A handy post-draft rundown of teams needing quarterbacks

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Supply and demand drove the price of quarterbacks too high in this draft.  That doesn’t mean the demand has satisfied.

While seven quarterbacks were taken in the first three rounds, two of them were taken by teams with established starters.  (Jacksonville and New England.)   The Bengals took Andy Dalton, but that doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily give up on Carson Palmer.

Plenty of teams that had no legitimate quarterback option before the draft are even more desperate now.  And many of the teams that took a rookie quarterback early will still be looking for veterans.   Here’s a quick rundown:

Buffalo: It looks like they’ll ride or die with Ryan Fitzpatrick.   But coach Chan Gailey says they’ll look to add another QB to the roster.

Arizona: They didn’t take a quarterback, increasing speculation they will go hard after Kevin Kolb.  Matt Hasselbeck and Marc Bulger could also be options.  John Skelton sits atop the depth chart for now.

49ers: Jim Harbaugh wants to bring Alex Smith back, but it’s uncertain if Smith will want to be the bridge to Colin Kaepernick.

Titans: They surprised everyone by taking Jake Locker.  Now they just need a veteran quarterback to play before Locker is ready.   Vince Young will be booted, and Kerry Collins is unlikely to be back.

Vikings: Taking Christian Ponder won’t quiet any Donovan McNabb speculation.

Redskins:  They surprisingly didn’t show any interest in bringing in a rookie.  Would you believe they like John Beck?

Dolphins: They want to give Chad Henne another shot, but also want to give him competition.  Look for them to try to acquire Carson Palmer.  That could be tough to pull off.

Seahawks: Like the Cardinals, they are a complete mess at the position.  They don’t have a youngster or a legitimate veteran.  They will try to keep Hasselbeck, but could also compete with the Cards to acquire Kolb.

In short, it remains a seller’s market.

38 responses to “A handy post-draft rundown of teams needing quarterbacks

  1. I heard that the Dolphins were eyeing Mallet – they must have been pissed off when Belichick grabbed him before they could in the third.

  2. It wont matter that some teams stink at QB, there wont be a 2011 football season because of GREED!!
    Just as this was the last draft, hope you all enjoyed it cuz if we ever have football again, all the college players, maybe even some high school kids will be free agents and will choose the teams they want to play for. BOTH sides messed up what was the best sport in the world (even better than the world cup haha)……fans will turn just like they did on baseball in 1994 when the world series was canceled because of GREED…..the last CBA was fine for all, they should have kept it.

  3. The Dolphins traded up into the second round using their 3rd pick in the bargain. They passed on Mallet.

    Mallet will sit for the next four years barring injury. By then Belichick may very well ride into the sunset with Brady.

  4. Mallett is an immature head case; he and Belinchick (who of course is also a head case), deserve one another.

    Brady said that he plans on playing another ten years, so barring another major injury, Mallett will make a lot of money for just running the scout team, carrying around a clip board and wearing a ball cap.

    The only reason New England I’m sure took him is that they had a gaggle of draft picks and will hope that Mallett can keep his mouth shut, stay away from Latin Lettuce and then be parlayed as a chip in a future trade.

    As for other teams needing QB’s who didn’t draft one in the first two rounds? Arizona has zeroed in on Marc Bulger. Alex Smith appears headed back to the 49’ers. I look for Philly to deal Kolb to Miami and the Redskins to dump Mc Nabb on the Vikings.

    That still leaves Carson Palmer and Matt Hasselback in play. You know that Seattle would kill to trade for Palmer and by all reports are set to go with Whitehurst if they can’t deal for Palmer and not bring back Hasselback.

    That would leave Hasselback sitting on the sidelines waiting for the first starter to go down during the regular season.

  5. @joesixpack

    I guess you’ve never heard of smoke screens before. There’s a reason Mallett didn’t get drafted until the 3rd round.

  6. Palmer is broken. Just the sort of guy the Fins would go after. But, why would he want to go to Miami. NO chance of a Superbowl there and he wants to be on the WC. VY is the better option – he wouldn’t cost them much, if anything, he’s young and he’s got the goods. What he doesn’t have is maturity but one thing Sparano is good at is bringing attitude problems into line (it’s the only thing Sparano is good at – well, except for fist pumping – but that’s another story).

  7. “Seahawks: Like the Cardinals, they are a complete mess at the position. They don’t have a youngster or a legitimate veteran”

    Charlie Whitehurst probably thinks there are no legitimate veteran journalists at PFT.

  8. Belicheck raved about Mallet’s attributes and thinks he can contribute this year.

    “No quaterback in this draft can lie, cheat, or steal like Mallet. He will help us get back to the Superbowl for the first time since, well you guys know when.”

  9. Arizona has never indicated any interest in Kolb, it’s always been media speculation. They’ve been linked to Bulger a lot, and Hasselbeck has been tossed around as well.

