Holmgren backs off in draft room


On paper, the Browns had a very successful draft.

They picked up a lot of selections by getting out of the No. 6 spot, including a first-rounder in next year’s draft.  We like the value of Phil Taylor, Jabaal Sheard, and Greg Little as their first three picks.

Browns President Mike Holmgren liked the draft too, partially because he says he didn’t do as much work.

Holmgren said he “kind of backed off” this year, according to the Canton Repository.

“I was part of the decision-making, but this really was [G.M.] Tom’s [Heckert] draft,” Holmgren said.

Whatever he did, we think the foundation from the ’10 and ’11 draft classes will serve the Browns well for a while.  Taylor didn’t waste time trying to become a fan favorite.

“Ben Roethliberger is a great quarterback, but when I am going to play against him, he is going to go down,” Taylor said.

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  1. “Ben Roethliberger is a great quarterback, but when I am going to play against him, he is going to go down,” Taylor said.

    You’ll never catch him, fatso!

  2. It’s nice to not have 40 ex-Jets on the roster. Heckert knows his stuff and with another draft or two under his belt he will have the Browns being legit contenders in the division. Picking up Holmgren and Heckert were two of the best acquisitions the Browns have made in years.

  3. I know how Holmgren operates. He probably let the G.M. make the last pick of the draft and that was it

  4. “Ben Roethliberger is a great quarterback, but when I am going to play against him, he is going to go down,” Taylor said.

    One fat a$$ chasing another fat a$$

  5. While I agree that Big Ben is one of the great qb’s in todays game. I think what this guy was trying to do was win the fans over. It’s very common nowdays. You never know this guy might actually knock Big Ben down a few times in his career. But one piece of advice when you hit the guy make sure you knock some sense into big ben on the when he hits the ground!.

  6. “Ben Roethliberger is a great quarterback, but when I am going to play against him, he is going to go down,” Taylor said.


    Don’t really care about the Browns, but I like this kid already

  7. flakazoid says:

    “You’ll never catch him, fatso!”


    Just wait for him at a college town dive bar. Hang out near the bathroom until he brings the next young girl back there after getting her drunk.

  8. Looks like old Benny gets to find out what it is like to go down when he doesn’t want too… Ain’t life a bi%$h!!!

  9. *prediction* 1st play against The Raper, Taylor breaks his femur…just saying….

  10. You liked the Browns draft???…im a Browns fan and i didnt like it that much at all.I think we missed on some impact players for sure…only time will tell

  11. so holmgren makes no coaching decisions, no draft decisions so what is he doing there? i dont know why everyone is so happy to have him there. he gets paid 10 mil a year to do nothing

  12. Hope he doesnt say the same if this draft fails to be a good one for the Browns. U can imagine “it was the GMs fault”

  13. Have you seen Taylor? He’s a big guy, 6’3″, 335 lbs. What he really meant was:

    “Ben Roethliberger is a great quarterback, but when I am going to play against him, he is going to go down,” Taylor said. “With a basket of fries and a diet cola to kill the taste…”

  14. flakazoid says:

    “You’ll never catch him,
    The real worry here is that Phil might catch crabs or herpes from Ben once he pile drives him into the ground! The Browns will own the Steelers this year!

  15. @iamtalking …

    Rag on Ben all you like. But that twit got herself drunk on her own dime on a fake ID in multiple pubs while bragging that DTF meant she was “down to f***,” pinching Ben’s butt, and propositioning him in graphic language. She also got herself to the bathroom, and her own statement said no one was guarding the door. So save the “poor baby” bit for real victims. If not him in the bathroom, she’d have found some other schmuck.

    Taylor’s done his “love me, Browns” schtick. Now we’ll see if he lives up to his self-hype.

  16. flackazoid May 1, 2011 2:07 PM wrote-

    “Ben Roethliberger is a great quarterback, but when I am going to play against him, he is going to go down,” Taylor said.

    You’ll never catch him, fatso



    Have youe seen how fat Big Jen got this offseason?

    Trust me he’ll catch him!!!!

  17. @Deb….

    For the love of god, get over it!!!!
    Unless you are related, or his fiance, what is your obsession with defending Ben, even if he is innocent?

  18. I believe that, below the surface, there was another reason for the Browns making that trade with the Falcons and gaining 2 additional picks next year: It puts them in a prime position to go after Andrew Luck if Colt McCoy does not turn out to be the QB they are hoping.

    This year will be McCoy’s audition year. If he shows improvement, adequate or better-than-expected skills, and helps the team win games more than helping in losing games, then the Browns have 2 first rounders next year to add more pieces around him. If he shows that he is really nothing more than a solid back-up player, capable of spot starting but not holding down the job full-time, the Browns have the ammunition to move up to the top spot next year and get Luck.

    Personally, I think that was the plan all along. That’s why the Browns’ leadership was hesitant to stand behind McCoy publicly, calling him the undoubted QB of the future, while also not saying that they were looking to improve the position. They are giving him this opportunity, not completely sure how he will turn out in the long run. But, just in case he doesn’t live up to their expectations, they have a contingency plan in place.

