he’s a rookie. I’m not saying he’s still the STUD he used to be, but last years sampling of work wasn’t all his fault. That being said, i really hope the Skins keep him and we pound you Vikes in the dirt on Christmas eve

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