Ravens won’t pursue tampering charges against Cardinals

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Two days ago, the Ravens were pursuing a fourth-round draft pick from the Chicago Bears in the wake of a failed trade at the bottom of the first round of the draft.  When it comes to a team that once called Chicago home — the Arizona Cardinals — the Ravens are taking a considerably higher road.

Jamison Hensley of the Baltimore Sun reports that the Ravens won’t pursue tampering charges against the Cardinals amid published reports that the Cardinals have an “understanding” with current Ravens backup quarterback Marc Bulger.  But it’s not because the Ravens are feeling charitable; they’ve opted not to pursue relief because they realize that it would be difficult to prove.

Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt publicly has denied the existence of any wink-nod-cough-fart arrangement with Bulger.

And even if the Ravens had caught the red-headed team red-handed, the reality is that the league doesn’t like to make its member teams red-faced when it comes to tampering.

Bulger arguably would have been a candidate to play for the Cardinals in 2010, if the Rams hadn’t cut him after Arizona signed Derek Anderson to compete with Matt Leinart.  In 2011, the Rams may once again be facing one of their former franchise quarterbacks twice per year.

21 responses to “Ravens won’t pursue tampering charges against Cardinals

  1. PFT needs a “Days Without a Tampering Story” counter right under the “Days without An Arrest” counter. Maybe get a “Brett Favre” one in there for good measure.

  2. “In 2010, the Rams may once again be facing one of their former franchise quarterbacks twice per year.”

    That’s doubtful unless the Rams have a time machine.

  3. sneaky1632 says:
    May 1, 2011 6:34 PM
    The Ravens need to stop trying to blaming others for their mediocre team.
    playoffs 3 of the last 4 years isn’t exactly mediocre, perhaps watching some more football is in order

  4. @skins359 – NO!!!

    I’d say yes to the Tampering, BUT a big fat NO! to the Favre stories …

    Jenn Sterger on the other hand … hold the stories but include the photo gallery!

  5. Being in the playoffs 3 years in a row is hardly mediocre……but getting to the Superbowl like the Stoolers just did and LOSING proves they are are team of wimps and cowards.

    The Ravens went to the Superbowl and DESTROYED the JINTS.

    The best way to solve the Bear problem is to tamper with one of their players or sign one of their restricted free agents to an offer sheet with a poison pill. That will supply the kick in the nuts that they deserve.

  6. hey sneaky, maybe you should find another reason to blame why the ravens are a better run organization than the team you cheer for. Go crawl back into your hole.

  7. Somehow, given that the Ravens just picked up a back-up QB change of pace type guy in the draft and since Bulger never even got off the bench this past season, they probably couldn’t care less if the Cardinals were “tampering”. Bulger was a nice insurance policy, and presumably the Ravens hoped for some veteran mentoring of Flacco (but given that they already threw out Zorn as QB coach, they don’t feel Flacco benefited from this past year’s structure). But I don’t see the Ravens matching what Bulger will command for a starting role elsewhere to keep him another year as a veteran backup. If not for the lockout he would already be wearing another team’s jersey with best regards from Newsome et al. Hardly a story here.

  8. OMG. Since when are the ravens worthy of so much pub? They’re one of the newest teams in the league and really haven’t done much since they burned off the old Browns players. What a bunch of crab walking crybabies!

  9. Thanks for not pursuing that Ravens, since there’s pretty much no way to prove it unless Wisenhunt wrote a letter and put a stamp on it to be delivered to Bulger or the Raven’s facility. Or unless they were stupid enough to email the guy or post on his facebook page.

    Reporters are gonna report, that’s all there is to this story and nothing more.

  10. “And even if the Ravens had caught the red-headed team red-handed, the reality is that the league doesn’t like to make its member teams red-faced when it comes to tampering.”

    Except when it comes to the 49ers, apparently.
    Goodell was more than happy to stick it to them when the evidence was just a phone call to Lance Briggs’ agent.

  11. When was the last time Ravens won AFC North? They won it 2 times since 2000 while Steelers won it at least 5 times! Ravens have not sniffed Super Bowl since 2000 while the Steelers have been there3 times since 2005!

    Now to Bulger, this has been an on goign story in AZ since Dec. Cards know its a 1-2 fix so Skelton can be groomed up!

  12. It’s neat how people such as sneaky1632 and the seemingly prepubescent barklikeadog can completely ignore basic logic, in order to slander a team/sport they have no idea about! Truth be told, with Newsome and the front office busy filing charges and investigating cases, it only goes to show that this “mediocre” organization is working 24/7 to ensure that the quality of the team continues to flourish, and remain one of the league’s best!

    In all honesty, I hate the Steelers, Patriots, Colts, and Cowboys with a passion! BUT, I’m not going to abandon simple logic and facts in order to label them as “mediocre” or “crappy”….

    On another note, please fire Cam Cameron (I know I say this everytime). He’s the only mediocre (at best!) part of the proverbial Ravens wrecking machine!

  13. You talk about how the Rams might have to face Bulger twice a season like it’s a *bad* thing…

  14. @waccoforflacco:
    How bout your team make more than 1 appearance in the game before you start talking (you can include your time in cleveland if you like, we all do.) please tell me that was a joke…exactly which team keeps your ravens out of said SB each year? we’re 6-2 in the big game, you made 1 lucky appearance and havent been back since because you cant seem to beat that team of “wimps and cowards”, so what would that make you? let me guess, you’re going to blame it on the officials like a real man and tell us that we all know it’s true…

  15. you steelers fans are incredible. Its mind-boggling how you continue to trash a pretty good organization. They have consistently been in the hunt for the SB(minus the Boller years), and if it werent for the steelers, they may have won one or two more titles.
    There are many other organizations that have done far worse in the past 15 years, but you continue to bash the one that is most similar to your own, and possibly the most likely to take their place in the spotlight.

    As a football fan, I have a lot of respect for the steelers organization, but my respect for their fans is completely out the window.

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