  10. Getting a QB who can’t get the ball downfield to Larry Fitzgerald in Kevin Kolb makes absolutely no sense. Remember: Kolb consistently failed to get the ball downfield to Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson last year. Kolb is not a vertical passer like Eli Manning, and he is not even a west coast guy who can get the ball downfield when it is available like Aaron Rodgers. Instead, he is a spread, dink and dunk QB. He just doesn’t have the arm strength to throw the deep routes (or even some intermediate routes) and he doesn’t have the footwork or mechanics to even make those plays intermittently like Drew Brees and Tom Brady do.

    The Bengals aren’t trading Carson Palmer. A few years ago, they refused to deal Chad Johnson when they could have gotten a 1st and a 3rd for him. Carson Palmer doesn’t have nearly that much value (everyone knows that he has never been the same since his knee and elbow injuries) to add more than a 2nd round pick in a trade, and that isn’t worth enough to the Bengals to change their philosophy, let alone to give a viable QB to a talented team that will compete with them for a playoff spot. Miami is giving Henne another shot, but only out of embarrassment; trying to make their decision to pass up Matt Ryan work out. And like the Cardinals, they don’t need to trade for Kevin Kolb when they have so much invested in vertical WRs.

    In San Fran, Alex Smith needs to just accept what is likely to be his last paycheck. The guy just doesn’t have NFL skills … he isn’t accurate, doesn’t have the arm strength, and he isn’t nearly as good a scrambler as Urban Meyer’s scheme (and the bad defenses that he played against) made him appear to be at Utah. Everybody knows that Smith got two good coaches fired in San Fran.

    The Titans will probably bring Kerry Collins back. Can’t see anyone else who would step into that bad, bad situation.

    The Vikings’ taking Chris Ponder will indeed keep McNabb from going to Minnesota. McNabb doesn’t want a repeat of Philadelphia, where the Rush Limbaugh fans will start chanting for the backup the instant McNabb has a bad game. If the Vikings wanted McNabb, they should have used the #1 pick on a WR, especially since Sidney Rice may not be back. It would have been one thing for the Vikings to take a more developmental prospect like Kaepernik, which would have given McNabb at least a couple of seasons on the basis that a running QB from the WAC conference isn’t ready to be an NFL starter, and the Vikings are built to win now. But if you are going to draft a 3 year starter from a pro-style offense at a major college program at #12, you need to just go ahead and play him. As to where McNabb goes … who knows. (Buffalo Bills, maybe?) At this point, QBs who could have been available via free agency or trade are the lockouts’ big losers.

    Redskins will trade for a veteran QB as soon as the lockout is lifted, and my money is on Matt Flynn of LSU, who is perfect for Shanahan’s system.

    Dolphins are someone else who are built to win now and should consider trading for McNabb, or getting into the Matt Flynn sweepstates.

    The Seahawks are going to give Charlie Whitehurst at least one shot. And hey, Matt Leinart will be available, and cheap at that. Pete Carroll was able to save Mike Williams’ career; maybe he can do the same with Matt Leinart. And hey, as the Saints may release Reggie Bush, why not unite all three guys from that 2003 AP title team!

    Speaking of Leinart and USC … Vince Young is out there. Buffalo was rumored to be one of the teams willing to give up a middle round draft pick for Young. Remember: Chan Gailey’s reputation was made on a similar QB in Kordell Stewart when he was Pittsburgh’s offensive coordinator, and the Bills have an RB similar to Chris Johnson in C.J. Spiller.

  11. Hasselbeck would be a great fit as the #2 in Philly. He knows a similar offense and would be certain to get playing time behind the exciting but reckless Vick.

  12. Re McNabb to the Vikings. I think it made more sense last year when the Vikes had a west coast offense. The new OC is putting in something different, assuming the lockout ends in time. From PFT it seems as though McNabb didn’t work hard enough to pick a Redskins offense that was new to him, or maybe he just couldn’t learn it. So that doesn’t make him a great fit for the Vikes. Judging by Frazier drafting Ponder, he’s looking for “intangibles” and McNabb’s a prima donna.

    Nobody is mentioning trading for Orton, but I’m sure the Broncos will get some offers. I think he’s a better option than all the rest of the qb’s mentioned above for most teams.

  13. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see Shanahan bring in Vince Young. He has the athleticism that Shanahan loves in his QBs and his arm is often underated. I am sure Shanahan will believe as a former QB coach that he will be able to get through to Vince and bring out the best in him, I wouldn’t bet against him succeeding either.

    I think McNabb will be in Minnesota or as more of a long shot Arizona. Both teams can compete now if they bring in a decent QB, McNabb would certainly help either team.

    Going by their comments and their history, I don’t think Palmer is going anywhere. Marvin Lewis was quoted saying they consider Palmer retired and Mike Brown is too stubborn to give in so the ball is in Carson’s court, play for the Bengals or retire.

    Orton is likely still available and could probably help some teams out there with QB needs. He played pretty well the last 2 years in Denver and is an underated passer. That being said, I don’t think the Broncos are going to get a lot for him, probably and 3rd round pick.