  19. All of you idiots that make fun of Ben with these jokes NEED to stop. It is getting so old and so repetitive.


    I hate the Steelers but Ben is a great QB and anyone who has any knowledge of the game knows this.

    So to every person that ever rights another embarrassing generic awful humorless Ben joke…..
    You are truly pathetic.

  20. bigtrav425 says: May 1, 2011 2:57 PM

    You liked the Browns draft???…im a Browns fan and i didnt like it that much at all.I think we missed on some impact players for sure…only time will tell
    Relax, your front office did a great job. Don’t let the hype over some of the players blind you to that. The Browns are not yet at a point where one “playmaker” is going to turn everything around, especially in the division they play in. The Browns front office knows this, and they’re building wisely for the future. So, they let the Falcons take Julio Jones, and they pick up a couple of good prospects at other positions, and then a decent receiver later on when they grabbed Little. They also go into the next draft with extra 1st and 4th round picks. So, they drafted well, and they have a whole lot of value carrying over into the next draft. You’ve got a solid front office now, so enjoy it. I know Heckert did some great work for my Eagles through the years. You just need to keep things in perspective. The Browns didn’t did themselves into such a big hole in one season, and it will take more than a season to dig themselves out of it. The fact that they play in one of the toughest divisions in the NFL certainly doesn’t make it any easier. If they try to cut corners and focus too much on one “impact player” things will never change.

  21. @Uncle Leo …

    Apparently you can’t read too well. It has nothing to do with defending Ben, who probably gets on my nerves more than anyone’s. As someone who’s really been through the ordeal, it’s about the way my skin crawls when you guys paint that woman as a victim. Stick with the “fat stupid Ben” stuff and we’re good.

  22. Lost my love for Deb, unless she’d like to step into the restroom with me after a few… Taylor’s just getting the CLE natives pumped up so we’ll buy him burgers and shakes until lockout ends and so he can sign that fat contract and buy his own. Love the picks, just going to take a while to get the mess of the last 12 years cleaned up. But don’t worry, they’ll be back soon! 🙂

  23. @Deb,

    “Apparently you can’t read too well”
    Good one!!

    I think what you meant to say was “apparently you can’t interpret to well”

    I don’t believe I painted the “twit” as a victim.
    It just appears that Ben is an a-hole.
    There is a difference.

  24. @Uncle Leo …

    That’s true, but my original comment wasn’t addressed to you. It was addressed to the guy talking about getting a girl drunk and taking her to the bathroom. Please.

    I think he was an a-hole. Now he’s reformed. I’m just not sure what he’s reformed into except that it needs a muzzle to keep from chatting about “bathroom reminders” and “religious abstinence” with the press. Good grief. A lot of QB skill, but nooo common sense at all.

  25. @barklikeadog …

    You don’t love me anymore because I’m a rape survivor.

    But you’ll rethink if I accompany you to the bathroom when you’re drunk?

    That’s a pretty disturbing comment.

  26. Holmgren deserves everything he’s paid, he made the decision to hire Heckert, who has done a fantastic job drafting 2 years straight & set himself up for a 3rd year, next year with 2 #1’s! Also got the whole Cleveland front office on the same page, from the same background. They have all worked together before or in the same scheme, a first for Cleveland since returning the Browns to Cleveland. Sounds promising to me!

  27. @hatethesteelers …

    Just spotted your little comment. My you’re very slow since this all came out more than a year ago. In addition to the other mountains of evidence was a medical exam showing said twit didn’t have intercourse with anyone that night. And vaginal rape is the only thing she alleged. Everything else I wrote in that post was true according to the investigators and prosecutors. Try to keep up.

    So I wasn’t trying to “justify” anything, genius. Women who’ve really been raped don’t go around trying to excuse or justify rapists no matter where they play football. We also have no patience with screwed-up women who make up rape accusations. Sorry to rain on your parade, junior, but if you want to rag on us, you’ll just have to manage to put together a string of more than one win in a row instead of relying on drunken sorority women to give you an edge.

  28. Deb, I am sorry. I wrote that before you revealed your horrible experience. Didn’t mean to hurt you. Please accept my deepest sincere apology.

  29. @barklikeadog …

    Thank you … I accept and appreciate the apology. Wound up blurting out my history during the investigation last year because people accused me of defending a rapist. I wouldn’t comment if I weren’t sure of the evidence. My brother and sis-in-law are criminal defense attorneys. It took a long time for them to prove to me that some women really do make up these accusations, and they make it much more difficult for those who are telling the truth. That’s why I have such a problem with the Georgia woman.

  30. I appreciate you speaking down to me repeatedly, Deb.

    Your post is fairly laughable. You read articles about the Milledgeville incident like the entire general public who had interest on the topic. You’re casting stones at a woman’s character that you don’t know. You’re speaking in absolutes when you were not there to witness the incident.

