Dolphins reportedly tried to trade up for Ryan Mallett


Chad Henne’s job security improved over the weekend, but the Dolphins still plan to add competition for him.

“I’ve made that perfectly clear,” Tony Sparano said Saturday about adding competition at every position. “I think that’s important, so we’ll see what happens when we get there and if we can fill that need, we’ll try to do it.”

So it’s still a need for the Dolphins, just one they will try to fill with a veteran.  Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald says they tried to fill the need with Ryan Mallett in the third round, before the Patriots took him.

“We were willing to take him, we just couldn’t get our hands on him,” a source told Salguero.  “We tried, but we couldn’t do it. He’s going to be a good quarterback.”

Hmm.  They couldn’t have tried that hard.  Miami didn’t see Mallett as someone worth taking in the first two rounds, so it seems odd they wanted to move into the top of round three to get him.

Consider that the Dolphins traded their third- (No. 79), fifth- (No. 146) and seventh-round (No. 217) picks to move up for running back Daniel Thomas at No. 62.  Were they really going to give up another group of picks to get Mallett?

Something just smells odd here.  The Dolphins clearly didn’t want Mallett that much, which is fine.  30 other teams agreed.

Calling him a “good quarterback” after the fact sounds like covering your ass.

42 responses to “Dolphins reportedly tried to trade up for Ryan Mallett

  1. The Miami Dolphins just can’t do ANYTHING right. Heck, Dan Marino falls into their lap and they couldn’t even win anything (except for the fake spike game) LOL

    The Dolphins need to change their name to:


  2. I think they didn’t think the Pats would take him after 2 rounds,however I take there word that they would like to had him in round 3 if possible, remember he would be a work in progress and I am glad the fins got some speed and perhaps the center they needed way more than a QB that every one pass over. Bill p.s. there is always something that smells with there owner and head coach, just saying.

  3. Covering their ass is correct, they had ample oppurtunity to get him. The Dolphins have been trying to replace Marino for 12 years now with second rounders (Beck-Henne) and journey men (Pennington-Freely-Culpepper). Until they invest and develop a first round QB, they will continue to rebuild. This was Irelands last chance, Carl Peterson who is close to Ross will be the next GM.

  4. Calling him a “good quarterback” after the fact sounds like covering your ass.

    Considering that Bill Belichick – who knows a thing or two about quarterbacks (see; Brady, Cassell, Kosar) – took him, maybe covering your a$$ may not be such a bad isea if the kid turns out to be Brady’s replacement someday?

  5. Don’t worry Fish Fans, Belichick will trade you Mallett in a couple of years for your 1st round pick

  6. Your columns are so slanted – acting like you don’t understand why they would trade up in Rd 3 when they selected for need in 1 &2 shows your cluelessness

    As for complimenting Mallet – it’s never too early to tamper. Odds are Brady plays 5-7 more years – Mallett will be gone by year 4

  7. Welcome to Miami John Gruden………
    this group of Monkeys has one season left to go to the playoffs.
    Ross will look for a guy that truly values the QB position and will do what it takes to get a good one. IMO that would be gruden. He’ll be chomping at the bit by then and will come relatively cheap.

  8. Dan Marino’s two NFL head coaches won Super Bowls with other qb’s, but couldn’t do it with Dan, so who really couldn’t win?

    Exceptional talent,but he didn’t win a title and to be considered as one of the greatest qb’s ever ,you have to have a SB trophy.

  9. This is a reckless piece of reporting/blogging/whatever you want to call it.

    How can you infer that the Dolphins a.) didn’t want Mallet and b.) didn’t try hard to get him? All you know is that they didn’t end up drafting him. They passed on Mallet in the first two rounds, which was obviously wise from a draft management perspective seeing as the demand ultimately wasn’t there for him until midway through the 3rd round. For all you know they tried to package their remaining picks with a 2012 pick in order to move up into the front-end of 3rd round at which point they felt the risk/reward was appropriate.

    How is it odd that they passed on him in the first two rounds, but that they could have felt that he offered value in the third round? I’m beginning to question whether or not you understand the meaning of value and the most basic principles behind an intelligent draft.

  10. The old guys busking on the corner are the folk duo Sparano & Ireland. They only have one song. “If I Had A Mallett”.

  11. @duanethomas
    I hear ya man….i just posted this exact same thing on a dolphins fan forum.

