Cincinnati’s No. 1 priority now: Re-sign Cedric Benson


When Bob Bratkowski was still the Bengals’ offensive coordinator, it looked like Cedric Benson would return to the team.  Now Marvin Lewis has made it clear the team wants Benson back.

The Bengals head coach indicated the first thing the team would do after the new league year starts is bring back Benson.  This agrees with previous reports, and the need was amplified during the draft.

Cincinnati was reportedly looking at running back Daniel Thomas atop round three before the Dolphins traded ahead of them to grab him. The team wound up not taking a running back until their final pick of the draft: Baylor’s Jay Finley.

That should give Benson plenty of leverage when he negotiates his likely return to the team.

12 responses to “Cincinnati’s No. 1 priority now: Re-sign Cedric Benson

  1. The 1st Priority is to get Ocho Stinko out of town before he has a chance to corrupt any of your new young players. Then trade Palmer as soon as possible to get him away from Dalton

  2. Why? If you are going to rebuild your team, then rebuild your team. By the time the Bengals (and specifically Dalton) are truly ready to compete with the Steelers and Ravens for the division, Benson will be washed up. No point in keeping him around, but if they do, a 1-year deal is the most they should offer. Then target a good young RB next year in the draft to team up with Dalton and Green for a sweet offense for the next decade.

  3. @sterilizecromartie

    You do realize the Bengals swept the division in 09 with the youngest team in the NFL right? You do realize that having a bad year after one good one is normal for young teams as well right? I understand being a homer and all, but you don’t have to be stupid.


    Just cutting Bratowski made it better! How many times can you let the Madden AI call your plays and be successful professionally?


    Feeling dat!

  4. Benson doesn’t have as much leverage as you’d think. First, after a good year, he shopped himself around two years ago and came back to Cincy as no-one wanted him. He took a short term deal to prove himself to the league and his stats have dropped each year. So there won’t be a big multi-year offer from another team, unless it is from one of the AFC North teams, who might sign him to weaken the Bengals. As a result, expect another one or two year deal. Benson will wait for more, but he won’t get it.

    If they start Dalton, expect the RB position to get a lot of carries to take the load off the QB. I really doubt we’ll see the full WCO that Gruden promised this year.

    Benson can catch the ball (for the WCO), but for some reason the Bengals coaching staff won’t throw to him; they tend to substitute Brian Leonard in throwing situations, giving the defense another thing to key on (Bengal’s play calling predictibilty). This is a Marvin Lewis problem, so people who thing the predictible play calling was entirely Bob Bratkowski’s fault may be in for a big surprise.

  5. Benson will be back. Not only will the Bengals most likely offer him the most money, but he’ll be the man whereas not many other teams would offer him that role.

  6. @winterbengal

    You are right about one thing: you are being a homer.

    Do you really think this current Bengals team, with or without Benson, can win this division or make the playoffs in a stacked AFC? The answer is “No”. Sorry. The Bengals are rebuilding. You should know that. It’s not a slap in their face. It’s just reality. And when you rebuild its out with the old and in with the new.

    But hey, if you would rather your rebuilding team keep an aging RB who averaged 3.5 YPC and fumbled 7 times last year, all I’ll say is good luck with that.

  7. If Benson does come back, he needs to protect the football better. He fumbled way too much last year. And even if he does return, the team needs to get Bernard Scott more touches. Scott’s misuse was one of the greatest failures of the season last year. A healthier split between Scott and Benson would help both players and the offense as a whole.

  8. Scott isn’t some backup running back to be forgotten. He can start in this league. The bengals need to figure out how to get this guy involved. They had a great run in 2009 because this guy had some HUGE plays.

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