Giants spokesman stokes Jets rivalry

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On Saturday, we posted an item regarding the declaration by coach Rex Ryan in his new book that the Jets would have beaten the Packers in Super bowl XLV.

Later in the day, Giants spokesman Pat Hanlon embarked on a series of Twitter messages in response to our post on the subject.

You gotta be in it to win it,” Hanlon said in his first remarks regarding Ryan’s boast.

Then came this gem:  “Tom Coughlin wrote a book, too.  It was about a team and [a head coach] that won a Super Bowl.”

There’s more.  And it’s all funny.  And it adds flavor and spice to a rivalry that has always been sort of a rivalry but that now is really becoming a true rivalry.

They play this year on Christmas Eve, and we’ve got a feeling that Hanlon will greet Rex with a sprig of mistletoe attached to the back side of Hanlon’s pants.

23 responses to “Giants spokesman stokes Jets rivalry

  1. Although I live in NY, I am neither a Jets or Giants fan. However, I’ve seen/heard/read enough about Mr Hanlon to know he’s all mouth and very little substance.

  2. The Packers beat the Jets 9-0 this year in their house. If the Jets had made it to the Super Bowl they would have been a big underdog. It all start at QB, how does Sanchez compare to Rodgers? Enough said.

  3. Sanchez is not a starting qb in this league. Until the Jets get somebody who can play that position, Rex better keep his mouth shut, because if he doesn’t, the other teams in this league will for him.

    Also, with the Jets 17 FA’s, they are a long way from a Super Bowl.

  4. I’m not a Jets fan either, but coys10 probably never watched Sanchez play. If Sanchez isn’t a starting QB, there are many players who also shouldn’t be a starting QB.

  5. How many times do we have to say it before it gets through the minds of you, dull, dull people?

    Sanchez has three (3) years of starting experience in BOTH the NCAA and the NFL. He was plucked right out of college (where he had 1 year as a starting QB) and was thrown straight into the fire of the NFL. Do you really expect him to light the league up?

    Rodgers, by comparison, started 3 years in College, sat behind a future Hall of Famer for 2 years to learn the trade, then started for another 2 more years before he won the Super Bowl.

    We know you hate the Jets, but let’s be realistic here. Sanchez is still as green as the jersey he wears.

  6. @nyjalleffingday
    If you were the coach of an NFL team, and you had a starting QB who is as green as the jersey he wears, would you predict a Super Bowl victory?
    I admit the Jets have exceeded expectations the last two years, but to get to the next level they will need more production from the quarterback position. Sanchez may yet develop into that quarterback, the jury is still out.

  7. @Sakatak

    Fair point, and admittedly, no I wouldn’t, but Rex is known for doing things his own way, and for the most part, it works. On the other hand, I am a commenter on a football blog, and Rex is a head coach for a reason.

    Again, another fair point, sort of. You CAN win a ring with average QB play, (paging Mr. Dilfer) but if the Jets want consistent success, Sanchez MUST pan out. He’s shown enough to warrant a fair chance,

  8. Fathead coach of NJ’s 2nd best team forgets being shut out by Pack, then drafts lollipops for his QB and a pre-felon looking at 20 years.

  9. Hahaha……take that Fat Rex!!!!!……..your bark is way bigger than your bite, pretty evident since you have won NOTHING with the Jets…..”CANT WAIT” until you fall short again this year.

  10. It’s only been a rivalry to the Jets. The media likes to stoke this garbarge up because the truth is boring.

    But the real deal … at least for Giants fans… is that the Jets are a team in another division in another conference… one we play once every 3 years …in an unimportant game.

    In fact until all this ‘Rex Ryan crap’ started up we kind of liked the Jets… wished them well. Too bad they bought into all the propaganda.

    Oh, and let the record show that in all those years where the Giants went to the playoffs… won Superbowls… had great years… we never trashed the Jets. The reason… see above.

  11. @krow101

    I’m inclined to agree with you. Most Jets/Giants fans don’t really care about what the other team is doing, unless it’s our annual preseason game, or we actually play each other. Alas, in SB XLII, I had no choice but to don blue and root for the other guys.

    Sometimes I do butt heads with G-Men fans, but despite our many differences, we can find solace in the fact that we are not Bills fans.

  12. @nyjalleffingday

    Forgive me if I did MY math wrong, but I do believe 3 Super Bowl rings > 1 Super Bowl ring.

  13. @hawkeye6
    I have probably watched every single professional football game Sanchez has played in with the exception of about 2 or 3 games.

    1. Sanchez is one of the most inaccurate passers you will ever see.

    2. Sanchez throws slants and short outs because they don’t trust him down the field unless the guy is wide open.

    3. Sanchez has two legitimate receivers in Santanio Holmes and Braylon Edwards and not a bad third in Cotchery and still has miserable numbers with him

    4. There are not five regular starting qbs in this league that you can name that Sanchez is indisputably better than. NOT FIVE.


  14. @nyjallefingday

    11-5 is better than 10-6, but that is all forgotten now.

    What is not forgotten is that in that the Jets have not won a Super Bowl since 1969 and there is not a team with more Super Bowls in the last 25 years than the Giants.

    Hardware counts and you have to go back to the Age of Nixon to look at the last Jet trophy. Were you even alive then?

  15. @kujonicus

    I certianly didn’t see that one coming a mile away, nope, sure didn’t. The Giants have the better franchise, the Jets have the better team.


    1) That’s a little bit of a stretch, but his accuracy isn’t good, at all, I agree.

    2) Not true at all.

    3) Miserable numbers? No. Mediocre/Average numbers? Yes.

    4) Henne (MIA). Anderson/Leinart (ARI). Palmer(CIN). Edwards/Fitzpatrick(BUF). Delhomme/McCoy(CLE). Gradkowski/Campbell (OAK). Hasselbeck (SEA). Stafford (DET). Garrard (JAX). I’m sure you can argue that some are better than Sanchez, but you’d be hard pressed.

  16. @Coys10

    Sorry to double post, but I was typing whilst you replied.

    Hardware counts, sure. If you’d care to look above, I said that the Giants have the better franchise, and the Jets have the better team. Fair enough, right? My math is correct, and so is yours. Furthermore, the 1986/1990/2007 Giants are gone. Totally irrelevant to today, as far as team quality goes.

  17. Then came this gem: “Tom Coughlin wrote a book, too. It was about a team and [a head coach] that won a Super Bowl.”

    Yeah, Coughlin’s been a head coach for 15 years, and he has one Super Bowl.


  18. For all the Sanchez lovers the guy does not progress and wont progress. He is an average qb, average intelligence ( ex. hooks up with a 17 year old) and very average arm strength. What I have seen over two years is a product of playing on a hugely talented team that can’t pull it all together. Good run game and good oline throw most other qb’s in the league in that situation and they would have a ring.

    If you don’t progress in this league you’ll be nothing fast. He wont be the starter there in 2 to 3 years

  19. Sanchez in 2009: 13 TD’s, 20 INT’s. Rating: 63.0
    Sanchez in 2010: 17 TD’s, 20 INT’s. Rating: 75.3

    >does not progress and wont progress

    Yeah, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

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