    Gruden/Peterson if no playoffs in this next season.

  12. The one concern that the Dolphins might have had is that there was supposedly some beef between Henne and Mallet when Mallet originally backed up Henne in Michigan.

  13. @ richm2256

    Kosar? He couldn’t kick him out of there fast enough and replace him w/ Testaverde. Kosar was Marty’s boy.

  14. duanethomas says:May 1, 2011 12:33 PM

    Covering their ass is correct, they had ample oppurtunity to get him. The Dolphins have been trying to replace Marino for 12 years now with second rounders (Beck-Henne) and journey men (Pennington-Freely-Culpepper). Until they invest and develop a first round QB, they will continue to rebuild. This was Irelands last chance, Carl Peterson who is close to Ross will be the next GM.

    Obviously nobody thought Mallett was a 1st round QB (or a 2nd). So having the Phins take him in the 1st would have been crazy. If defenses fly through our O-line and nail the qb, it doesn’t matter how good (or bad) he is. Hard to throw from your back. Same for RB. Getting strong O-line WILL help Henne (or whoever is QB) and our running game.

  15. Miami needs to use a year to start stockpiling picks for future years. It’s amazing seeing New England using trades to improve in future years. Eventually, those future years makes picking NOW lucrative.

    I hate this regime’s philosophy in drafting strategy…

  16. Well maybe they had a certain value in mind that they were willing to trade for a chance to pick him and none of the teams ahead of them wanted to accept it.
    Doesn’t mean they didn’t really try or didn’t want him…just that they didn’t want to (in their minds) “overpay” for him.

  17. All this draft does is put us further behind the AFC powers like Pittsburgh, New England and Indianapolis. This isn’t a division thing its a conference thing damn it. We drafted a center with the 15th pick ,doesn’t anyone think that thats a little high. We’re basing his future performance on that of his brothers success,ntot his inability to pass block or snap the shotgun snap!! This was the same reasoning for drafting John Jerry last year!!

    Then we trade a number of picks to draft a RB who is similar to the ones we already have. Where was the speed upgrade ? Where was the player to change a morbid,predictable and often to conservative offense ? You can’t talk out of side of your mouth to all your fans Jeff.

    Then we draft the “speed” guy in the 4th round. Yup I could see this panning out except that our coach wants to run the ball 40 times a game. The threat of speed only works if you try it and Henne is to inconsistent in that approach. I’m sorry but this draft has sent us backwards because it showed Ireland selects like Sparano coaches..scared.

  18. just another meaningless draft. we had a chance to get him late in the second round. we did not. You could pick up a running back in free agency. not a qb. henne makes bonehead decisions and is not accurate. And for some reason the worst decisions come in the in the 4th quarter. Lets see how many draft picks we hand over to some other team for a qb that that team didn’t want to begin with. prediction another 7-9 season. bottom of the afc east

  19. droopyyydog1 – who exactly is Daniel Thomas similar to? the only RB the Fins have under contract for the upcoming season is Lex Hillard.

    I can think of a number of good centers off the top of my head that were taken high in the draft.

    Alex Mack – mid 1st
    Nick Mangold – mid 1st
    Kevin Maware – early 2nd
    Maurkice Pouncey – mid 1st

    You draft based on need AND value, so even if you need a QB or some other position, you’re not going to take a guy in the first round unless they have value in relation to your draft slot. The Dolphins were obviously comfortable with Puncey’s value at 15. I think this is a great pick considering that Miami’s interior O-line was possibly the team’s weakest unit for virtually all of the last two seasons.

  20. It’s hard for phin fans to get exited about the season when you see your biggest deficit being the most important position on the field. I think they ought to kick the tires with D-Nabb and see if there’s anything left in that tank.

  21. Why reveal this? It does nothing to help your incumbant QB. It also suggests you made a mistake in the draft. If you genuinely think a Mallet is going to be a good player, you pick him in the second.

    Seriously, there was a strong chance he would be picked as soon as Kapernick and Dalton went off the board. If you really think he is going to be good you have to make your move then. If you aren’t certain about a player then you’d have justification for waiting.

    Either they’re overstating how much they wanted him, or they’re admitting that they’ve just been beaten out of a player they wanted by a divisional rival.