    Hasselbeck will be back in Seatle, they need him and I think he likes being there.

    I don’t think the Titans make a move for a starter but maybe a veteran back-up instead. They drafted Locker 8th and I think they will want him to play early.

  14. I hope the Phins pick up Marc Bulger to compete with and mentor Henne. He’s apparently in really good shape and the rest of the free agent options just aren’t worth it.

  15. People talk about Kevin Kolb like he is the next Joe Montana. The guy is a borderline starter in this league. I wouldn’t trade anything of significant value for that guy.

  16. Interesting that that the vikes passed on Mallett in favor of Ponder, and then the patriots take Mallett with the pick they got from the vikes for a bag of gar…er, Randy Moss. That might make for an interesting storyline 5 years from now. I’m just saying.

  17. First off even making this a story is silly…..Its gonna be backwards and of course teams still need QB’s….No free agency yet and no trades….so alot of teams still have plenty of needs….My Skins are at the TOP of that list…..but if anyone really thinks Management doesnt have a “BIG BOARD” for Free Agency like they did the Draft then they would be dellusional….of course teams arent set….the draft is just a place to add new young talent and a few GUYS will be STUDS….Free Agency is where the Players will be to get once thats allowed…None of the Analysts can really say anyone had a terrible Draft because without Free Agency b4 IT how would any team be able to fill all of its needs…..And i know many people with comment back with a “hey the skins always blow money on top free agents and look where that has got them” but im not talkin about big name guys…..This offseason their are supposed to be some 500 free agents…..so many guys to fill in ur roster with….I dont want the Skins to pony up seious cash for ANYONE…..I just want descent guys who fit the NEW system and like EVERY other team in the NFL it will get done

  18. All this talk about quarterbacks and no one has yet mentioned the possibility of Peyton Manning hitting the free agent market (assuming franchise tags are declared removed based on the legal challenges currently as yet unresolved).

  19. Skins pass up the best QB prospect in the past decade, but at least they have lots of 7th round draft picks.

  20. all this tongue wagging and no mention of Kyle Orton. He has always been a solid average QB and had his best year last year. He would be a worthy upgrade on at least 7 teams.

  21. Yeah, I’d take Orton in Miami but last I heard they wanted a 1st rounder for him. A third? Heck yeah. Marshall had his best year(s) with Orton and Orton is far better than Hen-pecked.

  22. purdueman says:
    That would leave Hasselback sitting on the sidelines waiting for the first starter to go down during the regular season.
    I’m sure the Titans would love to have Hasselbeck come down to Nashville and play ahead of Locker for a couple of seasons.

    I also believe that the Redskins will probably look into Kyle Orton. If they believed in John Beck so much, why didn’t he play when they pulled McNabb?

  23. I don’t think the draft really changed the QB situation. Last year Bradford was really the only rookie who solved a quarterback situation for his team. None of the prospects this year are as advanced as Bradford was.

  24. endzonezombie says: Apr 30, 2011 7:56 PM

    “Seahawks: Like the Cardinals, they are a complete mess at the position. They don’t have a youngster or a legitimate veteran”

    Charlie Whitehurst probably thinks there are no legitimate veteran journalists at PFT.

    Is PFT being that off based endzonezombie? Clipboard Jesus has ONE decent game and he is the savior? And Hasselback..I wont even go there

  25. I am shocked that none of these teams wanted to take a chance on Ryan Mallett. Of course it’s the Patriots who see something in it and it is very possible that we see another very savvy choice from Belichick and his staff. You talk about getting value. You’re drafting guys like Ponder 12th overall when Mallett has all the physical qualities to be a franchise QB and he doesn’t go until 74th to a team that doesn’t even need a quarterback. Surprising to me.


  26. Out of all teams, sending a “headcase” (as some have called him) Mallett to New England may be the best case scenario for him. Not only does he have Tom Brady to learn from, but he has Belichick to mold him into a solid starter – as he did Matt Cassell

  27. “larryfitzgerald4mvp says:
    Apr 30, 2011 8:15 PM
    Arizona has never indicated any interest in Kolb, it’s always been media speculation. They’ve been linked to Bulger a lot, and Hasselbeck has been tossed around as well.

    —They *should* be interested. He’d be a good fit. In fact, he’s basically the #1 talent right now available for trade.

  28. Everyone is talking about McNabb being done in DC… I’l believe it when I see it.

    If the NFL has a season next year McNabb will be under center for the Redskins. He is still the best QB in DC, has a contract to play next year in DC, and the Skins just made him better by drafting an excellent receiver.

  29. altho daytwa needs more OL help, a real QB who can take a hit is needed.

  30. Carroll would throw himself in front of a bus before bringing in Leinart.

    He coulda had the loser last year for nothing.

    Carroll is going to sell his soul for Barkley – lol

  31. There is no way Hasselbeck isn’t starting somewhere next season.

    He’s been to the playoffs six times in eight years and had pretty memorable performances in them.

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