    Under no circumstances was I trying to insult the Steelers but in typical Pittsburgh fashion you had to beat your chest over sports victories that you had no part in.

    You’re the type of person that inspired my username.

    I’m glad a female such as yourself is investing her time defending a sports franchise that tolerates players acting violently toward other women.

    Cue up your long-winded response with cutesy names to call me. That will certainly give you a leg to stand on in this argument.

  31. Deb must have that rant saved on a word document for cut and past. I received that same dtf dunk on her own dime rant last week.

  32. @hatethesteelers and 440doginthe407 …

    I have a degree in journalism and organizations pay me to research and write books on complex subjects. And I have a lot of experience covering legal and medical issues. So I’m a little better versed in reviewing material than the average citizen. And much better versed than two clods who’ve never read anything beyond a few newspaper and blog articles.

    I spent months going over witness statements, police reports, medical reports, prosecutor and investigator statements, researching DNA testing methods, and researching typical DNA findings in rape cases. In addition, I reviewed material from the case with my brother, a criminal defense attorney who has worked rape cases from both sides, with emergency responders, gynecologists, and trauma specialists who work with rape victims. As a rape survivor, I’ve spent years dealing with other rape victims, so I brought some of my own expertise to the situation as well.

    I do not have to be personally acquainted with this woman to know the results of her medical exam showed that she did not have intercourse with anyone during the timeframe in question. Since she alleged vaginal rape and no other act, I do not have to be personally acquainted with her–or a rocket scientist–to know she was lying because no intercourse occurred.

    Multiple witnesses, including the club owner, refuted the story her friend told about the bodyguard at the door. That friend was personally ejected from the party by Ben earlier in the evening after he refused their invitation to a private party saying it was a lawsuit waiting to happen. The friend began ragging him about the Nevada accusation, and he threw her out. That friend is the one who dragged the accuser to the cops and screamed rape. The accuser repeatedly denied they’d even had sex but later changed her story. The evidence supported her earlier claim of no sex.

    This was all an alcohol-fueled get-even scheme by the sorority sister who persuaded her drunken friend to go along. In her written statement the accuser complained Ben had just dumped her in the bathroom without a word, so apparently it wasn’t too hard to get her to cooperate with the plan. In his statement to the press, the prosecutor said he hoped these women had learned their lesson. That is not something a seasoned prosecutor says when a man is getting away with rape.

    You can telephone the GBI or the prosecutor’s office in Milledgeville and you will not find one person who worked this case that will say this woman was telling the truth.

    And 440doginthe407 … when you’ve spent as much time researching a case as I spent researching this one, it’s not difficult to remember the details. You’ll forgive my cynicism, but I wasn’t advertising myself as “down to f***” the night I was violently attacked–and neither were any of the other rape victims I’ve known. Nor did our stories change with each telling as hers did. I’ve known women who were drugged and who were five years old when they were attacked who told more coherent stories than that did.

    Now, person who calls himself “hatethesteelers,” you and sad loser called 440doginthe407, you have attempted to rip up a real rape victim under the auspices of defending a group of sorority sisters who didn’t care how much they hurt the credibility of real rape victims as long as they created trouble for a guy at a party who ticked them off. And you’ve done that for no noble reason but simply because you both hate a football team and want to believe the QB raped someone. My, what saintly men you are. Hope you feel good about yourselves. Congratulations.

  33. 440doginthe407 …

    Wow, what a mature response. Everything I’ve posted about that case can be verified through the public record or through contacting the Georgia Bureau of Investigation or Fred Bright and the prosecutor’s office in Milledgeville.

    I’m not the infantile fool who keeps making rape posts on a football blog as though that’s something funny. I’m not the one who came on after two adults exchanged comments about one’s rape history and posted “Deb must have that rant saved on a word document for cut and past. I received that same dtf dunk on her own dime rant last week” like a junior high kid on a tear.

    hatethesteelers–whose name says it all–is the one who responded to my post that the authorities and the evidence show no rape occurred by declaring “someone trying to justify a sexual assault. PFT still leading the internet in mind blowing stupidity.” Then when I answered him with case facts, he started crying like a wallflower at the prom and declaring on two threads that I’m picking on him.

    You little boys think you should be able to post any nastiness, any untruthfulness, any viciousness about the most deeply personal things in the world to other commenters and that’s fine because you are spoiled rotten, spineless, sniveling brats. But if, God forbid, people answer you in straightforward, factual fashion, they are crazy and need to get over themselves. I believe the word for that is hypocrisy.

    Get over yourself, Junior. I’ve always been respectful of the Browns, Ravens, and Bengals, their players, and their fans unless someone is mouthing off to me about my team. Then you are fair game. And no, with my life experience, I don’t think rape is funny. So if you two jackasses can’t handle the heat, I’d suggest you stop running through the kitchen sticking out your tongues and yelling “Nah Nah.”

    Mommy is calling. Time for dinner.

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