  22. I am so sick of trash like this! Fans today are so impatient! Believe it or not, Chad Henne’s numbers are quite similar to those of Mark Sanchez. The difference here is that Snachez has a decent o-line in front of him and a coaching philosophy that allows him to throw dowen field somewhat often. The Phins are way too conservative in their approach to the passing game! It used to be that temas would give their QB’s 2-3 years of playing time before writing them off, now many fans are ready to cut or trade a guy after a few tough games. It;s ridiculous to say the least! Henne has all the tools, the size, the big arm, the work ethic, and he appears to be relatively smart. With Henning gone and a new coordinator in, give the kid a chance. If he doesn’t cut it this year, then you move to replace him. Give him a chance with a solid o-line and a new offensive coordinator.

    As for Mallet, I don’t think the kid is very bright and I don’t see our not selecting him as a major loss. Henne is smarter and has just as good an arm. The Pouncey pick was a good one, but not because he is the twin brother of Maurkice. Mike Pouncey was easily the top interior linemen in this draft, he’s swift into his blocks and is strong as heck. The rest of the draft was questionable at best, though it did address our needs. Daniel Thomas is intriguing, but he’s been know to fumble. Don’t like that, but I do like that he’s 230lbs. and built like Ronnie Brown.

  23. If they really wanted Mallet they would have grabbed him when they moved up in the second round. This regime knows their butts are on the line. If they don’t make the playoffs this year, they’re gone. (that is ofcoarse if our idiot owner learned his lesson & knows now to fire the coach before you go touring the country for his replacement) Sporano & Ireland have no time to try & develop Mallet. It’s extremely rare to have a rookie qb step in & be successful. Their plan all along was to bring in a veteran to compete with Hene. I would not be surprised if they tried to bring Pennington back, or traded for Palmer.
    Thet did fill needs with an O-Lineman, speedy receiver & TE. Unfortunately it looks like more conservative & boring offense for 2011.

  24. CYA! They trade up to get Daniel Thomas when Ricky and Brown are still very serviceable was a waste. They needed a QB much more. I guess now they’ll wait until they can sign another teams reject in free agency.

    Not a way to improve your team.

  25. I hope this means they’ll go get Vince Young to be QB this year.But if they don’t after Henne sucks another year they can get Andrew Luck next year.

  26. Why do so many fans assume if the Dolphins selected Mallett that he would magically turn the organization around?

    These are the same people who marched with torches and pitch forks storming the center of town when the Dolphins passed on Brady Quinn and took Ted Ginn.

    This just in: they both suck.

  27. It’s funny how everyone here thinks it’s such a huge mistake that we didn’t take Mallett but as a die hard Michigan fan, I’m here to tell you that watching Henne for four years and Mallett for two, Henne gave us the best chance to win ANYTHING. He even smashed Tebows unstoppable Gators the year he won the Heisman in the Capitial One bowl. Give him a shot, when he isn’t being rushed to run back and throw now that we don’t have a line like the Washington Deadskins, he will do it for us and I don’t wanna here from any one of you naysayers trying to backpedal. Hopefully the mia front office will pounce on Braylon Edwards or Steve Breaston, the two recievers he had at MICH and did the best with.

  28. They never seriously wanted Mallett. Henne gave them the dirt on him, he knew Mallett from his time at Michigan. Miami is obviously thin at QB but Henne is a WAY safer bet then Mallett. There’s a reason he was the last QB standing, there’s a real chance he’ll never even make an NFL roster.

  29. How can you say you “couldn’t get their hands” on a guy who dropped to the third round? I hope Dolphins fans are embarrassed of their front office.

  30. @”georgeanderson2″ – yeah Marino really isnt known as one of the best QBs ever…..Im not a football guru but u really have no clue about football WHATSOEVER….so doug williams, trent dilfer, hostetler & especially big ben the rapist(1st SB) really helped their team win their SB – wake up jackass its called having a supporting cast but your too stupid to understand that…I get it. Theres a reason Marino held the record for awhile with 2 min comeback wins…they had no d and no running game. Elway won because Terell Davis was his missing piece…

  31. If the Dolphins want Mallett, they can still get him via trade. How hard would it be to package a 4th or 5th round pick next year with depth player the Pats could use this year? If they really wanted him, they could still do it before the games start (whenever that may be)

  32. If Miami had drafted Mallet in the 7th round…people would have called it a reach. Belicheat wastes a pick on him when they need DL help…and he’s called a genius. Same ‘ol same ol.

