Week after lymphoma diagnosis, Patriots take Marcus Cannon in fifth round

A difficult month for TCU offensive lineman Marcus Cannon took a turn for the better on the third day of the draft.

Less than a week since news broke that Cannon had a treatable form of lymphoma, the Patriots took him in the fifth round with the No. 138 pick of the draft.

It’s a classic Patriots pick.  NFL Network’s Mike Mayock had Cannon ranked as a top-50 player.  Michael Lombardi said the Bears were considering taking Cannon in the first round before the medical issue came up.

A massive player with great feet, Cannon could play guard or tackle at the next level.  He seems likely to fit in as a guard initially.

Cannon will undergo at least 12 weeks of chemotherapy and his status for the 2011 season is a little unclear.  The Patriots, more than most teams, are thinking long term rather than needing someone to chip in right away.

19 responses to “Week after lymphoma diagnosis, Patriots take Marcus Cannon in fifth round

  1. Nice. He’ll probably ride the pine most, if not all of this upcoming season, but he’ll have time to learn and develop to contribute next year at an extremely high level.

  2. Man, if he can play in 2011 after twelve weeks of chemotherapy, he’s going to be stunningly great for a long, long time.

    We’re pulling for you, Marcus.

  3. This is a steal. In this draft, the patriots have landed a left tackle, qb & of who were 1st round talents, not too mention the shortest of the 3 is the 6’7 qb. They added another 1st & 2nd next year. This team runs the draft.

  4. Yeah, he won’t play next year, which makes his being chosen that much more impressive.

  5. Just shows BB’s brilliance – it’s not about today, he is always thinking of the future. The Patriots will always be contender. Unlike other franchises who are gambling for the now, the Patriots are investing for the future. Do your thing Bill.

  6. A brilliant selection on many, many levels. Football first! They franchised an unhappy Logan Mankins this year to keep Brady upright. They know they won’t likely get Logan back for 2012. So they draft this kid, who could turn out to be better than Mankins, long term, and cross their fingers on the cancer. On the humanitarian side, it is a wonderful story on Marcus Cannon. Hang in there Kid! We’re all pulling and cheering for you.

  7. great value pick…..may not contribute this year, but when not if he beats cancer he will dominate…360 and not fat….not to many 360lbs guys you can say that about at that weight

  8. Bottom line…. Red Auerbach-Larry Bird move…….essentially a 1st rd pick for 2012 at a low cost…..

    This kid will get treated and recover on the PUP list…….get strong in the off season, and be a horse for 2012…..

  9. “This kid will get treated and recover on the PUP list…….get strong in the off season, and be a horse for 2012…..”

    Thanks Doc

  10. Another thing, Boston is one of the best cancer treatment centers in the world. Good luck Marcus!!

  11. As a lifelong Pats fan, TCU Alum, and good friend of Marcus I could not be more happy about this pick. Marcus is an absolute beast. He’s got insanely deceptive speed and he’s strong as an ox. I hope his recovery is as quick as possible. He could be a Patriot for a long time.

  12. Loved this kid as a prospect.

    As a Viking fan I was hoping they would take the chance on him because they need O-Line help desperately.

    Hope he kicks some cancer @$$ and recovers fully and turns out to be a stud for the Pats!

  13. The Pats will still be contenders long after the Jetz will have had their day in the sun and fizzled out. No team drafts better than the Pats. Marcus Cannon will get better, take over from Mankins, and become an All-Pro

  14. I wish him all the best! Heaven forbid the Bears should take a chance on a “massive” lineman who could possibly play more than one position. LOL

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