Bucs may be moving on from Ruud


We mentioned early this offseason that the Bucs probably would have to choose between re-signing linebacker Barrett Ruud or guard Davin Joseph.   Their draft over the weekend gave us a clue to their plans.

Stephen Holder of the St. Petersburg Times writes that the Bucs plan to use versatile third-round pick Mason Foster at middle linebacker, where Ruud plays.  Holder says no decision has been made on Ruud, but taking Foster doesn’t bode well for his future.  (For the record, they didn’t draft a guard.)

Tampa’s decisions elsewhere in the draft were also telling.  They didn’t take a cornerback until round seven. Holder says the team is a lot more confident in Ronde Barber, E.J. Biggers and Myron Lewis than outsiders think regardless of what happen with Aqib Talib.

The Bucs reportedly weren’t likely to take Prince Amukamara if he fell one more spot to No. 20.

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  1. Didn’t take a guard until the 5th round?

    So we’re moving 5’10” 185lb Ahmad Black from SS to OG?
    That seems like an odd roster move, we’d have been better off just drafting a guy that played the position in college.

    And you rip ESPN for false reporting of news/facts.

  2. I expect the Bucs to offer a 1yr tender to Ruud so Foster can learn more before being asked to call the defense. Great pick!

    FYI: The Bucs have a lot of quality players. Talib is not the face of our franchise, thanks.

  3. Steelybills–his old man was one of the biggest Bills busts ever. Maybe the next generation will work for us !

  4. “So the team wants to get rid of it’s only solid citizen.”

    Yeah, it’s clear you know jack about the team other than what’s been said about Talib on the blotter.

    We’re listening. We’ve learned you’re a tool. Next.

  5. Yeah right they wouldn’t have taken prince. There just wasn’t a corner they’d settled on after the top two…the next best was Jimmy smith, with this off-field issues plus Talib’s, they’d have been scrutinized.

  6. @grudenthediva

    How bout
    Mike Williams
    Jeremy Stevens
    Jermaine Phillips
    Geno Hayes
    asst. coach Chris Mosely
    asst coach Jayson Kaiser
    Aquib Talib
    Momma Talib

    Are you still listening ??
    Can you hear me now?

    Now go take your nap boy

  7. Ruud is the type of guy that will make a good play every game. And then sink into mediocrity for the rest of the game. The consistancy just isnt there. He hardly ever makes tackles behind the line, and he’s out of position a lot.

    He’s got a lot of tackles, but the vast majority is after the other team gained 5 yards.

  8. Mike Williams – Found to be COMPLETELY innocent of any wrongdoing/overzealous cop
    Jeremy Stevens – Cut
    Jermaine Phillips – Cut before the incident occurred
    Geno Hayes – Soon to be relegated to a backup
    asst. coach Chris Mosely – low level asst
    asst coach Jayson Kaiser – Rah’s secretary
    Aquib Talib – On his last chance
    Momma Talib – Seriously? lol

  9. Mason is a guy who can play all 3 LB positions. Taking him gives the Bucs the choice to sign Black, Ruud, or neither. Dekoda Watson is a solid young guy who filled in well last year. Bucs have a lot of options and this also gives them leverage in negotiations. Great pick and fore thought by the Bucs.

  10. I give the Bucs an A+ for this whole draft. They drafted guys with leadership qualities[team captains] and most of them can play more than one position and have shown great work ethics. Great options for Coach Morris to work with on special teams and such. They fixed the pass rush issue . They now have a two tight end options that may allow Josh Freeman to avoid sacks by getting rid of the ball faster. Also a big back for short yardage and pass protecting the Freeman. So many weapons ,so many options. Let’s get back to business soon! GO BUCS!

  11. Dear iamaretard,

    Even using your ridiculous attempt at logic, using just the active roster, that would still leave 48 “solid citizens”.

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