  33. “thefiesty1 says: May 1, 2011 2:49 PM

    CYA! They trade up to get Daniel Thomas when Ricky and Brown are still very serviceable was a waste. ”

    Ricky and Ronnie will both be free agents.

    But nice job of sounding like you almost know something about football!

  34. @phinsfan

    Marino was an exceptional talent and he did provide fans with many highlights. And if you can’t lead a team to a title, I guess entertaining the fans is the next best thing.

    But to continually use the notion that Marino had no help around him, is essentially saying the HOF coach, only man to lead a team to a true undefeated season, another legendary coach who brought the Cowboys back to relevance; had no clue what they were doing when assembling the Miami Dolphins. You are saying the Dolphins didn’t use NFL talent during Marino’s career. You can throw stats out of no running game, but Marino was selfish, he wanted to be the one who controlled the outcome, he didn’t have a team first mentality.
    When the league adds more regular season games and Marino is continually passed by other guys, he will just be another Dan Fouts. And do you ever hear Dan Fouts name in the discussion of greatest QB’s of all time, nope, you have to win a title to be considered a greatest of all time QB.
    Outside of Dolphins fan base, you won’t find too many who think he should be in the conversation.
    Everyone thinks sports was at its best in their youth, so watching a guy like Marino at that time was exciting, just as exciting as a Mike Vick is now, this is competitive team sports, you play for championships not individual records.

  35. @georgeanderson2 – wow your football stupidity gets even better by the post – yeah Im sure that everyone in football will really compare Marino to Fouts….everything u mention in ur 2nd dumb post supports even more that u need a supporting cats DUMBASS…which he never had on D or a RB. I was at the fake spike game sitting on the visiting 45 yard line 5 rows from the field. If you remember it was a huge game and the fish were gettin spanked in the first half and there was Marino pacing up and down the side line keeping everyone focused and keeping them in the game – it was something u couldnt see on tv and to see it happening at the time goes to show what a competitor he was…yeah really selfish…and then to play on half on half a leg years later yeah – wake the F up you moron…

  36. Keep your head in the sand about your QB ,who couldn’t lead his team to a Super Bowl trophy.

    You think being compared to Fouts is negative, then buddy , you show a lack of football knowledge. Fouts is another exceptional talent who couldn’t win a Super Bowl as QB 1.

    Yeah, to play on a half a leg, what a warrior… selfish. Hurting his team by not being at full strength and trying to play the most important position on the field.

    Enjoy your memories of the great Marino, throw your stats around about how great he was, and only if Don Shula and Jimmy Johnson knew what they had they would have put a better supporting cast around him. You should try saying that to yourself out loud; Don Shula and Jimmy Johnson don’t know how to assemble a football team, better yet , go tell that to any of your football friends who aren’t Phins fans. Yup, it sounds so stupid.

    Waynes biggest mistake was not allowing Jimmy to trade a washed up old man, who can only throw the ball , so he could build a long lasting franchise to win Super Bowls. The Miami Dolphins are in awful shape because of Marino, they were going to be great with Jimmy, but Dan got in the way. But stats are great for the one dimensional QB.

    Phinsfan, you should try learning about the game of football rather than just being a homer for your Dolphins. But then again all other fans of other teams enjoy coming to Miami when you don’t play the Jets or Pats, its so easy to get a ticket, and it becomes a home game for the visiting team. But hey it’s Miami , I’d rather be fishing as well…Tight lines.

  37. @ lostsok:

    Think before you act like a jackass. What he’s saying is, we didn’t need to trade away half of our draft for Thomas, a RB who is JUST LIKE Ronnie Brown (only SLOWER), when we could easily re-sign Brown, Williams or both. Neither of those guys will be demanding a huge contract. This is all so dumb. Wanted Mallett but couldn’t get their hands on him…give me a break. The Dolphins have turned into a joke. This is like a real life version of the film Major League, and Ross is trying to make sure attendance gets low enough to where he can move the team to L.A. …

    May 2, 2011 12:45 PM
    “thefiesty1 says: May 1, 2011 2:49 PM

    CYA! They trade up to get Daniel Thomas when Ricky and Brown are still very serviceable was a waste. ”

    Ricky and Ronnie will both be free agents.

    But nice job of sounding like you almost know something about football!

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